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Tuesday, December 7, 2010


CIAOSSU!!! sorry for the late post even it's holiday now~ XD the thing is, I CAUGHT UP WITH CODE:BREAKER MANGA!!!! i finally finished the 111 chapters of it! X3 i can't seem to have a heart to do anything unless i caught up with it, exactly what i did when i was trying to catch up with One Piece and Bakuman and Air Gear~ Bakuman and Code:Breaker were MUCH easier to catch up with compared to One Piece and Air Gear X_X Bakuman, although i need to catch up around 30+ chapters that time, but they are all full of speech bubbles which you cant possibly skip DX so i ended up reading it for a whole two weeks or so before i finally caught up... X_X Code:Breaker... It's interesting~ but like typical action shonen manga, you can read them in a faster pace~ =D finished it in a week or so~ i love Toki woohoo! XD

also, i can't seem to do anything for the past few days... since i'm subscribed to an internet service WITH limit... and i totally used up my quota downloading songs.. XD

anyways, back to Reborn! =D okay, this is re-posted (if you read my previous posts, you might encounter this alot eh XP)

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Original Soundtrack -hyouteki 4-

credits to Vongola Decimo~~ =D he actually emailed me!!! *tears of joy* no worries, i won't post your email here (since i didn't ask for your permission XP)

Track Listing:
1. Tachiagare (Stand up!)
2. Fukutsu (Fortitude)
3. Turinisette
4. Kyouteki (Formidable enemy)
5. Aratana chikara (New power)
6. Fuon (Restlessness)
7. Millefiore no Sonzai (Presence of Millefiore)
8. Millefiore no Mokuteki (The purpose of Millefiore)
9. Nozaru.Tazaru
10. Jokyoku (Overture)
11. Juunen go Varia (Varia, 10 years)
12. Futeki na Emi (Audacious smile)
13. Kyoushuu (Assault)
14. Bousou (Runaway)
16. Kakugo (Resolution)
17. Mirai e (To the future)
18. Chikara wo Awasete (Join forces)
19. Saikyou no Kanshi (Strongest swordsman)
20. Real Roku Chouka (The Real 6 Funeral Wreath)
21. Arienai Koto (Ridiculous)
22. Shuuketsu (Assembled!)
23. Tanomoshii Nakama (Reliable companion)
24. Aratana Deai (Meeting new people)
25. Kabe wo Koete (Beyond the wall)
26. Kanashii Kako (Sad days)
27. Zetsubou (Despair)
28. NEW ITEM 1
29. NEW ITEM 2
30. Tsuka no Ma no Shiawase (Happy moment)
31. Kyuusoku (Rest)
32. Tanoshii Nichijou (The pleasant everyday)

Vongola Decimo also sent me the lyrics for the FAMILY~Chinese Version~ (track 33 in Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Original Soundtrack -hyouteki 4-) X3 yukari-chan sent it to me before this too, but i can't read the file with my Microsoft Words sh*tty outdated Microsoft Words...==

meh~ here's the lyrics~ in chinese desu~ =D
狱寺 (Gokudera):
抬头看著辽阔的天 到底有多宽多远
眼前这条漫漫的路 哪里是它的尽头

山本 (Yamamoto):
比起刚过去的昨天 明天显得还遥远
可是在约定的地方 你正静静的等待著

阿纲 (Tsuna):
改变我自己 因为想要守护你
让渺小的我 有了一种向前冲的动力

云雀 (Hibari):
「变得更坚强」 心里一直这麼想

了平 (Ryohei):
一起努力吧 一起守护著大家
为这个理想 就算困难 也尽力去闯

骸 (Mukuro) :
「变得更坚强」 心里一直这麼想

京子 (Kyoko):
寂寞有时候会出现 悄悄唤醒我的眼泪
尤其在失意的时候 总是更管不住它

小春 (Haru) :
站在落地镜的前面 想起那一天的自己
希望在约定的地方 让心放晴不再悲伤

蓝波 (Lambo):
一步一步 走在我该走的路
就算再危险 勇敢面对任何的考验

一平 (I-pin):
我不会害怕 因为在我的背后

里包恩 (Reborn):
一步一步 走在我该走的路
不论多少次 我都一定勇敢向前走

阿纲 (Tsuna):
因为我清楚 不管任何时间里
无形的爱 随时在保护我

云雀 (Hibari):看著你的脸 对你说一声感谢
了平 (Ryohei):永远都相信 一定会有这一天
骸 (Mukuro):就把这个梦 紧紧的握在你胸口
蓝波 (Lambo):我们的旅途就不会有终点
阿纲 (Tsuna):举起你的手 伸向那蓝蓝的天空
狱寺 (Gokudera):就算距离再遥远 感觉也像牵著手
山本 (Yamamoto):我要守护你灿烂的 动人的笑容
里包恩 (Reborn):一切因为你是我的 Family

阿纲 (Tsuna):
一阵一阵吹来的风 哪里是它的终点
划过夜空的星星哦 哪里是它的尽头

我想尽情探索 想寻找所有的答案
整个世界对我来说 充满它存在的理由

京子(Kyoko):陌生的终点 已经在我们面前
小春(Haru):笑著面对面 一切都不再那麼的遥远
十年后一平(TYL I-pin):破碎的梦想 如今变得更强壮
京子+小春+十年后一平 (Kyoko+Haru+TYL I-pin):我的心像盛开著的花园

骸 (Mukuro):云雾布满了天空
云雀 (Hibari):全世界一片灰
山本 (Yamamoto):耳边响起一阵雷
十年后蓝波 (TYL Lambo):倾盆大雨猛然坠落
狱寺 (Gokudera):可是暴风雨过后
阿纲 (Tsuna):总是永远 展现出它的包容

合唱 (All):
永远都相信 一定会有这麼一天能够看著你的脸
对你说一声感谢就把这个梦 紧紧的握在你胸口一起展开翅膀
自由的翱翔举起你的手 伸向那蓝蓝的天空就算距离再遥远
感觉也像牵著手我要守护你 灿烂的动人的笑容
永远快乐的生活喔! Family Family

anyways, if you're reading this, Rheza~ i'll try my best to finish the fanart asap~ (but i think it'll only be possible after i return home from Australia)

aye~ i'll be off to Australia tomorrow (omg, i haven't even start packing) for about a week for my brother's convo there... =.=' man, i hate travelling... X_X i have serious motion-sickness T_T

meh~ maybe from next time on, i'll do some KHR manga review weekly when the new chapters out~ nee? XD since i've got nothing else to post~

meh... then there's the two fanfic... i've only updated one of it... T_T i have no idea for now T_T *sobs* anyhow, i managed to do some cover lately =D meh~ will post about it when i return... XD ja~ mata ne~ (i WANTED to write more stuff... =.=' but just when i thought my internet's back with normal speed... seems like its mood was super good last night... and now... i'm onlining with CRAWLING speed... i cant seem to upload any pics either... T_T so till next time =D)

ps-my chatbox cant seem to load for some weird unknown reason... T_T my lappie hates me... anyways, will be replied later =D

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1. Yes I'm reading this
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