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Monday, October 19, 2009


phew... it's been a loooooong time since i last visited my own blog... anyway, gonna post something via my sister's connection here in Singapore! wee~ i'm in Singapore now! =D gonna skip a few classes back in Malaysia cause i'm gonna stay here in Singapore for a week! =3

first thing i do once i'm permitted to use my sister's lappie is to go to Animeseason to watch Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Arcobaleno Arc... seriously, that Arcobaleno arc is one of the best filler arc you can get! it's even better than the editted episodes which are actually from the initial portion of the manga which is very gag-like...

hmm, not only the anime is getting better, the manga itself is getting REALLY good to!!! *checks Youtube*

EH????!!!! REBOCON II (2009) vs Varia is out!!!
hohoho, am SOOO gonna blog about that!!!

Part 1!!

my comments: Ryohei? Kyoko? whatcha talking about??? seriously, i need an English sub for this... =.='''

Part 2!!

my comments:Tuna TSUNA!!! REBORN!!! opening 1:Drawing Days

hane ga nai tenshi wa boku ni itta
ie to kaeru chizu wo nakushita~~

*Gokudera and YAMAMOTO appears!!!*
hiriki ta boku wa efude wo totta
*noted Yamamoto's jacket!!! it's the same as in the anime!!!!! KYAAA~ man, i'm blushing to the extreme!!!*

-fast forward!-
woah! the girls:Kyoko, Haru, Lambo (now Junko-san sounds a little like Naruto...) and I-Pin are singing Opening 3:Dive To World!!!... okay, Kyoko and Haru is taking the higher pitch while Lambo and I-Pin is taking the lower pitch... =.= they sound weird in low pitch...

eh?! opening 4:88... O.o since when it's so high pitched... eh?! Mukuro and Ryohei.... err... i wish Hibari was here...

Part 3!!!

My comments: wee~ CIAOSSU!!! okay, once again, i don't understand what they are talking about... A~re? is that... Vari... Pukhahahahahha~~~~ Lussuria!!~~~ so funny!!! err... nevermind bout what Squalo said, i missed it cause i was laughing non-stop... anyway, i don't understand it... how i wish i could... T.T

Intro... intro...:

Sawada Tsunayoshi : Kokubun Yukari
Gokudera Hayato : Ichinose Hidekazu
Miura Haru : Yoshida Hitomi
Sasagawa Kyoko : Inamura Yuuna
Sasagawa Ryohei : Kuichi Hidenobu
Rokudo Mukuro : Iida Toshinobu
Reborn : Neeko
Yamamoto Takeshi : Inoue Suguru
Lambo : Takeuchi Junko
I-Pin : Chan.Li Mei
S.Squalo : Takahashi Hiroki
Belphegor : Fujiwara Yuki
Lussuria : Yuzawa Koichiro

(seriously, i think Ryohei and Squalo should go for some shouting contest or something, one shouting KYOKUGEN! and another shouting VOOOI!~... but i think Haru can match them also, she's so energetic!
kufufu, maa maa Mukuro-san, aren't you too tall??? and somewhat he reminds me of snake... O_O
LOL! Reborn is imitating Mukuro!!!Ciaosu~ Pao~n and.... what??? nevermind...
YAMAMOTO!!!!!! i imagine myself at the audience seats... i bet i'll shout the loudest!!! heehehe XP i'll answer his questions and go "Suki! Suki!" and add this "AISHITERU!!!"
5.09... eto... what's Squalo doing??? OMG!!! Lambo... i mean Takeuchi Junko-san is so damn cute!!! Kawaii~~
no comment for I-Pin...
Squalo... tte... he seems addicted to "Vooi"-ing... and Belphegor sounds really different....
Lussuria *burst off laughing my head off~~~* he takes off his glasses!!! how i wish he will do that in anime or manga... oh~ his real voice there... just for a short while though...)

Intro end... aik, where is Tsuna going??? ... AAaaa~~~ X-Gloves!!! dear Kokubun-san~ where did you get that precious??? *o* Hyper! Hyper Tsuna desu!! so it's gonna be Mamoru Beki Mono first, eh?

