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Saturday, June 19, 2010

Fanfic: Nicknames [Chapter 5 & 6]

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Chapter 5

Silence. Somehow, Gokudera is currently sitting at a Japanese style table opposite Ryohei and Kusakabe on another side, sipping on some sake. The adult Ryohei was grinning foolishly and finally broke the torturing silence, "Hey, I forgot you are underage right now! Should I get you some tea instead?"

"Don't play games with me you turf-head!"

"Sorry, sorry. Damn, you're still sticking to that nickname, eh? Y'know, the adult Gokudera had stopped using nicknames except for when addressing Tsuna."

"That has got nothing to do with you!" Gokudera was unhappy with the statement. "Turf-head!" he added after a short pause.

Ryohei cannot help but to smile broadly and ruffled Gokudera's head rather roughly, making Gokudera winced his eyes shut. When his hands left Gokudera's hair, he stated proudly, "Take that, Octopus head!"

"Y-you!" Gokudera stood up angrily, raising his fist and got into a stance to attack Ryohei any time. Ryohei let out a laugh, "Sorry, was just joking there!" Suddenly, his expression softened, but the smile remained there, "It's rather hard on us, to see you guys from the past. We've been through so many things, and with the presence of you guys, it's really exactly like looking through a window of time."

Gokudera sat down quietly, amazed by Ryohei's matured attitude, not quite believing it was the same tactless sun guardian.

"It's reminiscing to the extreme!"

I take back my words. No, I mean, I take back my thoughts. Gokudera felt a little ticked off. Suddenly, recalling his intention, "Say, aren't you forgetting something?"

"Eh? What did I forget?"

Gokudera got up again, with a creepy aura surrounding him. Kusakabe came up immediately to stop Gokudera from attacking Ryohei. "Ryohei, it's about Hibari-san, remember?"

"Oh! I've forgotten it to the extreme!"



They settled down again in at the table. "So, I really don't know how to start this, I'll let you have the honour, Kusakabe"

"Ahem." Gokudera and Ryohei sweat dropped. They thought together, He's been waiting so long for this isn't he?

"You see, Hibari-san and Gokudera in the future are really like couples in the future."

Gokudera managed to minimize his reaction to banging his head on the table immediately after the word 'couples'.

"Yup, it's been 8 years now i guess, more or less..."

Another bang, this time creating some cracks on the table.

"Eh? I thought it was only 5 years?" Ryohei looked seriously puzzled. Kusakabe, looking equally puzzled retorted, "What makes you think so?"

"You see, we found out about the thing between them only some time around 5 years ago when Yamamoto and I suddenly broke into Gokudera's room because we are trying to throw him a surprise birthday party. But we caught both of them making out instead."

BANG! And the table was a goner. Ryohei managed to save the bottle of sake and his cup and Kusakabe's cup was safe in Kusakabe's hand. Gokudera raised his head and stared at Ryohei with blood running down his face from his forehead, "Could you please repeat what you've just said?"

"Gokudera! Your forehead's bleeding!"


They settled down again at a table. The one which was broken was chucked to one corner of the room and Kusakabe brought in another identical table. Ryohei had placed some plasters over Gokudera's wounds on the forehead.

"So we were in the dark for three years! How could the hide it from us! That's so unfair! No wonder both of them haven't got any girlfriends like us." Ryohei crossed his hands and rambled with his eyes closed, looking rather pissed off. Gokudera's eyes widened at the statement.

"Eh? You guys have girlfriends?" Gokudera's was shocked by the news he just received.

"C'mon! It was obvious! You can catch those two stealing glances at each other almost all the time!" Kusakabe totally ignored Gokudera.

"It wasn't obvious at all! Compare with Haru and Yamamoto! Kyoko and Tsuna! Seriously, they are being discreet and secretive to us!"

"Don't forget you and Hana Kurokawa." And with that, Ryohei turned beet red and silenced himself, averting his eyes everywhere else in the room. Gokudera slammed his hands on the table, Ryohei and Kusakabe save their sake cups and bottle from spilling over yet again. "Y-you guys! That Yakyuu Baka and Baka Onna? Juudaime and Kyoko? Turf-Head and Kurokawa?" Gokudera was so shocked that he forgot what Kusakabe had mentioned earlier.

