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Sunday, June 20, 2010


Meh... Holidays are coming to an end right now... The next day, i have to wake up early to go to school again... I really gotta stop using the internet by then..well, maybe not stop XD i would be a zombie that way XP must control! control! don't be influenced by that Irie's character song: No Control, lmao!~ cause i love it so much! wee, can't wait for the next character song album X3 X3

Y'know, i seldom post this type of posts in my blog ~.~ meh... still not used to this... usually i will post super long posts about anime/manga related stuff~ XD

and i just wanted to catch up with the Air Gear manga! DX it's getting interesting! as in REALLY interesting! woo, i love Kazu to the extreme!!! X3 currently at chapter 171 ~.~

*sigh* life is unfair... so i might not be posting much from now on... i can't update my fics sooner... i doubt i can read the new chapters once they're released.. *sigh*

i hate my life


Anonymous said...

Life is unfair. I know that to well. As for Air gear...I never tried to read or watch it but I will now sense you say its good.


-ying- said...

air gear is nice!!! X3

Anonymous said...

Your list is amazing. But... why's Iida Toshinobu's not there? I thought his was just at the bottom of the list but nada, so I tried reading again from the top and still, no Iida Toshinobu. T^T I'm a Toyonaga fan but... but... Iida...