Part 4!!

My comments: Mamoru Beki Mono by Tsuna positive! =3 *gasp* Kakoi~ especially the ending pose with her his guardians!!! gosh~ how i wish each of them, like Tsuna, have their weapons with them... *noted Mukuro*... Oy, oy! you're stealing Lelouch's pose!!!

Part 5!!

My comments:KYAAA!!!~ Oretachi no Yakusoku by Gokudera and Yamamoto is next!!! why must they start off with the good songs first?! *o* i swear, i am shouting to myself now... and if i were there, i'd shout till my lungs burst!!! Yamamoto!! AISHITERU!!! ~~~ are, 3.11 that's the very first time i think Gokudera is cute! XD yup, the very first time... but still, Yamamoto is better! =3 Kyaa!~ the ending pose is so damn cool!! AGAIN!!!

Part 6

my comments: Best Friend by Kyoko and Haru... aik, why are they singing sow low... i thought the original song's pitch is higher... *blink blink*... who cares~ i'm loving Haru more and more!!! both the seiyuu and the real anime/manga character!~ seriously, Yoshida Hitomi-san is a better singer than Inamura Yuuna-san... and Yoshida Hitomi-san is much more lively and natural, just like Haru! =3 but Inamura Yuuna-san is rather sweet, just like Kyoko... seriously, the seiyuus kinda resemble their characters eh?

Part 7

my comment: i hear LAMBO!! O Nemu Uta by Lambo & I-Pin!~ so damn adorable!!!! *A* I-Pin has got Fong's doll!!! i want~~~ Takeuchi Junko-san!!! how do you make those cute voices???!!! OMG! not even I-Pin/Chan Li Mei & Lambo himself is as cute as Takeuchi Junko-san... *A*

Part 8

My comments: Cosplay Party by Reborn... LoL! so damn funny... Neeko is wearing that anti 7^3 suit with sealed yellow pacifier AND Reborn's sideburn! and the dancers, LOL!!! but somehow, it turns out really cute! XD CIAOSSU!

Part 9

My comments:Mou! they went to the 2nd level of the audience seatings!!! i wanna be there!!! lol, they left Neeko-san alone on stage... ara, a chance to listen to the seiyuu's real voice... cause i don't quite understand what they are talking bout... >.> eh?! it's not Fong's doll I-Pin was holding just now!!! it's Hibari!!! damn, how i wish to see Hibari in the concert as well! >.>

aaa~ Yamamoto said Haru is cute?! hohoho, the more i like the Spring Rain pairing!!! (i know it's weird to pair my favourite characters with another character... but... aa...) aaaaaa~ Inoue, where are you going???? T^T aah, Takeuchi-san is super cute!!! >.< atta! there's Reborn!!! aik, where's Inoue???!!! maa maa, i don't understand again.. aa, here comes Varia! Bel's up first!

Part 10

My comments:Belphegor... no comment at first, then he rocks out at the chorus... seriously, it's totally different from Belphegor... somewhat... *gasp* he goes nuts when he started ushishishi-ing... ending pose... mada mada dane... are... INOUE!!!!!!!!!!!! *faints*

Part 11

My comments:*burst into laughter* next up! Varia's Nanny - Lussuria! i don't know the Varia songs' titles... gomen ne... but hoh, i think Lussuria's song is the catchiest of all the Varia songs... O_O note he points out his pinky fingers like Lussuria as well!!! *jawdrop* he plays an electronic guitar!!!!! cool!

Part 12

My comments:VOOI!~ Squalo's turn! i personally think that he MIGHT look better without the eyeshadow... =.=' nevermind... no offense, but i seriously think that Takahashi Hiroki looks better and much cooler than that Squalo... and his "Voooi"s in the concert are not that Squalo-ish, don't you think so? oy! not fair! why you get a sword when Yamamoto didn't?!!! VOOOOI!