"Yup! Lambo and I-Pin too!" Ryohei placed the bottle and his cup back onto the table.

"Chrome and Mukuro… Wait, aren't we a little off-topic?"

Heads turned to Gokudera. "And don't tell me the relationship between you and Hibari (-san) had started long before 8 years ago…" Ryohei and Kusakabe glared at him as they spoke simultaneously. Gokudera shook his head and hands desperately, "Hell no! Hell no!"

Ryohei and Kusakabe settled down and sighed. "So, Kusakabe, how did you find out?" Ryohei asked as he rested his head on his palms which were placed on the table.

"I kinda caught those two stealing glances at each other." Kusakabe's statement caused the youngest in the group to blush. "And realized that both of them often 'disappear' at the same. And there's one day, I found them making out like how you guys did too, but they were making out in an empty corridor in the school grounds."

Gokudera's blush grew darker.

"Making out also? How? Y'know, we caught them biting at each other neck half-naked." Ryohei stated shamelessly.

Gokudera's mental image formed. Hibari unbuttoning the first two buttons of his shirt and revealing his neck to him as he did the same to himself. Then he leaned down to bite Hibari at the nape of his neck as Hibari ran his fingers in his hair, bringing his head closer to him. He bit harder, earning a moan from Hibari. His thoughts are disturbed when Kusakabe replied.

"At the corridor… They were…" Kusakabe scratched his cheek lightly. "Kissing, in fact, French kissing… And Hibari-san's hands had kinda *cough* snaked under Gokudera's shirt."

Gokudera started forming a new mental image. Hibari had him pressed against the wall of the corridor. He trapped Gokudera between his hands and locked his gaze to his. Hibari grazed his lips with his thumb while Gokudera got his breath caught in the throat and his eyes slid shut. Hibari then trailed his fingers to his silver hair and tangled themselves there and pulled Gokudera closer started kissing him. After some time, his tongue joined in. His mind was swirling at the thought but it still went further to fit Kusakabe's description. They were kissing and panted for air breathlessly as they broke away and then continued kissing after a second or two. Slowly, Hibari started to slip his hands under his shirt. By then, Gokudera had turned in to a red paint ball. Gokudera thought he would faint but Ryohei disturbed him again.

"Meh, and after everyone knew about their relationship, they started to display their affection to each other publicly." Ryohei rolled his eyes and laid his face on the table comfortably and closed his eyes. "Man this table is so cooling!" he thought. Ryohei had become slightly drunk after a good dose of sake, but still half-conscious.

"Yeah, we became so used to it after a while. It was weird at first to see two guys kissing and making out like that." Kusakabe crossed his hands and cocked his head slightly to the side.

Gokudera could not take it anymore. He ran out of that room and finally tripped after a short distance. He panted as he thought to himself, "What the heck?"

The images came back into his head. He started imagining Hibari unbuttoning his shirt. He nosebleed and ran back to the main hideout.

(at the same time)

"Hey, you think it's too much for him to handle right now?" Kusakabe asked Ryohei as soon as Gokudera ran off. Ryohei cracked an eye open and swung his hand to slam the table lightly, "Children need to be given the right education!"

He's drunk! Kusakabe thought to himself. Oh well, i guess we went too far in exaggerating what we have seen.

"I wasn't exaggerating!" Ryohei retorted.

"You weren't?" Kusakabe gave a short thinking. Wait! Did he just replied to my thoughts?


What? You read people's mind now?


Kusakabe sighed and gave up.

Chapter 6

Gokudera ran down the corridor. (=.= I realized I write too much of that…) He held his head and winced. Ouch! Damn, my head hurts like hell! Ugh! Is it because I was thinking too much? The next thing Gokudera noticed was he had ran into something and fell again. He squinted open an eye to see, with a blurry vision, a pair of black shoes not far from him. Damn, I ran into someone again! What's gotten into me? I've just ran into Ryohei jus- Ouch! My head! Hurts like hell…

"Watch where you're going." A deep voice echoed across his head.

