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Sunday, June 13, 2010

Fanfic: Nicknames (compilation)

i looked into my old posts on this fic... =.= it has been two years ago... goodness... O_O i better update sooner! and since it's so damn long ago since i posted this, i'll compile all the chapters i've written up till now, although it's still currently in progress, i'll delete and repost this as i update it in FanFiction.net
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(this is gonna be an extreme long post! XD


"Juudaime!" Gokudera cheered happily from the back. Tsuna stopped in his tracks and turned around to find Gokudera rushing happily to catch up with him.

"Oh, Gokudera…" Tsuna replied shortly with an exhausted expression. He had just finished training with Lal Mirch and was heading to the dining room for dinner. Gokudera instantaneously noticed that Tsuna was exhausted.

"Juudaime, that lady must have trained the hell out off you! Dammit! And I'm not there with juudaime! I'm not fit to be your right hand man!" Gokudera blurted out in a melancholic tone. Tsuna thought to himself, That's a quick change of mood in him…

Immediately he kneeled down and in front of Tsuna. "Hiii! G-Gokudera-kun!" Tsuna panicked and tried to pull him up. But he insisted to stay on his knees. "Juudaime! Forgive me! I can't fulfill my duty as your right hand man!"

Aaaa~ what to do? What to say? Tsuna panicked internally as Gokudera continued to ramble that everything was his fault. "C-c-calm down Gokudera… I-it's alright! It wasn't your fault at all… It was just a part of the training so I don't mind! And also, Gokudera was also training, right?" Tsuna was trying his best to cheer him up a little. However, Gokudera got even more depressed.

"I skipped today's training and did something else…" Gokudera mumbled, lowering his head to avoid eye contact with Tsuna. Hiiie! He's even more depressed!

"Yo! Tsuna! Gokudera!" Yamamoto walked towards them, greeting them cheerfully as usual. "Yamamoto!" Tsuna exclaimed happily. I'm glad he came… I don't know what else to do anymore…

"Ah, Gokudera. Why are you on your knees with that depressed expression?" Yamamoto asked innocently. Tsuna was trying to tell Yamamoto not to mention anything about that by shaking his head, but Yamamoto didn't notice. "How's your training?" Yamamoto asked with a big grin in his face.

In contrast, Gokudera got even more depressed. Tsuna didn't know how to react to the situation. No good! Yamamoto made everything worse!

"Oh, looks like it didn't go too well, eh? Ahahaha~" Yamamoto laughed.

Suddenly, Gokudera snapped. "WHAT DO YOU KNOW? YAKYUU BAKA! ~" He stood up to stand face to face with that mentioned Baseball Nut.

"Ah, Gokudera no need to get all heated up just because the training didn't go too well…" Yamamoto said with a small panicky grin. Tsuna stood quietly beside the two guardians and sweat dropped. Somehow, Yamamoto managed to bring the usual Gokudera back…


A loud sound echoed around the corridor. Yamamoto and Gokudera turned to Tsuna who blushed a little. Tsuna held his stomach as if trying to silence it while scratching the back of his head with another hand. "Ah… Let's go eat something now!"

"Gyahahaha! Lambo wants to play!" Lambo announced as he made his appearance in the corridor after a turn. He reached to pull on the hem of Tsuna's shirt. "Don't you wanna play with me, Tsuna?"

"Oy, ahou shi! Nobody wants to play with you! Now get lost!" Gokudera shouted at Lambo and pulled him away from Tsuna. He intended to just throw Lambo away when Haru came and hugged Lambo protectively. Lambo threw his arms around Haru and complained, "Uwaa! Gokudera shouted at me!" and then he started crying.

"You shouldn't shout at Lambo! He's just a kid!" Haru said while trying to soothe the crying Lambo.

"Like I care! The stupid cow deserves it! And only you can stand that annoying guy, BAKA ONNA!"

"I'm not baka onna!"

