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Saturday, February 14, 2009

My guess for Uni's secret

Episodes 117 and 118 is mostly about Gamma's and Uni's past...

the big question till now is, "Why does Uni have a pacifier and no infant in sight?" eh?

and so i realized something and made a wild guess!

Uni is the only Arcobaleno who had succeeded to break the 'curse'!!!

Meh... it sounds a little insane... but you see, i have a few reasons for that...

1. She has got the Orange Pacifier!

2. some quotes i wrote down from the 2 episodes...

the former Giglio Nero Boss said:

"You may not believe it. But it's been passed on for generations,
it seems like my blood is cursed. My dead mother said the same thing. But my mother taught me this: no matter what you see, if you want to make your surrounding happy, just smile.

the Gesso family boss - Byakuran said:

i thought there might be a baby coming, but you're more charming than i imagine."

3. her similarities to the former bosses...
one of the bearer of the Mare ring from Giglio Nero's family said:

"But Uni-sama sure is a wonderous child.
It seems like she's been in the family member forever. She looks just like the previous two bosses."

4. It's impossible for a child to rule a family...

5. How could Gamma or anyone NOT KNOW THAT THE BOSS HAVE A CHILD!!!???

Heck! she need to be pregnant before she gives birth, it's impossible for her not to see anyone for 9 months+ even when she's a boss of the family...

and also, there's this very very weird relationship between Uni and Gamma...

Uni: "Thank you, Gamma. About you, I........ *whispers something to him*
Gamma: *a little shocked at first and then smiled* That girl.....

What the heck... i think some people will agree with this...

OKAY! there's the reasons and KORA! some explanations on my remarks...

I guess Uni is most probably the only Arcobaleno infants who managed to break the curse!
there are 2 possibilities here:
1. Uni is the former Giglio Nero Boss's mother... In other words, she is the mother of that boss who had managed to break the curse and grow up slowly!

2. Uni only managed to break a half of the curse and her body revert back to the grown-up body. and later when the curse affects her, she shrinks back...

okay... the 2nd one makes not much sense... but kora! that's my guess! please... how can some child be so mature and so similar to their mother(and 'grandmother') even though Uni is seperated from the mafia world by the boss... PLUS! how could a small girl like her read people's thought THAT easily at such a young age!?

VOOI!!!and i still don't get why can't the Black Spells merge with Vongola and annihilate Millefiore?! what the heck,


even betrayed them! all those 'Mare Rings' given to them are fake! What the heck? The Mare Rings originally belong to the Giglio Nero's family, how can the Rings they bear are fake???

i still don't get that merging of Giglio Nero and the Gesso family... it's just too weird for Uni to get influenced by Byakuran THAT easily...

I don't get how Byakuran (who doesn't even have a ring compatible with Mare Ring) can change Uni that much...

if she's hypnotized, why don't Byakuran hypnotize Gamma,Irie,etc as well, to prevent them from betraying him and also to make sure they follow his orders perfectly... no need to teleport the whole HQ here and there like what he did in the latest chapters... =.=

It's just way way WAAAAY too weird!!!

and i must say that whatever Byakuran had done or said to Uni MUST have something to do with the 7^3 thingy... because Uni actually bear 2 parts of 7^3(whereby usually a single part of the 7^3): the pacifier and the Mare Ring...

Oh ya... there's also something really weird about Tuna Tsuna's contact lenses...

How can that small lenses fit into his beautiful big eyes?

XD even the anime staff had problems with that... cause they actuallly shrink the size of his iris for that...

LOL... but... you see what i get when i cropped the lenses from the previous pics and paste them on Tsuna's eyes...



HAHA! i know the way i put my thoughts into words is terrible... so it's okay if you don't understand what i typed there... it's just another one of my ramblings...

Okay! i officially LOVE Kyuubi fansubs! =3 I LOVE YOU GUYS TO BITS!!!
also, i didn't know that i can't take a screen shot from my media players... so i take some screenshots from Youtube (but the the quality is not as good as what i have downloaded... PLEASE! downloading is WAY better than watching at Youtube!)...

aaa~ by the way, anyone knows who's Uni's seiyuu, do tell me! i can't find her name anywhere.. and my kanji is too bad to read the credits at the end... so please and thanks in advance! =3

aaa... i also wrote a poem... you know, Valentine's Day! =3
Your smile is dazzling,
Your calm is so cool!
I want the Vongola Rain Ring!!!
Even though I know it’s yours… I’m such a fool!
[XD(I can’t find any other that rhymes in my brain!)]

Battling with that mesmerizing skill: Shigure Souen,
And your flames bear the colour I like most: blue!
I know when you stole my heart away!
The first time I see you, I know!
Yamamoto Takeshi!!! I LOVE YOU!!!



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