"S-sorry…" Gokudera looked up to find Hibari staring down at him. His previous mental image which he had just tried to chuck into his mental garbage bin came back to life, causing him to turn red all over again.

"Hnn, seems like you've made yourself at home here." That reminds Gokudera that he was still in Hibari's hideout. Gokudera turned his head slightly to the side and mumbled. Curse that stupid turf-head for dragging me back here.

Hibari stared at him for a moment and extended his hands to Gokudera naturally. With his eyes staring at Hibari's feet, he hesitantly grabbed Hibari's hand. Hibari's tightened his hold on his hands and pulled Gokudera up rather abruptly. Gokudera stumbled a little and his face landed on Hibari's chest, just slightly below his throat and cursed softly, "Dammit!" His nose hurts badly! He pulled his face away from Hibari's chest and placed his hands gently on the nose. Hibari had released his hand right after Gokudera stood steadily on his feet, but remained threateningly close to him.

Sensing the stare from the Cloud Guardian, he instinctively lifted his face return it with a glare. However, and somewhat quite ironically, when his eyes met Hibari's, his glare melts and returned the stare instead. Gokudera was embarrassed for the difference in height and started to wonder how he grew so tall in that 10 years' time. Suddenly Hibari brought his hands up to brush his silver locks away. Eyes were widened in reaction of the sudden contact and Gokudera's body tensed up.

"What happened to your forehead?" It took several seconds for Gokudera to recall what had happened just a while ago. Oh yeah, I just destroyed the table thanks to-... And with that, Gokudera immediately started to blush furiously again as the mental images made their return yet again. He quickly took a step back from Hibari who was smirking and taking a step in front to keep the close distance between them. "Did you try scraping off the trace of my kiss just now?" He put his fingers under Gokudera's chin and lifted it to look at him into the eyes. Gokudera's head went blank.

Gokudera reached his hands to cup Hibari's cheeks and pulled him down into a fierce kiss. He saw Hibari's eyes widened fractionally in shock before he allowed his own eyes to flutter shut. Gokudera tilted his head to deepen the contact. Gokudera slowly opened his eyes open to find Bianchi staring down at him. His stomach felt extremely sick immediately.

"Bianchi, I think it's best to put on your goggles right now." Reborn was sitting calmly on a tall chair but still propped up higher with some cushions. Bianchi obeyed wordlessly.

"What the…" Gokudera, who had magically recovered from his stomachache, wondered what had happened. The last thing he remembered was that he was kissing Hibari. He swallowed heavily. No way!

"What do you think you were doing? Shouldn't you be training?" Bianchi frowned. "Hibari brought you here. You fainted somewhere, he refused to tell though, but it was due to the injury on your forehead. You should be fine by now. Take good care of yourself." After finishing her last sentence, she left. Reborn and Gokudera stared at her until the door shut. She leaned silently to the door and closed her eyes as she heaved a big sigh. Don't overwork yourself, she thought and left.

"Gokudera Hayato. You should have realized it by now, Bianchi is extremely disappointed in you." Reborn crossed his hands and stared at the Storm Guardian. Gokudera propped himself up and leaned against the headboard, looking very guilty. "I know…"

"Tsuna had high hopes for you too. Don't disappoint him." Reborn jumped down from the chair and made his way to the door. Just before he shut the door he managed to say, "Don't disappoint me."

All alone in the room, Gokudera held his knees close to his chest. Everyone's trying and training real hard right now, and I'm the only one slacking. His hand clenched into a tight fist and punched hard on the wall beside him. Blood started to ooze out from his knuckles.


Gokudera ended up in his library, the one which was in Hibari's side of the hideout. He was determined to solve Sistema C.A.I. but he was not quite sure how he had ended up here. He had a few Boxes placed all over on the table with a few pieces of paper placed randomly on the table. He scratched his head in frustration, "Aaa! That's it! I give up!" Uri which had been released from its box earlier got irritated and sprang up to attack its master.

