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Saturday, July 3, 2010

Canvas by +Plus

i will first apologize for not replying to those who left messages in my blog, be it in the chatbox or the comments... but i really can't reply them since it will either fail to load or it gets disconnected when i'm posting halfway... =.= i will reply to you guys as soon as it reverts back to normal... X3 thanks for tagging too! X3

daa~ just saw this video posted by the user i am subscribed to... KATEKYO HITMAN REBORN! NEW ENDING!!!! *screams!!!* but of course, i still can't watch it, so i downloaded it!~ =D it took me ages cause the connection is so darn frigging slow!!! it even took me ages to sign in to Blogger... and i can't even sign in to my Facebook weih!!! DX

this time, i can't embed videos or upload the mp3... credits goes to the FAST connection... =.= bear with it! XD

anyways, lyrics for the ending #16

=/ the words this time are quite blur but i managed to fill in the words i can't read (in this case, the small words on top of the Kanji words) with what i hear by ear... so do tell me if i made any error! =D thanks lots in advance!!! X3

Canvas by +Plus
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Ending #16

bokura wa minna "jibun rashisa" to iu na no fude wo motte runda
hora sukoshi no yuuki de donna iro ni mo kaete yukeru
omoi wo egakou

kono sora wa doko made tsuzuku?
bokura no shiru sekai wa semakute
dareka no tatsuke motomeru koe kikoe nu furishite

arasou kodo de sonzai kachi tashika mete wa ginen wo idaki
chigai wo 「kosei」 janakute 「teki」 to kime tsukete wa tsuki hanashi

hito to no kankei wa shinai de
musubarete yuki mono janakute
te to te wo tsunagi koe wo kikunda

iro doru sekai nikushimi au koto wa nai kirei ni maji wareru kara
muda na inochi nante nai tagai ni mitome ai
mugen ni hirogaru KANBASU wa kibou ni somatteku

bokura wa minna "jibun rashisa" to iu na no fude wo motte runda
hora sukoshi no yuuki de donna iro ni mo kaete yukeru
omoi wo egakou

i couldn't do much with this slow connection recently... DX so i will update my fics and everything else much much later...

anyhow, yay! it's July!!!! and soon, the character song album would be released! *flies to wonderland*

ciao ciao~~~ XD


tuyen said...

hey I just wanted to let you know that I've started subbing hitman reborn and I just wanted to ask if you would like to help me. I'm new at subbing so i can only do basic effects. So if your interested contact me at tuyenle360@gmail.com.

Anonymous said...

I love the new ending!


-ying- said...

@ tuyen - hey, i really appreciate it, but i'm really no good, cause i don't really know Japanese... and i also cannot go online constantly ~.~ but i really appreciate it and i really wanted to do some subbing... T^T too bad desu...

@ Leah - aye~~~ me too!!! X3

judith said...

Interesting initiative taken by tuyen. Hope you find someone to help you. Best luck. prints canvas