The quarrel went on and Tsuna sweat dropped again. Yup, Gokudera is no longer depressed anymore…

"Ahahaha! ~" a carefree laugh was heard and immediately Gokudera recognized it. "What are you laughing at, YAKYUU BAKA?"

"Haha! I just noticed that you like to call people by nicknames!" A grin was glued on Yamamoto's face like usual.

"Che… it's because they fit the nicknames perfectly" Gokudera grumbled.

"What do you mean by that! Haru feel insulted! I'm not a so-called baka onna!"


Tsuna was chuckling to himself; thinking to himself about what Yamamoto said was so true! He called Yamamoto as the yakyuubaka. Haru, bakaonna.Lambo, ahoushi. Hmm…me… Tsuna's sighed to himself. Juudaime for me… hmm… Reborn… Reborn wouldn't like to be called as anything other than his name… Bianchi… he had had enough of the poison cooking… Kyoko… neh, Gokudera seldom speak to her. Hibari… Hibari… what did Gokudera call Hibari?

"Eto… Gokudera, what nickname do you have for Hibari?"


An awkward silence lasted for a few seconds. Gokudera finally replied to his question, "Why the sudden question, Juudaime?"

"Eh… I… I was just wondering... You have nicknames for almost everyone. So, I was curious about what nickname do you have for Hibari?"

"…" Once again, Gokudera didn't reply.

"Yeah, I'm curious about it too!" said Yamamoto.

Lambo had stopped crying and started poking Gokudera with his small fingers, most probably trying to annoy him. "Yeah, Lambo-san is curious too!" Amazingly, Gokudera was not annoyed at all. He was mumbling something incoherently. "B-b-b…"

"Tsuna-san, let's just ignore him. He will call everyone by cruel nicknames…"

"BASTARD!" Gokudera blurted out.

"Hahii! Did you just call me THAT?"

"BASTARD! YEAH! I call Hibari by that nickname!" Gokudera blurted out again and ran away.

"G-Gokudera!" Tsuna exclaimed as Gokudera instantly disappeared from their sight. He's overreacting!

"Ahahaha!~ He did have a nick for Hibari!"

Chapter 2

Gokudera sat on his bed holding his head which stared blankly at his feet in frustration. He didn't even bother to turn on the lights and stayed quietly in the pitch black room, lost deeply in his own thoughts.

Crap! Just what do I usually call that guy? Gah! He knocked his head a few times with his knuckles. I just call him by his name, Hibari... Wait! Why am I worrying about this small matter anyway! I still have to figure out how to work the Sistema C.A.I. No! I always call people with nicknames. So why did I not call him by any?

After some time fretting over his own thoughts, Gokudera finally decided that he's better off figuring Sistema C.A.I. out and so, he headed to the library. However, he met the one who he had been thinking of not long before that, Hibari Kyoya. Great! Just when I decided to drop it...

"Hmm... Hayato...? " Hibari's cold eyes met his but suddenly his eyes were more interested in his feet. Argh! I can't look into his eyes! What do I do, what do I do? No... What the heck should I call him? Now why am I panicking again? Wait... Did he just call me by my name? So many thoughts cluttered his head just because he met Hibari. Hibari winced and continued to speak monotonously. "Gokudera... Hayato..."

Oh, he's not calling me ONLY by my name! But my full name... No! What was I expecting? A long silence fell by and Hibari, who was probably a little bored, yawned and walked past him coldly. The sound of his footsteps echoed around the corridor.

"WHATTHEHECKAREYOUDOINGHERE?" Gokudera blurted out in a loud voice. It managed to stop Hibari in his tracks. "I said what the heck are you doing here? Answer me, you... B... B-bastard!" He turned around just to see Hibari's back. What was I thinking? I shouldn't try to make him stay! And I called him a bastard! I will surely be bitten to death... Gokudera struggled internally.