"Fuck! I lost the fight!" Uri strutted away from Gokudera.

Noticing something on the table, Gokudera quickly examined it. "Where did this part came from? It looks like a ring though." He placed it on his right index finger and focused. A faint Dying Will Flame was emitted. "It's very faint, but this is a rain flame?" Does this mean I have rain energy wave too?

"Oh, Sistema C.A.I. huh?"

After giving a surprised gasp, Gokudera tumbled from his chair and ended up on the floor. "Damn you, you bastard!"

Hibari took a seat comfortably opposite to where Gokudera was sitting a while ago, completely ignoring Gokudera who was struggling back to his seat. "Sistema C.A.I, Cambio Arma Instantaneo."

Gokudera's eyes shot up to him and translated it mentally, Instantaneous Armament Change System.

Hibari continued to explaining, "You can switch from all kinds of techniques from attack to defense, with 5 different energies coursing through you and merging all your weapons into a flawless system." He picked up one of the box. "It's a puzzle box."

"How did you know so much?" Gokudera was more than shock.

"You used to spend most of your time here to come out with this system." He threw the box he had picked up earlier and Gokudera caught it. "Try opening that box. If I've not mistaken, it can be unlocked with that Rain Ring of yours." Gokudera obeyed and injected the Rain Flames into the box and a cylindrical object emerged and another ring fell onto the table. Gokudera picked up the ring in shock, not noticing Hibari who had picked up another box and slide it across the table. "With that Lightning Ring, try unlocking that box."

"Wait, I can use the Lightning Energy Wave as well?"

"Yeah, you can use 5 out of 7 energy waves." Hibari went on as Gokudera put the ring on one of his fingers, emitted a faint lightning flame and injected it in the box. "The energy waves you can use are Storm, Rain, Sun, Lightning and Cloud."

Gokudera got another ring from the box and was overly excited. He put it onto his finger and stood up while he continued to stare at the rings, "So cool!" Smiling, Hibari leaned back on the chair. "Just so you know, that Cloud Ring was a gift a gift from me."

Immediately, Gokudera's eyes widened and a faint blush crept to his cheeks, "Wha-?"

Hibari smirked at his reaction. "Well, you said you want to try it on. That was also the first time you noticed that you can emit more than one type of energy wave."

Slowly, he found himself sitting awkwardly stiff at the table with his eyes staring at the table, "T-thanks!"


Gokudera forced his eyes to shut, "Thanks for telling me about these!"

"Well, you can treat this as a type of training."

"I couldn't get anything about this up till now." Gokudera felt embarrassed of himself suddenly.


Recalling something from yesterday, Gokudera thanked Hibari once again with a heavy blush, "Thanks for bringing me back to the main base yesterday too."

"It's not like I would leave you lying around in my base after talking to me."

Blink. Blink. Gokudera "After talking to you?"

No reply. "You mean, I fainted right after talking to you?"

"What do you think? I hit you to unconsciousness?"

Gokudera frowned, deep in his thoughts and widened his eyes the next second. T-that means… That kiss after that, was just my delusion? Gokudera shook his head violently, trying to shake off his thoughts and comforted himself that the culprit was that injury on his forehead. Hibari stared at him as if waiting for an answer. However, Gokudera had chosen not to look at him and remained silent. Sensing the awkwardness, Gokudera tried to occupy himself by unlocking the other boxes with the rings, causing the table to be in total mess with random objects piled uselessly together as they do not have flame energy surging through them. Hibari gave a yawn, probably feeling plain bored. However, he still decided to stay. Suddenly a thought struck him, "Hayato…"

Gokudera immediately dropped one of the boxes he was fumbling with. He felt himself going red from his face to the neck. "W-what's with that first name basis, y-you bastard!"

"I heard from Kusakabe, about the discussion you had with him and that Sasagawa Ryohei." With his elbow on the table, he supported his face with his arm to stare intently at the red teenager.

