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Saturday, January 24, 2009

Dubbed + Lame past time...

last Sunday... NTV7 FINALLY have One Piece (replacing GetbackerS)!!! i sure hope it continues...

But it is dubbed into Malay...and i must say, Luffy's voice in the dubbed version is so darn WEIRD!!!

[XD i recorded it from the TV]

that dubber (i don't know who) once dubbed Amano Ginji in Getbackers... i wonder who will voice Zoro's part... oh well... sometimes the dub group did a great job... (i like how they dubbed Getbackers!) but for One Piece... Luffy's voice sounded WAY too weird...

or maybe i need sometimes to get used to their voices...>.> since i can't watch it on my com, i'll have to watch it on TV although it's totally old...they are 300+ episodes late!!!~ Malaysia really have to buy some animes like this sooner!!!

and i don't quite get why must they dubbed One Piece... it's darn LONG... isn't it better to sub it?

Sunday, 10.30 am


XD school is damn boring... in class, i got too bored and collected some eraser dusts... (quite disgusting eh? XD)
Kai Lin, Chien Yee and Ju Ling like to play with it! XD Kai Lin made an octopus out of it... got some pictures for that... and this is one of the lamest thing you can do in your life...

XD it's so LAME!!!



Anonymous said...

they need to have it dubbed cos too few ppl wld watch it in original. that's what i learnt from an ntv7 mgr some time ago when they cancelled 07's midnite anime slot. besides now american toons like spongebob and hannah montana oso kena dub cos they're 'reached the sky' in anglophone mesia and barely hv enough to fill the animator's stomachs (now you can call Mawi a katana-wielding turtle!) for the length, what about sin chan, doraemon, detconan? long and old oso...takut apa?

Anonymous said...


oh yeah, i'd like to know who the bahasa VA for luffy is. my ears tell me the dubbing is done in the lion city (yep, same place as a certain "flyer", nowhere in our borders) cos i recognise the dialect, with that word "bilang" (to tell)

if only our dubbers see this as a bare necessity to tell us who they are all the time, i.e. localized credits roll with romanized japanese names and local dubbers, just like in almost all other dubbing scenes in the world

-ying- said...

O_O aiyoh... no wonder they cancelled the midnite anime slot... =.= i was depressed MAX over that last year... but the long series usually will have the bahasa VA switched after a certain number of episodes... sometimes you can even spot the same energitic voice here and the emo voice there XD

eh? i'm not quite sure what is lion city and stuff... but i so darn recognize that Luffy's bahasa VA... his energitic voice is somewhat unique... >.> too hard to ignore...just like how i can spot the Lambo's voice in Naruto...(Japanese version there)

Yea! totally i really pity them sometimes for not being credited at all... >.> i have totally no idea why...

Anonymous said...

i was just testing you, i meant the dub was made down south in singapura. as for credits, indeed it's about time they do it. take a cue from those astro disney channel/star movies dubbing projects. teah is the gal behind the bald twin boys with their ramadan adventures, mawi, aznil, nabil and kieran are turtles; dafi, mila...who else eh? are high school singers...who are luffy, naruto, setsuna!? =(

-ying- said...

yeah! i don't even know who are they... and i can't find any source relating to Malaysian dubbers... meh, it's not as easy as we can find the american dubbers even in wikipedia... the malaysian dubbers should at least be creditted for what they have done! PLUS they do decent dubbings!

Anonymous said...

yup! actually i know a few names. e.g., ruhaiyah ibrahim = doraemon, azizah jais = misae nohara, zirahd = keroro...i once looked up at http://www.thevoiceguild.org/ to search for clues ...u can sort out the voiceovers but i am not completely convinced that our dubbers join this guild.

anywayz u watch bm-dubbed AMERICAN toons? despite the awkward dialogue such as "penyedut yg terakhir" and "ketam hermit", tv9's nickelodeon slot became an addiction for kids and grown-ups alike.

-ying- said...

XD ruhaiyah i brahim eh? that voice is so darn classic!!! and it fits Doraemon perfectly!!! XD
but i can't quite recall misae and keroro's voice... -.-'

wai!~ where the heck did you find that site??? so darn cool leh!!! i wanna join oso, but my voice is not that good... >.>'

i don't watch a lot of those bm dubbed american toons, but i do watch a few of them... e.g. SPONGEBOB SQUAREPANTS in TV9... XD i kinda got used to their voice although some translation are very very awkward especially when it comes to puns... well but i think there voice somehow really suits the character!