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Sunday, March 29, 2009

no title! [editted]

Woots! Katekyo Hitman Reborn! is a win!!! come on! it's way interesting than most anime/manga! okay, according to Anime News Network there's going to be a new opening next week, Episode 127!!! ah~ and Crunchyroll starts the release for Katekyo Hitman Reborn! and the release are like EXTREMELY fast! it's released on Fridays (i forgot what time) for the Anime Membership holders... meh, there are people who recorded it from Crunchyroll and put it somewhere else and so we, who are normal members, can watch it a little earlier! PLUS! the countries that are allowed to watch Katekyo Hitman Reborn! on Crunchyroll are US, Canada, UK, Australia, and New Zealand ONLY!!!! >.> Malaysia!~ come on!~ MALAYSIA!!!! i want to watch it also!!!

lol, Dino appeared like he's a prince... but he's still the same old Dino... ^^;

Great... another training session! meh, nevermind... at least i can't wait to see their box weapons!
so now it's something like this...
Tsuna - training by himself
Gokudera - training Lambo and Ryohei
Yamamoto - no need for training!!! (he's too strong! =D)
Hibari - Dino's training him
Chrome - training with that Mammon's programme

sooo~ yeap, something like that! i don't know how will Lambo ignite a Dying Will Flame... he doesn't seems like he has any will... maybe the will to kill Reborn? O.o lol, forget about that...

i made a wallpaper from a screenshot of episode 125...

(1024x768 px)

YAMAMOTO TAKESHI!!! He's so cool here! and let's not remind anyone on why his expression is like that! ^^

a simple one... i just simply outlined it and coloured it... sounds simple but took me about an hour... >.>


last week was a busy week for me... okay... from 20-22 March, i joined the BSMM (red crescent) Camp! =3 it was a blast!


our 'camp site' which is a classroom! >.> lol, this is not a genuine 'CAMP'...

Chien Yee! Peace!~

Day 1: we cook our own lunch! BAD NEWS! i don't know how to cook! good thing there are people who knows how to cook in my group, Teen Ace!!! lol, i was only looking after the FIRE!!! i love playing with fire! (Eat my DYING WILL FLAME!!! KYA~ lol)
and the food actually tastes good!!! =3

wee!~ the prizes!!! my group only got the Consolation Prize... which was did not console us much at all! XD lol, a lame pun it is!

ah~ at the camp!~ i met a... senior!!! he's my idol y'know! he's one of the rare anime/manga lover!!! he even draw something for the school magazine last year!!! how cool is that! *o* i'm so happy he actually KNOW and REMEMBER me!!! =3 met him again yesterday! =D

last few days... took part in the Tennis tounament! lol, i actually won 1 game out of 2... it was a close win though... it was 8-7... and my lost is pathetic... 8-0... Great! i'm a damn amateur!

anyways, yesterday! was EARTH HOUR!!! and also my mum's birthday!!!

went to Old Town Kopitiam Sitiawan branch to celebrate!

my mum!!! Happy Birthday!!!


8TV stopped the broadcast for an hour during Earth Hour! the first TV station ever to do that! =3

Aaaa~ test is around the corner again!!! damn! i have not tell my parents yet! they will force me to study!!! i know it's no use cause i always forget what i have read in 3-4 days' time... >.> so last minute study does the best result for my brain cells! Shhh... no one tells them!

ah~ thanks to SJ_75 for being my blog's follower! ^o^ not forgetting wawa, are in, ringo-juice and charis! =3 ah and also, i'm back to Crunchyroll! i'll reply to GBs but i will not be active in any groups...

lol, that's all for this post i guess!


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