Hibari turned around slowly to reveal a dark expression. "What did you say?" He raised his tonfa slowly.

Crap! I didn't notice the tonfas! And the future Hibari is even scarier... He might be even scarier than my sister... "Err... I said, what the heck are you doing here?" those words were repeated for the third time and this time, was with a softer tone and without the 'bastard'. I'm so helpless against the future Hibari... I'm sooooo pathetic!

Hibari lowered his tonfas. "Hmm... I just finished training that herbivore..." He stared coldly into Gokudera's eyes. "And now you are a herbivore too." And he left Gokudera in confusion, trying to figure out what he actually meant by his last statement. He stole a glance of Gokudera with the corner of his eye and smirked.

What the hell did he mean? Then, he shook his head violently, trying to shake the thoughts out of his head. I must not worry about anything like that! He made his way to the lift that will bring him to the library, which was opposite the direction Hibari took. He reached his destination after a short distance of walk. He pressed the button and waited for the lift. He stared at the direction where he met Hibari who was no longer there.

Unconsciously, he started running toward where Hibari had headed to. A "ping" sounded, signifying the lift had arrived but he ignored it as he picked up his pace. When he finally caught up with him, he stopped running and smiled to himself. Just hope that it'll work!

He inhaled slowly and called him, loudly. "Oy, bastard!"

Chapter 3

The automatic door of the lift which Hibari had just entered slid shut right after his voice sounded around the corridor.

Dead Silence. "Damn!" Gokudera kicked the door of the lift. That very second, the door slid opened again and his kick landed on Hibari's knee.

Another dead silence. Hibari didn't complain about his actions. He didn't even wince a bit although it appeared that Gokudera had kicked REALLY hard. Back to Gokudera, he staggered a little as he took a few steps backwards; worried that Hibari might 'bite him to death'.

Well, neither Gokudera nor Hibari made any other moves. So, after a few seconds the door slid shut again. As if he was shot by a Dying Will Bullet or something, Gokudera sprang very suddenly toward the lift and forced it open and jumped into the lift. He felt that he should really do something about it.

"What do you think you are doing, Gokudera?" Hibari did not seem quite amused with his actions. And so, Gokudera replied bluntly to him, "I'm heading to the library." Are you stupid or what? It's not like this bastard doesn't know where the library is! Gokudera knew it was a stupid idea but he couldn't figure out anything else.

"Oh…" Hibari replied monotonously as his eyes slid shut and leaned against the wall of the lift as the door shut and escalating upwards. Gokudera was rather astonished, now that Hibari's buying it and blurted out, "You do know where the library is located right?"

"…" no reply from Hibari for a few seconds as the lift came to a certain level and stopped. Hibari lifted his index finger to the opening of the lift, "Look over there."

Gokudera who had his back facing the door of the lift until then spun around to find a room with sliding glass doors just a few feet from the lift. He instantaneously noticed it was a library with hundreds or maybe thousands of books arranged neatly on the shelves everywhere in the room.

"Well, aren't you going to go in there?" Hibari asked almost innocently.

"There's another library here?" Gokudera blinked for a second. Somehow, he had taken a few steps forward and successfully preventing the door of the lift, which was equipped with a top-notch sensor and would not slide an inch if anyone was standing directly on the opening, from closing. Gokudera wondered how and why there was a library there. He had skimmed through the hideout's blueprint he had requested from Giannini and that was including Hibari's very own hideout. There definitely wasn't any other library elsewhere in the base. Or maybe it was that empty room located somewhere between Hibari's hideout and Vongola's? I thought it was just another training room of some sort. Thoughts cluttered his mind. "And why is it located in yourhideout?"

"…Ask yourself. It's none of my business."