Fuck that Kusakabe! He mentally noted to kill Kusakabe later, but when he suddenly found Hibari staring at him, his heart started to thump so hard against his chest. So hard that he thought his ribcage would break. He did not know what to do anymore. He decided to collect his stuff and flee himself from the torturing situation.

"Leaving already?"

"Hell yes! You bastard!"

"You used to call me Kyoya…"

He blushed even darker, if that was possible. "T-that has got nothing to do with me!"


"Stop calling me that!" Gokudera yelled as loud as he could and covered his ears with his hands.


He opened his eyes to find Hibari staring down at him anxiously and immediately squirmed away but ended up banging his head on the wall. He was still in the library, but he was now at one corner lying down on a couch which he did not realize about its existence up till now. Rubbing his head, Gokudera asked after he recovered from his shock, "What on earth had happened just now."

"You fainted. I guess the injury on your forehead before this was not fully healed." He crossed his arms and walked away. Gokudera's brought one of his hands up to feel the bruise which was still red on his forehead. "How long was I out?"

Hibari shrugged with his back facing Gokudera, "About an hour I guess." Period. "I'm sorry for getting you worked up just now. I didn't mean to." Gokudera sat up and a coat fell from his chest. Noticing the coat Hibari was wearing the time before he fainted was missing, Gokudera got up and placed the coat over Hibari's shoulder and whispered in a low voice, "Thank you."

Hiding his eyes with his silver bangs, he moved to collect his stuff and made his way to the exit. "I guess I will never step into this library any time soon."

The statement made Hibari spun around but his expression… remained expressionless (Author Lol-ed: okay, sorry for the bad timing…), "Should I ask why?"

Gokudera sighed heavily, calming himself before shouting, "You are one hell of a distraction!"

With that, Gokudera ran away.

When Hibari was carrying Gokudera back to the main hideout. The weird thing was, Hibari was carrying Gokudera bridal style (is that what you call it? I remember reading it somewhere… =/) with Gokudera's hands circling his neck while he was supporting Gokudera on the neck and knee. He met Haru in the midway. "Hahii! What happened to this Gokudera!"

No reply. "By the way, wouldn't it be easier to carry him piggyback?" Hibari shifted and adjusted until he was carrying Gokudera piggyback. "Like this?"

"Yeah! Isn't it easier?"

No reply. With that, Hibari walked away, leaving Haru thinking to herself, "That tall guy reminds me of someone from the past." She cocked her head to the side, shoved the thought away and skipped off to the kitchen.

Hibari came across Lambo and I-Pin this time, "Gyahahaha! You two looks like Kakashi and Gai, when Gai gave Kakashi a piggyback ride after whatever battle that was!"

Hibari mentally retorted. Don't compare me with the other idiotic Shonen Jump characters! I was once voted the 1st for my popularity, you stupid cow!

"Lambo! Stop right there!" I-Pin managed to chase Lambo away from the scene. Then Bianchi appeared, " Oh, Hibari. What happened to Gokudera?"

"He fainted."

"My, my… Where did you find him?"


Bianchi sighed. "Aren't you gonna hand my brother to me? Or do you want him to wake up in your arms?"

Hibari hurried to get Gokudera off his back. (He's embarrassed! =D) He moved in such haste that he almost dropped Gokudera on the floor. Hibari bent slightly to catch him and helped Bianchi to bring him into his room.

(at the same time)

Tsuna took a short turn and bump into Lambo and I-Pin. When he looked up, He saw Hibari with his back facing him. He was about to call out his name but suddenly Hibari bent forward and Bianchi's head was visible. Tsuna turned away, blushing. Adult Hibari is.. is… kissing Bianchi? He rubbed his eyes and looked once more. This time, Bianchi was moving closer to Hibari as they entered Gokudera's room. Tsuna's jaw dropped to the floor.

… I must be dreaming… It's a hallucination. It's a hallucination. Tsuna chanted repeatedly as he walked past Gokudera's room. He, somehow, didn't see Gokudera amidst the whole situation.

Bianchi turned around to look at the door. "Did you hear something?"



The random ending of chapter 5 and that omake, it's just some random jokes… don't mind the Hibari's OOC… XD

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