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Thursday, January 29, 2009

Happy Chinese New Year yo!

XD Happy Chinese New Year!!! (I'm not days late cause it lasts for 15 days >.0)

Aaaaaaa... my brother helped me to reformat this !@#$%^& computer but it's still infected wit some kind Trojan virus in me 'SYSTEM32' file... O_O and also some weird things that happen when i browse certain webs...

there's 3 tabs there which cannot load, even after 30 minutes i have left it there.... =.= it's Hotmail, Yahoo and Nuffnang... and also Yahoo...

these sites load perfectly yesterday but not today... (yesterday, blogger can't load... =.=) haiz... i don't know how i can reply to KP's emails now... >.>

anyways... i got to download songs and watching videos!!!

see! i downloaded the songs i haven't downloaded for a while from Gendou!!!

and i've watched To Aru Majutsu no Index's anime!!! only 3 episodes though... but i can say that the anime is WAAY better than the manga!

well... the art is almost the same... and the content is almost the same... but is a little slow-paced for the manga and the action parts are really well done in the anime!!! so i'd like to recommend the anime! XD

Plus! the songs are nice! (i like Mami Kawada's songs! she sings the opening song!) and also not forgetting i like the lead seiyuu!
Kamijyo Touma voiced by Atsushi Abe
Index voiced by Yuka Iguchi

Wai!!! Touma's voice is nice!!! and Index's voice is like a totally different person in her 'serious mode'... (^O^)

i could have embedded some videos here... haiz... Youtube won't load... >.>



Hani said...

told ya so...
anime is WAAAAAAAY better than manga... >.>

-ying- said...

... =D thanks for introducing me to this anime! XD