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Saturday, April 25, 2009

rant rant rant!~ [editted]

it's on the 24th of April! i couldn't post anything yesterday... anyways..

i have some release dates for the full versions of the following songs:
Parallel Hearts - April 29th, 2009 [Pandora Hearts]
Maze - June 3rd, 2009 [Pandora Hearts]
Smile For... - June 3rd, 2009 [KHR]
Shinkokyuu - June 3rd, 2009 [NarutoS]
Easy Go! - June 10th, 2009 [KHR]
Hotaru no Hikari - unknown [NarutoS]

T^T i wanna know when Hotaru no Hikari is released!!!

aaaa~ btw, i wanna announce something here!
i really don't know where to buy the Vongola Rings! >.> really sorry, but i want one really badly also! i heard you can buy at some stores in Singapore... that's the only place i know... >.>' i hope i'm in Singapore also!
just wanna say sorry to everyone who requested for it here
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! episode 130~

i haven't watched it yet though... no time to... >.>

but i read the latest chapter: 239 - Day of the Showdown

this is the Millefiore's team! 6 people only?!
hmm... let's see *compares with the previous image of the 6 REAL Funeral Wreaths...*

it's this guy! =.= i wonder... wouldn't the FAKE funeral wreaths and other Millefiore members feel betrayed?! and what actually happened to Millefiore after they got teleported to somewhere (i forgot where)... ??? it's just full of question marks!!! >.>

Vongola's team!!

WHAT THE HECK?!! WHERE'S YAMAMOTO?! he's missing throughout the chapter! oy! and i love the Lal Mirch x Colonnello part!

*o* HOORAY FOR LAL MIRCH X COLONNELLO!!! *trying very hard to forget about what happened to Yamamoto*

went to TLDM (Navy) today, it's the open day there! visited their ships! everything looks so... fake...to me lah...

the ships

me and chien yee took the picture of Raihanah, Ju Ling, Jessy and Wern Zhia while queueing for a ride on a small boat around the base... we queued 1 hour for a 5-minute ride... =.=

o.o wah~ this is the first time i see a helicopter THIS close!! it's smaller than i imagine... XD

next stop: Jom Heboh!!! XD
it was no fun... except for the cheap ice-cream, i went into the 'haunted house' and it was no fun at all... i met 2 'ghost', we stared at each other for 2 seconds and he ignored me... =.= went to scare other people for i'm not afraid at all... =.= not even a single haunted house scared me up til now... =.=
and in that picture is the Ribena mascot... i really pity him, it's already freaking hot there... and he/she is in that freaking sealed up costume!and he/she is literally blind and need someone to hold him/her to go somewhere.. i feel so sorry for the mascots...

i got exhausted once i reached home... X_X it was then i realised i got sun burn! aaaa~ it hurts! X_X now i got mild cough and flu too...

anyways, i'm going to Ipoh tomorrow... for the tennis tournament... i won't be back till the earliest: TUESDAY! dude! i don't want to stay there with strangers! at least the other tennis players,even though we're from the same school, i don't mix well with them at all!!! they are like the 'POPULAR Kids!' i'd say...i just got in with sheer luck! i'm just a freaking beginner!

oh well, hope i won't get scolded by our teachers if i lose 8-0... >.>
and i will miss my friends!
my com!
my school!
my tuition teachers!
my family!
my Yamamoto Takeshi!
my mangas!
my animes!
my Pandora Hearts!
my Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

*got hit and fainted*


Anonymous said...

Yamamoto's probably resting from Squalo's beatdown,Resting from really hard Training,or Training with Squalo.and where's Hibari too?

-ying- said...

! oh! crap! i forgot about Hibari... XP

haiz... Squalo must've dragged Yamamoto somewhere... T^T damn! i still think Yamamoto doesn't deserve to be hit... >.>

for Hibari... i think Dino dragged him away also like the last battle with Varia... he appears just in time! =D