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Monday, March 16, 2009


okay... i seriously don't know what to post... lol...

let's see... this is a new i got from Arena issue 03 (5th, February 2009)
the highest manga sales in Japan 2008
(24 Dis 2007-16 Nov 2008)

1. One Piece (5,956,540)
2. Naruto (4,261,054)
3. 20th Century Boys (3,710,054)
4. Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (3,371,618)
5. Bleach (3,161,825)
6. NANA (3,122,146)
7. Soul Eater (3,076,351)
8. Nodame Cantabile (2,799,299)
9. Rookies (2,765,163)
10. Gintama #26 (2,390,196)

=3 Katekyo is Fourth!!! okay, One Piece and Naruto are predictable... but i have no idea what manga is that 20th Century Boys... i have not heard of it before... =.='''
Wahaha~ Bleach is #5~ AFTER Katekyo Hitman Reborn!!! =3 lol, Katekyo rocks! hopes it can be #1!
i wonder why it's not as famous as Bleach or Naruto in Malaysia... =.=

oh, and i'm quite surprise to see Soul Eater there... before the anime debut i thought no one knows about Soul Eater...

okay.... now... Let me introduce you to a manga!!! =3

Kindaichi Shonen no Jikenbo!

it's a long running detective manga in Japan. it is published about the same time with Detective Conan, but it is not as famous as Conan! (although i personally think it's better than Conan...)

the authors for this manga are: Fumiya Sato, Yozaburo Kanari and Seimaru Amagi. also the author for Tantei Gakuen Q...(another detective manga)
Kindaichi Case Files (金田一少年の事件簿) is a serialized Japanese mystery manga series based on the crime solving adventures of a high school student, Hajime Kindaichi, the supposed grandson of the famous (fictional) private detective Kosuke Kindaichi. They are written by Yozaburo Kanari or Seimaru Amagi (depending on series) and illustrated by Fumiya Sato. In 1995, the manga won the Kodansha Manga Award for shōnen. The collected stories are published in English by Tokyopop with the title The Kindaichi Case Files.

Kindaichi has also been adapted as an anime television series with 148 episodes, 2 anime movies, a live-action movie, and three live-action series. Toei animation handled the anime adaption of the Kindaichi series.

Currently, the series has been restarted with four additional cases. The writers plan to restart Kindaichi but not on a regular basis. The fourth case started in January 2007. Only the first 19 cases (the first series) have been licensed by Tokyopop; the rest are unlikely to see print in the United States unless their relatively poor sales improve.

(from Wikipedia)

this is how the cover for the first volume in Malaysia look like!

some other cover image i got from another site...

okay... i guess, that's all i can find...
and! you can read it online IF you know CHINESE... =.=
Kai Lin told me about this site~
but i can't read chinese... so i'll just stare blankly at the pictures! lol, it's okay... cause i think i have more than 20 of the manga! lol... missing a number of the series though... >.> most of them are what my siblings bought LONG ago... this manga sure is very old... first published in Malaysia in 1998... O_O


Meh... although it's a one week holiday for me here... it doesn't really feel like one when it's so short! gah!~ PLUS have to study for Selaras 2... and go for d PBSM Camp this Friday til Sunday!~ I HAVE TO READ KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN, EYESHIELD 21 AND NARUTO A LITTLE LATER!!! NOOOOOOOOOooooo~ (lol, overreacting)

Also note that i changed my template a litte! =] and also the background image!

lol, and any idea on how to debate on this motion: Science and Mathematics Should be Taught in English rather than Bahasa Malaysia... i have to oppose that topic... =.=''' although i personally support that...

lol, it's okay i guess, i'm always ignored in that debate thing anyway....

*crouches at a corner and cry*

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