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Sunday, July 12, 2009

lol! Farewell!

since i won't be using the internet after this... so i set up a mobile blog... visit it if you want to, but it'll be quite boring... blah... cause my life IS boring without computer + internet... T^T


there, i will be blogging bout 'my life'... che... short updates... sorta... okay, now, i will bid my blog and internet an official FAREWELL!!!

GOODBYE!!! and it will last for at least a few months!!! T^T


Natassa said...

if you want to know. yamamoto didn't say that haru was kawaii. after haru and kyoko talked right before that, part of the crowd was saying kawaii but the both of them didn't hear. so yamamoto was actually telling them what the crowd said that's why haru and kyoko then said thank you followed by haru apologizing. at first i was also thinking why was yamamoto saying kawaii to haru. hahaha.

-ying- said...

lol! thanks! and i feel so stupid... >.> since i don't understand japanese in whole, only a few words... >.> XD thanks yahs!