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Wednesday, July 14, 2010

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Character Album Song "Red" ~famiglia~ [cover+information]

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YES!!! i found the cover of the new Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Song "RED" ~famiglia~ which will only be out on the 21st of July (aww... time seems to be crawling!!!) from this site~~

Character Album
SONG "RED" ~famiglia~

01. RIGHT NOW - Sawada Tsunayoshi & Basil
02. YELL - Gokudera Hayato
03. Ame no Message - Yamamoto Takeshi
04. Destiny - Reborn
05. Mata Ashita - Sasagawa Ryohei
06. Tatta Latta - Sasagawa Kyoko & Miura Haru & Lambo & I-Pin & Chrome Dokuro
07. Be More - Dino
08. Akashi - Hibari Kyoya

[Title - Singer]
01. RIGHT NOW - Kokubun Yukari & Terasaki Yuka
02. YELL - Ichinose Hidekazu
03. Ame no Message - Inoue Suguru
04. Destiny - Neeko
05. Mata Ashita - Kiuchi Hidenobu
06. Tatta Latta - Inamura Yuuna & Yoshida Hitomi & Takeuchi Junko & Chiang Li Mei & Akesaka Satomi
07. Be More - KENN
08. Akashi - Kondo Takashi

hai~ that's about that... i can't go online for long now~ so ciao ciao~~~ X3


Anonymous said...


Anonymous said...

love them all!


Anonymous said...

the again..I still dislike Gokudera...


I-CHAN said...


+M!|k^S@n+ said...

21st July!! That's the date i'm going to Drama Competition !!
Anyways, when there is the link to download, please post it here!! ><
Thankx !!

Nobody-sama said...

Aww, you're so right about how that date seems to be crawling... CAN...NOT...WAIT... >_<|||

-ying- said...

@drawing-animemanga - i know!!! X3 X3

@Leah - aye~ me too...XD compared to the others... XD but his song this time is nice!!!!

@I-CHAN - aye~~~ X3 X3

@+M!|k^S@n+ - lol, jia you jia you~~~ for the competition~ seems like it's out early in Youtube~ i've posted one of the links... will post the others later together with the lyrics! *o*

@Nobody-sama - IT'S OUT IT'S OUT!!!!

Anonymous said...


Here's the dl!! Thanks for the tracklist! It's a PAIN to change the titles myself in iTunes!

-ying- said...

hehe npnp~ ^o^