Part 13

My comments:lol, i heard Squalo saying "VOI~ Varia Quality..." something something... XP ahahaha~ Yamamoto's wearing a shirt with the Kanji for "Takeshi" printed on it~ =3 lol! aah~~ Gokudera asked Belphegor to laugh his "shishishi" laugh... but Belphegor can't "shishishi" properly right now! and Squalo poked him with his sword, then Lussuria helped him to laugh "shishishi"!! then Squalo does the same going "shishishi" around the stage with Belphegor going after them!!! XDDD ROFLMAO!!! ah, there goes the normal Belphegor's "Ushishishi"...XD

aa, i don't get what they say... i don't get what they say... *pouts* aa, Lussuria looks a little bit like a girl... O.O lalala~ are, i heard "Yakyuu baka"... =.=' aa~ there goes Ryohei and a kangaroo plushie!!! XD "Garyuu Garyuu da" tte, that's what Ryohei said! XD

lol, what's this? what's this??? Intro don??? are? Tsuna came out with a jersey, Gokudera with a miniature box-like piano, Haru with a... ship?! must be her cosplay thingy-that yakata-bune or something... then, I-Pin with that ramen box thingy, etc... eh, i think Mukuro SHOULD hold a pineapple or something! =D but he didn't... -.-'

Part 14

My comments: VOI! Squalo!!! Why did you throw that cushion on Yamamoto's head anyway!?!? *MU!* and why did Mukuro got pulled forward by Ryohei???? Gokudera?? he's gonna play that small piano?! cheh... just a prank... =.=' eh? the piano made a sound! O.O Gokudera's singing a song... i dunno what... but it's nice! and he ended it with a "Gomen nasai, juudaime..." and carries the mini piano away...

Part 15

My comments: OY! Squalo throw the cushion to Yamamoto again!!! i'm getting irritated! =C lol, it's all a mess with all of them running about... oo, Haru and Kyoko got it! and Lambo went "nee, nee" so cute! Haru and Kyoko sing that ending song, Friend featuring the 3 chibi-chara - Reborn, Lambo and I-Pin! =3 uwah! how nostalgic! how i wish Colonello was here! (and Lal Mirch would be great too! XD) aah~ Lambo has that cute tail attached to her (in this case i mean Takeuchi-san) skirt! kawaii!~

Part 16

My comments:VOI! SQUALO!! not again?! what did Inoue did to you???!!! I'll bite you till death!!! RAWR! ara, it's I-Pin's turn! hehe, Kawahira!!! (IT'S A SPOILER!!!: Kawahira appears to be a comrade later on in the Future arc! =D) apparently, adult I-Pin's appearance with the ramen thingy reminds me of Shampoo from Ranme... XD aah~ reminds people of Rebocon I!!

Part 17

My comments:... at least you didn't throw the cushion toward Inoue anymore, ahou-Squalo! aa, Lussuria, Belphegor and Squalo are presenting Xanxus's song! O.o AAAA!!! Lussuria sounds so different!!! hate saying this, but, LUSSURIA! YOU'RE AWESOME! Squalo is damn cool also... Uuuu, and they sit down just right on time! =D

Part 18

My comments:Iku yo~ Intro don! .. i know that SONG~~ Yamamoto.. oy, it stopped... O_O OY! DON'T THROW CUSHIONS AT MY YAMAMOTO! AHOU-SQUALO! uuuuuUUUUU~ MINNA SUKI DAZE! by the one and only YAMAMOTO TAKESHI!!! *o* he asked Gokudera and Tsuna to sing along! 1.37 - Kokubun-san's voice is so damn cute when she say "UN"... =D there she goes again, 2.06... seriously, i'm imagining Tsuna saying "un"... tte *burst out laughing!* aaaAAAAA!~ SQUALO!!! AHOU-SQUALO!! you hit Yamamoto again!!! grrr!! aa~ 2.38!!! *hop and hugs* so cute! Yamamoto... minna suki daze... tte... demo watashi wa Yamamoto ni aishiteru!!!!

