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Thursday, August 19, 2010

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Character Album Song "Blue" ~rivale~ [cover+information+lyrics links+download links]

Character Album
SONG "BLUE" ~rivale~

download album: MediaFire | other link

01. End:Res - Rokudo Mukuro
by Iida Toshinobu
MegaUpload | MediaFire | lyrics

by Ikeda Masanori
MegaUpload | MediaFire | lyrics

03. BREAK OUT - Squalo
by Takahashi Hiroki
MegaUpload | MediaFire | lyrics

04. bloody prince - Belphegor
by Fujiwara Yuuki
MegaUpload | MediaFire | lyrics

05. Special Illusion - Fran
by Kokuryu Sachi
MegaUpload | MediaFire | lyrics

06. PARADE - Byakuran
by Ohyama Takanori
MegaUpload | MediaFire | lyrics

07. SIMULATION - Irie Shouichi & Spanner
by Toshiyuki Toyonaga & Tsuda Kenjiro
MegaUpload | MediaFire | lyrics

08. Kyouki no Hana - Kikyo
by Kato Kazuki
MegaUpload | MediaFire | lyrics

sore jya~ if there's any mistakes in the lyrics, wrong links or broken links, do tell me! =D arigatou na~ *goes off listening to the songs again*


kotomi-chan said...

yey!! Thank you for the links! =w=

Anonymous said...

any English translations for the songs?

Rheza said...

Yayy you really posted it!!! I was worried when I couldn't contact you via FB, so I checked your blog and.....yayyy >w<

KHRfan said...

Thanks for the links! Oh, and do you know which album is the remade version of yakusoku no basho e in?

Anonymous said...

thanks so much!

-ying- said...

@kotomi-chan - npnp!~ SPREAD THE LOVE!!!

@anonymous - you can always visit Yuvi's livejournal... its not good to rip completely from one's blog lol! XD

Rheza - X3 sorry for the late replies yahs~

KHRfan - nuu... i'm not sure... sorry, i have not been following the news since around early 2010 so i'm not really sure about the previous happenings and all... but i'll try checking~

@anonymous - X3

Lengtot:) said...

You, are AWESOME. I've been looking for this since.. forever? HAHAHA. Arigato gozaimasu. :3

-ying- said...

no prob~ thanks for reading my blog yahs~~~ X3

Anonymous said...

Thanks! I really want to hear Irie and Spanner's song.

-ying- said...

no prob =3 i know! i totally understand!!! X3