"You mean… The future me built another library here?" Gokudera was a little confused, and soon got really irritated when no reply came from Hibari's mouth. He turned around and grabbed him by his collar, forcing Hibari's eyes to meet his glare, "Spit it out! You do know why it's here right?" Gokudera shook him slightly, and does not seem to have any effect on the Cloud Guardian. "And I thought you had crowding! And you hate having anyone near your hideout or something too?" he added. The door slid shut and the lift remained still since they had yet to press any button to get to another destination.

Hibari, who on the other hand decided not to resist his futile actions, stared coldly at him. "It's your idea, not mine."

"Why did you allow me to do so then? I do have another library in the main Vongola Hideout!"

"…Some things change as time passes by…"

"And what does that mean?" suddenly Gokudera recalled his true motives – to know why he did not have a nickname for Hibari, and added in a stuttering manner, "you… bastard…" Gokudera released his grip on Hibari's collar and lolled his head with his eyes staring intently on the floor, not wanting to meet his cold stare, as if he was about to give up.

Hibari's eyes soften ever so little and stare at him. "Do you remember the time during the Varia battle?" For the first time Gokudera saw a gaze that makes his heart feel much warmer and the words he spoke took some time to process in his brain – at the same time, an alarming siren blared off.

Gokudera widened his eyes and swept his eyes around the small cubicle in response to the siren. A small smirk formed on Hibari's lips before stepping out of the still lift whispering "It's almost time for him to arrive"

The lift closed for one last time with a panicked Gokudera left inside. He quickly pressed the button repeatedly so that it would bring him back to the main hideout. As the lift operated with zero noise, all thanks to Giannini's perfect skill, Gokudera who had finally came back to his senses after the siren blared off (and was still blaring) banged his head on one of the wall. CRAP! I still can't figure out anything! TCHI! And my plan is totally of no use! What am I? Must I be so shock about the whole library thing? He narrowed his eyes a little and thought to himself with his forehead still not leaving the cool stainless steel wall. I'm sure to fish it out of him the next time…

(At the same time)

Hibari stepped out of the lift and stood still with his arms crossed and closed eyes. He waited for the lift to start operating. "You know, it's bad to eavesdrop on people." He squint his eyes open and glanced to a turning in the end of that corridor.

"I'm truly sorry, Hibari-san." Kusakabe emerged from behind the wall. He was just passing by the lift and before he noticed, he had been listening to their conversation since he was close enough to do so. Well, maybe he had gone as far as pressing his ears to the walls so that he could listen to their conversation in the lift behind the closed door. Just as the siren blared off, his ears left the walls and hid himself behind a wall just after a turn which was not really far away. "But I couldn't stop myself for I do not understand why you put on such an act in front of him. It'll be unfair to him since it was not until eight years ago you two….."

Kusakabe's speech was cut short. "Hnn… It's none of your business." Hibari smirked a little. "And don't you think you are getting away with these." Hibari had lifted his arms equipped with his tonfas. "I'll bite you till death."

Chapter 4

"Juudaime!" exclaimed Gokudera happily when Tsuna entered the room with a worried look, "What's happening here?"

"Juudaime, it seems like someone infiltrated our base from one of the hatch!" Giannini stammered as he continuously type his way on the keyboard.

"Sasagawa Ryohei's here! To the extreme!"

Everyone's eyes were averted towards Ryohei who had come in shouting with Chrome in his hands. "Big brother!" Tsuna exclaimed the obvious loudly. Others were just as shock and Reborn lowered his head with his hat covering his eyes and smirked.


"Oy Hibari! I brought something to drink!" Ryohei grinned foolishly and waved to Hibari. "Come here, sit down here and have a drink or two with me!"

Hibari stared at him. Silence. He then turned around, "Kusakabe, get this noisy person out of my place."



After a while, Hibari somehow ended up sitting together with Ryohei, drinking and chatting calmly with Kusakabe at one corner of the room. They were discussing together, about something serious, unlike what the current Ryohei and Hibari would do. After discussing about their tasks they were supposed to carry out throughout the plan, they totally ran out of topic. Ryohei could not help it but to ask, "Hey, what's up with you and the young Gokudera?"

