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Friday, February 19, 2010

Vongola Rings!!! *NEW VERSION* =D [chapter 278]



okay, that's what i've been saying texting continuously to my friend... after i've read Katekyo Hitman Reborn! chapter 278 on OneManga! =D that chapter is AWESOME to the EXTREME!!!!

you know why? it's because:

1. Vongola Primo!
2. new version of Vongola Rings! ...or should i say the original version? =/
3. wee! new battle skill for Tsuna and Natsu!
4. finally that annoying wings of Byakuran's is gone!!! (i hate it, but i don't know why... XD)
5. finally that Byakuran got whacked after all that high and mighty talk he gave in previous chapters! =D

see~ five good reasons! lol! oh, and number 6: i finally know what Mare means! lol... XD i thought it was just mare, as in mare mare... err, nevermind that...

well, well, there's one bad thing though... D= this means the Vongola Ring of Rain which i'm wearing right now is gonna be soooo outdated... =( i'll definitely buy that set once it's out for sale a.s.a.p. and no matter how much it'll cost!!! =D

RING!~ RING!~ VONGOLA RING!~~~ [ugh! Glo's disease hitting me again!!!]

gagaga!~ cropped some pictures from the 8th page...

Storm Ring [Arashi]

Sun Ring [Hare]

Thunder Ring [Kaminari]

Mist Ring [Kiri]

Cloud Ring [Kumo]

Rain Ring [Ame]

Sky Ring [Oozora]

*drum rolls*
Vongola Rings new/original version!!!

it's so damn cool!!! compared to what we love~ the old version of Vongola Rings... or maybe, the Half Vongola Rings? XD

i tried colouring them with GIMP PX... don't know how exactly it'll turn out in anime, perhaps it'll be like this? hmmm... all we can do know is wait for the anime! waku waku desu!!!! =D

and PS - the sound effect in the manga irritates me a little... D=

Oh and... i have lots of comments for the post on the rings and its attributes... XD lol, all directed from google i suppose...XD well, many said that the attribute of the Sky is Harmony... well, obviously it's because i haven't update it! duh! scroll up and look at the post's date, people...it's not like i'm stuck in the KHR world two years ago~ D= well, maybe i really need to re-post something like that... =.=' but am really quite busy with school and homeworks right now... perhaps during the semester break! =D maybe i might post on the Arcobaleno too! XD i really miss those time when i used to blog happily about Katekyo Hitman Reborn without worrying much about my studies... T_T Form 4 sucks!


Animefan said...

Aaaaaah!!!! Spoilers!!!! I am also a big KHR fan but I don't read the manga because the anime won't be as exciting if I knew what is going to happen. Maybe I don't have the right to call myself a big fan of KHR if I don't read the manga... Anyway, thanks for sharing and I really like the rings. They look so cool!! I can't wait till the anime gets to that part!

-ying- said...

lol! warui warui!!! i should've put a big "spoiler" sign there! DX i got too carried away with all that new ring thing until i forgot! XD

nonono!!! watching the anime only still makes you a KHR fan!! maybe most of us will get too impatient and decided to read the manga... but that'll make the anime not that exciting, resulting me missing out a whole two months of KHR epi... T_T

but still, i can't wait to see those rings in anime!!! the rings, i bet, will look a lot better in anime with colours and all! *shouts* KYAAA!!! X3

Anonymous said...

Read the manga and watchg the anime. thats what i do! KHR is too cool to miss out on anything! Never forget that!

-ying- said...

lol, nevertheless, i'm still watching the anime but a whole lot episodes behind...cause i can't watch any vids online for more than 10 minutes with my sucky laptop... T_T so i have a friend who help download the eps and give it to me X3

Anonymous said...

i like the new rings but i still think the old ones ( especialy rain ) are better. i am a big fan of KHR and Yamamoto Takeshi.

Hitman Reborn said...

you actually coloured in the manga pretty well, nice job ^^

-ying- said...

@ anonymous - yatta!!! =D i like all the rings!!! i want not only the vongola's rings, but also the shimon family's rings!!! =D

@ hitman Reborn - thanks! =D

Kei said...

I like the storm ring the most >;33

-ying- said...

@Kei - i love rain!!! X3 nevertheless, i still want all of them!!!! X3