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Sunday, February 8, 2009

Feel my Insanity!~~~ (it kills)

My google chrome is not working normally nowadays... and so i downloaded Opera... although it's a LITTLE lag... all the sites work perfectly! including hotmail!!! so i replied to KP's email already! =3

anyways... i want to share my insanity in this post!!! =3

me singing to 88 (female version)

(i just threw in all the GIF images i have...)

Me singing to Dive To World (male version)

(i was laughing to myself... and ignore my "lalala"... i forget the lyrics everytime...inserted a few of my favourite Katekyoushi Hitman Reborn! wallpaper!!!)

me singing to Last Cross (male version)

( i inserted Last Cross CD cover and an OST cover...)

i know i suck at singing... i just want to share my insanity... XP
Ohohohoho!~ feel my insanity... i have an insanity that will make you feel irritated and also you will feel sorry for my friends, family and neighbours... that's just 3 songs... i'm singing almost every single minute... XD i'm insane!!!

the original versions of the editted songs...

i think Dive to World is the best among those editted songs!!! =3

oh yah, i'm currently watching Kateikyoushi Hitman Reborn! from episode 111-116... the Haru no Haru Haru Interview:Dangerous is damn annoying, but somewhat funny!!! XD

also, notice that Gokudera's eye colour change is because he wears a contact lens....

it benefits in the System CAI... (but i wonder when the hell did he put that on? and i can't imagine a contact lens being stored in a box!!!)


and XD a picture of chibi Lal Mirch(who looks a whole lot like a baby) in Haru no Haru Haru Interview... so cute!!! =3


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