Kusakabe chuckled to himself.

"What's up with you and Kurokawa Hana?" Hibari imitate his speech but with a calmer and emotionless tone. Ryohei flushed red. "O-o-oy! D-don't avoid t-the topic!" Somehow, Hibari had managed to make Ryohei stammer like a small love-sick boy.

Hibari answered him by sipping his drink and left. Ryohei's blush was gone by then, leaving only a slight hint of blush was it caused by the drinking or by the mention of Kurokawa Hana? He crept towards Kusakabe, "Hey, is there something going on between them?"

"Kusakabe you better shut up." Hibari's distant voice echoed around the room. Kusakabe sighed.

"Aww, Hibari's shy eh?" Ryohei stated intentionally loud and laughed.

Gokudera stood outside his library at Hibari's place. He stared and turned around. "Seriously! What am I doing here?" He turned to peek into the library for almost a hundredth time already. He scratched his head, mustered up some determination and walked and pressed his hand on the sliding glass door. I'm here just to try to find some information for my Sistema C.A.I.! He pushed. He tugged. He pulled. The glass door refused to budge, even if it's just an inch. Should I just blow this stupid thing away? No! Wait, if this is built by the me in the future… His thoughts stopped there and his brain got to work to produce several possibilities.

He turned and noticed a small electronic device beside the door. He approached it and noticed it was some sort of miniature scanning device. He placed his hand near to that device. No response. He placed his thumb over it. No response. Then, he placed his eye over it and a light glowed suddenly, blinding him for a second or two. Gosh! I'm gonna blow this thing off!

"Need some help?"

Gokudera jumped a long way from the door, shocked by the voice. Kusakabe who had just appeared out of nowhere laughed, "Don't worry, Hibari-san is now training with Tsuna. He won't appear any time soon."

"It's not like I care!" Gokudera looked another way, trying to hide his light blush. Yes; Kusakabe had hit right on the spot.

"Hmm, so you don't want to know how to enter the library?"


"Suit yourself" Kusakabe started to walk away.

"W-wait! I-it's not like that!"

Kusakabe turned around with a smirk. "Well, at least tell me how to enter that library!" Gokudera glared at something invisible on the wall he was really mad at, pity his face was still tinted with a light shade of red. Kusakabe explained that it was a scanning device indeed, but one need to inject a small amount of dying will flame into it instead.

"Oh yeah, for your information, only you can enter this library besides Hibari-san. I can enter too, but usually Hibari-san will bite me to death if I were to enter without his permission. So, this time, have fun exploring your library alone" Kusakabe left, waving to him with his back facing him.

Damn, I seriously didn't know Kusakabe is that type of person! Gokudera took some time to process the words into his brain. Wait! Only me and Hibari can enter? What the heck? But he still took his first step into the library rather shyly, although he doesn't know why he was feeling that way.

He eyed around the library, the interior was generally black and white throughout. White walls, glass tables and chairs with white and black outlines at certain sides, black bookshelves and book racks with thousands and thousands of books arranged neatly on them. It looks totally sleek and contemporary. He stared in awe. How cool! This was certainly my dream design I had been having all the while! This is so damn cool! How I wish Juudaime can see this! Without noticing, he had grew comfortable and felt less tense than before in the library. He explored around, scanning quickly through the thousands of books in there, pulled out on or two to flip through. Of course, he had not forgotten his motive to be there. After a long search around the library, he found himself seated at the table and rested his head there. No signs of anything that has to do with Sistema C.A.I. Sigh.