Part 19

my comments:aa, that melody is Lambo-san no Yabou... eh? it stopped... aahahah, Lambo refused to go out... XD she looks so darn adorable leh... LOL!!! Lambo and I-Pin stole almost everything Squalo got in his hands and dress him up as LAMBO!!! bwahahaha!!!! he looks like the Lambo, in which episode i forgot, when the 10-year-bazooka busted and the adult Lambo is stuck with the young Lambo's attitude... LOL!!! it's hilarious to the extreme!!! and Squalo goes "Waa Waa waa waa" at certain breaks! XDD seriously, Takeuchi-san/Lambo looks like she/he is enjoying it! XD now i understand why Takeuchi-san refuse to become Lambo... *Lambo got a Gyoza-ken from I-Pin, Rocket Bomb from Ahou-dera and Kyokugen Punched by Ryohei!!! XD and Reborn said something, i dunno what, but must be quite harsh though... uuu~Squalo carried Lambo back to their seats! so adorable!!! damn, i love Takeuchi Junko-san!!! ...... okay, awkward silence.... <3

Part 20

My comments:lol, a lot of "Kufufu"s all of a sudden!!! Se no! let's SAMBA! oy! Squalo!!! What's wrong with you!!! you hit my Yamamoto again!!! mou!!! nee, Mukuro, that's a weird way to hold your mic... your chin is not gonna sing!~~ lol, when Mukuro sings that "Kufufu~ Kufufu~ Kufufu no FU~" part, Haru & Kyoko and I-Pin & LUSSURIA stand up and dance with that puffy thing around their arms! it's really funny! XD the ending pose looks like the ending pose of Suzumiya's Hare Hare Yukai! XDD

Part 21

My comments:they are all in a mess when they leave the stage... =.=' leaving Yamamoto and Gokudera... =.= i wanna learn Japanese so i can understand what they are saying!!! mou~ Next is, Mukuro's Kienai Negai~

Part 22

my comments:aah~, no i wish Chrome is here... >.> *Mukuro sings* the heck, why did Gokudera fell after the song ends??? ugh! wish i understand Jap... and why is Gokudera acting like he's crying... and i thought i heard the mention of the name Hibari... O_O ???? NANI YATTE!!!! OY! what's with Hibari?????? aik, a recording of Hibari (Kondo Takashi-san)!!! why is he in a recording studio instead??? haha, i just realise, Kokubun's jersey resemble the jersey Tsuna wears in the Future Arc... aa, Hibari's gonna sing Koukou no Pride from that studio??? O_O

Part 23

My comments:lol, he's dressed in purple too! XD aa, he looks like a girl... O.o like usual, his voice is so damn great! ^o^ next - Kyokugen Fighter! woots, Kyoko no Onii-chan desu!! Sasagawa Ryohei, KYOKUGEN!

Part 24

my comments: aa, Kiuchi Hidenobu's hairstyle is like TYL Ryohei's! uuu~ i like his voice when singing better!!! lol, everyone, including Ryohei, likes Lambo... (and ignores Lussuria)... XD love this song, to the extreme!!! =D he pulls Tsuna out to play boxing!!! XD Kyoko-chan stopped them... oooowowowooo~~~ wowowowowowo~~~~
suki susume kyokugen ni suki susumu no ga~~ omg, love the chorus! <3 uuu~ he runs into the audience's area!!! i wanna go there to the concert! someday... KYOKUGEN!!!

Part 25

my comments:mou... it's coming to an end soon... >.> lol, each seiyuu uses their common lines! XD uu, i love inoue and Takeuchi-san to the extreme!!! <3 uuu~ *Takeuchi-san hugs I-Pin* i feel like pinching her cheeks!! uu, Varia... Lussuria might just get a part if he auditioned for the Batman movie for the Joker character or something! XD okay okay, am just joking...

part 26

my comments: aa~ the Tsuna's family song! featuring Varia~ Yakusoku no Basho (Promised Land) Gokudera + Bel, Yamamoto + Ahou-Squalo, Tsuna, Hibari in studio, Ryohei + Lussuria, Mukuro, Kyoko, Haru, Lambo, I-Pin and Reborn! Go~~~~ KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN!!! eh, Ryohei... you don't sound like the good old Ryohei... o.o 4.03, HYPER TSUNA APPEARS!! WTH?! why is Lussuria singing with a high voice....??? uu, i love this song!!!

