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Friday, January 30, 2009

wishing upon the star~

"I looked up at the stars hanging in the night sky. I then closed my eyes and wished upon the stars~"

AS IF THAT WILL WORK! XD I'm not that type of person who wishes all my wish to come true! meh, i work my way there and try my best... but i do believe in things like luck! i am lucky! wahahahaha~
*got punched in the face*

okay, sorry... something went wrong in my head today... XD Chinese New Year... this evening, Mei Hung suddenly called me and said that she'll be coming to my house in a minute's time... O_O gosh! and she does... and she came with Ping Ping, Hui Ling and Xiao Chiang Vincent Soo... scared me to death X_X

lol... people have 'New Year Resolutions'... i have Chinese New Year Resolution... XD I know, I'm so darn lame!


1. I want a Vongola Ring of Rain!
2. I hope my parents allow me to use my precious computer...
3. I wish to kill the stupid Trojan virus!!!!
4. Toil and Study to score straight A's for PMR...
5. Freeze poeple with the power of my cold jokes! XD

owari... so short!!! XD (i'm starting to get addicted to using blockquotes yo! XD)


Ah~ i just downloaded GIMP (i forgot when)... it was a different version from my previous one... and it cannot read the fonts i just downloaded... so i can't use my favourite fonts like Bookman or Kristen... =.=

anyways... i editted some pics...

this is what i made for Roy... it's not clear eh? i'll work on a new one soon! >.0

Reborn! XD cosplaying Tsuna! i love this pic, so i cropped it from the manga, inverted the colour and KORA! my blog background! XD in case you haven't notice that...

this is a drawing of Tuna Tsuna... i found it on Photobucket... don't know who to credit... this will be my blog background soon! XD Hani, iptu...

this post is so very random! XD i'm out of my mind today! XD


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Hani said...

...i am not gonna visit your blog anymore...