Then, one book caught his attention. It was on a pretty lonely bookshelf at a corner. Its cover looks familiar. He got up and pulled that book out. It was certainly his precious photo album. He recognized the vintage-looking cover. He flipped to the very first page and saw himself with Tsuna and Reborn. He smiled to himself; it brought back his memories from the first time he met Tsuna. As he flipped through the hundreds of pictures with Yamamoto, Bianchi, Lambo, I-Pin, Fuuta appearing every now and then together with Tsuna, Kyoko, Haru, Ryohei and Reborn while Hibari, Chrome, Mukuro, Ken, Chikusa, Dr Shamal, Basil, Lanchia, Giannini, Colonnello, Hana, the Varia and many more appear occasionally. Stopping at a few pictures that caught his attention most and brought back more memories from the past. He placed the album back to its original place. He leaned suddenly to the bookshelf and slid until he was sitting on the floor while heaving a big sigh. A whole lot of things had changed, everyone is growing. But why can't I do anything for Juudaime! He banged his head on the bookshelf and a picture fell off from somewhere. He picked it up, looked at it and jumped up, blushing so red that he could have made the tomatoes feel ashamed of themselves. The picture had fallen gracefully on the ground.

"What in the hell?" He was still staring at the picture of him kissing the stoic Hibari's cheek with an obvious wide smile on his own a-little-more-matured face.

"Having a good time?" A deep voice whispered dangerously close to his ear, making him jump yet again.

"Hibari! What the hell are you doing here?"

Hibari, who was now a safe distance away from Gokudera, shrugged, "What are you doing in my place?" Gokudera blushed a darker shade of red, feeling that his head would burst any time soon. But he still managed to stammer out a few words, "I-I… No… Y-you…"

"Seems like you found something interesting here…" Hibari walked past Gokudera who has turned into a scarlet stammering statue, and picked the picture up. "You have no idea at all what had happened for the past ten years, eh?" He smirked.

He ruffled his head as his felt Gokudera's shoulder got all tensed up, "How cute. If only the Gokudera now could act this way. The future Gokudera is…" He trailed off and leaned down towards his face, staring straight into his eyes all the time. Gokudera's breath was caught in his throat when he found Hibari's face too close to his flaming face and forced his eyes shut. Hibari smiled genuinely and moved his head slightly higher and placed a small peck on his forehead.

Gokudera's eyes flew open. He put his hands over his forehead and dashed out of the library in the speed of light, his blush had never lost its color even for a bit.

Hibari could not erase the smile which had formed on his lips as he placed the picture back to it's original place – in an album filled with pictures of everyone less than 10 years ago.

Gokudera continued running. Dammit! Gokudera Hayato! Stop dreaming! Hibari is not gonna kiss you on the lips! It was just a peck on the forehead! Nothing more! And kissing a guy is wrong! Then his mind wandered off and he flashbacked to the moment Hibari's lips met his skin. Hibari's warm pair of lips pressed against his skin causing his heart to beat uncontrollably fast, his stomach twisted and turned and as his lips left in that short moment, how he had fought the urge to pull him to him once again. He blamed himself for reacting that much to a short peck on his forehead and even wanted something more... Shut up, stupid Gokudera! He mentally slapped himself. It's just a peck on a forehead! His mind then wandered off further, fantasizing that pair of lips on his own... He shook his head violently. Losing his concentration, he did not notice a figure ahead of him. The Adult Ryohei caught him with ease but his momentum caused them to land softly on the ground. "Oy! You've got no need to run around blindly here!"

Gokudera panted, his nerves took a short while to calm down and he regained his composure, but still panting lightly with a light blush over the bridge of his nose and both cheeks. He grabbed harshly at Ryohei's collar which took the 25-year-old Sun Guardian in surprise. "You! Adult Turf-Head! Can you tell me what had happened to me and Hibari in the future?"

"Eh? What?"

Ryohei was shaken violently. "Just spit out every single thing that you know had happened to the future me and Hibari in this era! Goddammit!"


i seriously don't know when i fell for BL.. O_O seriously, it's only recently i realised that... but i can say it's because of, 1. Hani and 2. Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

nevertheless, is stil prefer het pairings! *grins*

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