Part 27

my comments:aa, it's not the end yet huh? ugh! no image for the first 50 seconds... >.> lol, Varia joins the Tsuna family! =D Oy!! not fair, i wanna be near to the seiyuu as well!!! i wanna be one of the audience there!!! >.< ano sa, Ryohei seems pretty friendly... ._.

Part 28

my comments:wee~ Katekyo Ondo dayou~

Ciaossu ciaossu ciao ciao,
Ciaossu ciaossu ciao ciao~

lol, it's the song from the first concert!!! aah~ it's been a while since i hear Tsuna's Dying Will Mode (NOT HYPER)!!! gah, Reborn + Tsuna's yukata(? what's that thing called??) is light blue, Gokudera + Yamamoto in dark blue, Ryohei + Mukuro in orange, Lambo + I-Pin in yellow, Haru + Kyoko in pink and the Varias in black! =3

eh? why did Tsuna go "Vooi~"???
ah~ Sakura Addiction is next~

Part 29

my comment:ara~ this time Mukuro is alone! i do hope he won't forget his lyrics like what he did in Rebocon I again... ._. he's not singing alone after all... all of them joined in... Lol, Gokudera asked I-Pin to do his rocker-like style (1.28)...XD (1.57)Squalo and Lambo ran from the backmost of the stage to the front most and jumped! lol! so damn cute! lol, let's see all the seiyuu rock out!! woah~ (2.44)Lussuria copied Hibari's voice!!! seriously, Yuzawa-san is damn talented!
i think, in concert, Mukuro's singing is not that good because of the way he holds his mic... -.-'

Uuuu~ "Sankyuu na~" !!! Yamamoto!!! i love you till death!!!

Part 30

My comments:credits!! T^T *cires* it has come to the end of Rebocon II! TT^TT aah, the song is still the Namimori High school song! XD lyrics by ear~
midori tanabiku namimori no
dai naku shou naku nami ga ii
itsumo kawaranu tsukoya kakenage
aa~ tomo ni uta wo namimori shuu

asatsu yu kagayaku namimori no
hei hei bon bon nami de ii
itsumo kiowanu tsukoya kakenage
aa~ tomo ni wanao namimori chuu


all videos i got from Youtube are from the user, 27anonym...
aa, and don't you think the songs are getting better?! i hope there will be Rebocon for Millefiore and even Arcobaleno!!! *o* i can't wait to see Colonello and Lal Mirch! =3

aa.. didn't expect this post to be sooo damn looong... gah~ nevermind...

aa, there are missing parts of Rebocon?! but i'm not gonna comment this time~ too lazy...



Yamamoto + Gokudera~


Lambo + I-Pin~

Reborn~ (plus Lussuria, taking Bianchi's[i think] part...)


am also gonna reply to people in my chatbox here...

Vongola(10th)-ying: i also cannot sit still for studying nid to force myself or do HW in front of com and play abit of games!
lol, hi-5!

HnF: Lelouch!! The Best Forever and ever xD and amm nice blog xD your header is great!!
sankyuu na! i'm gonna follow your great blog too! the layout is nice, but i don't understand the language used though... >.>

Santouryuu: Btw, What is Selaras 3? Is it some kind of Test? Mid term test?
Santouryuu: Huh? You really write Yamamoto on Your Paper? Lol!!
lol, i scribble lots and lots on my paper, but Yamamoto is the most common! XP well, selaras 3 is something like a monthly test... but for us, it's not really monthly, it's about once every 2-3 months...>.<

Yuuki: hey, how are you? XD im really on cosplaying nowadays~ hahas! but now, i really hate cosing mukuro :/
i'm good! ^^ mou, i still don't know how to cosplay... >.>

Santouryuu: Wow, Arcobaleno ARc Really Have Just Begun! Look at "Half new" Opening ^^
just seen it! damn nice!!! i like the part they show all the Arcobaleno with the pacifier as background!

Jessica: i like Malfroy the most.. XD lol.. so random.. hehehe
mou~ but he's really good looking!! but Yamamoto's still at the top! XP

Priscilla: hey ying2.. finally i found ur blog..lol...anyways its nice and it luks quite the same like the other blog.. and its still FILLED WIT ANIMES!!!!!! ^_^
... you're so mean... >.<

KP: Ying i sent you a email, not sure ifyou got it, but take yoru time replying ^^ lol. But yeah -_- wow i finally cought up with hitman reborn just now in fact. And o_O i wasn't expecting that lol.
KP:Kind of a dissapointment lol but at the same time makes you really want to know what will happen next. But one of the dissapointments were that we really didn't get to see what the enemy team is capable off. I guess it was too much stratagy and not much fighting lol. But at least yamamoto got his revange. That fight was pretty cool lol.o, by dissapointed i mean, it seemed like a disspointing fight for Tsuna and them that they weren't able to do their best it seemed and really cut off in their abilities by the superior strategy of the opposing team. And i can feel that feeling lol after reading the latest chapter.
lol, i'll get back to KP's emails asap! ^^ lol, the previous fights are really a little too strategic for the likes of Reborn... but i think Amano Akira-san wants to save the nice battles for the later chapters! XD i do hope so, though...

Tixuken: ^^!

Charis: omg your drawings rock!!! even sketches are waaaaay better than what i can draw 10 years later... how envious... >^<
Charis: chotomatay!!! dun misunderstand!! i did not travel to the future via 10 year bazooka whatsoever!!! i wanted to see the eclipse here in singapore too, but the rain totally ruined it...
Charis: nononono, nth to do with yamamoto. :) dun be upset or anything. i'm so lame. guess preliminaries are stressing me out too much... wonder if i go on, how will i sit for the big exam in oct? 0.0
arigatou gozaimashita ^^ lol, you're not lame at all! my friends and i, in this case, my KHR friends and i often complain in school: "Damn, today is freaking hot!!" someone will reply, "Blame Ryohei!"...XD

KP: wow -_- i just read your post in your old blog T_T about the internet. Nuuuu, i really hope you are ok T_T. It must be so hard without it >.<.
T^T i did work hard, but the internet is already cut off...T^T

Santouryuu: Hi Ying~! I'm sad, because All my friends are hating Malaysia. But, I know that Malaysian isn't Bad.I hope we still can be friend although There's so many Indonesian people who said that Malaysia Is Bad.Ya know... You're... Kind...So, I Think everything that tell us about Indonesia vs malaysia is Provoked by some CRAZY people.OK Then, see ya~~!n' I Hope you're not being provoked too by them.See ya~~ (This time real) :D
yeah, there's that moment of riot... but i am not provoked by them at all! ^^ i think Indonesians are not bad or anything too! we can live together in peace, right? aa, i'm kind? lol, arigatou!^^ hope to see you around too!

chibi: hilooo long time since i last taggy u!!

Jessica: hey Ying.. all the best for SPM.. ^^oops.. i mean PMR!! hehehe.. waiting for u to come back here... ^^
arigatou!! hontou ni!

MasterD: hey yr singing is cute :P ur a girl i suppose but arent you an anime nerd?
arigatou!~ lol,i am an anime nerd aka otaku...

okay, done! thanks for reading my almost-dead blog though! >.o and i spent a whole day watching Rebocon only... O_O okay, it's hard to comment and watch at the same time... i ended up watching again and again... also, i spent half of my day going around Singapore for a bit before reaching back here in my sis's room to continue watching... X.X half-dead now... bye-bye~

ciao ciao

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