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Friday, December 17, 2010

random~ it's R to the A to the.... nvmd... XD

Aye~ that's the DVD cover for Rebocon 4 -RED- mou... i really want that DVD very badly... >.> but the cover didn't really surprise me or anything cause it's just like a compilation of the charasong cd cover... meh... anyways...Y'know... T_T sometimes i'm very happy i have friends T_T be it my classmates, schoolmates, or people i have met online~ doesn't matter right?

there's Hooi San (aka kokonit) i met online quite some time ago~ then after a while, i joined their group ="BEVERAGE"= and started chatting with Suet Hui (aka cukunit2) and Suet Min (aka cukunit0) at Facebook~ It's fun~ seriously~ X3

>///< then 19th November 2010 (already a month... and only NOW i'm blogging about it... ==), i was rather shocked to receive a letter.... it was from them!!! T~T i was so touched that i wanted to cry...

it came with a collection of 10 pieces of K-On! postcards~

and best of all~ they sent me some short biography of them X3 (i refuse to post them here XP)

I feel so happy!! >.<~

and also there's Rheza (aka gravelfrobisher) we shared a whole lot of things X3
i wanted to do some fanarts for his novel (T_T too bad i haven't really read it...) but i'm such a slacker XP, seriously~ i procrastinate like hell... be it, studying, drawing, reading, everything! uu, and also replying to KP's PM... T_T (i always write late replies to him...)

lol, i've done the rough sketch of it already... but i dun have the camera with me right now... it's with my sis in Sydney... T_T meh, i'll try and do my best to finish it! XD

meh~ wanna see some the many many drawings i never seem to finish? XD

an OC that came from nowhere... O_O

chibi!! XD

Arisa! XD an OC i used for one stupid story of mine... XD

another OC O_O XD

and yesh! i ALWAYS draw girls cause i suck at drawing guys XD which is weird cause usually right, female draw guys better and male draw girls better, nee? XD

Chrome... i remember i drew this in less than 5 minutes.. O_O but i dunno when... XD and it looks kinda weird O_O

this is da best! XD i posted it before... but since my dad has got a new cam, i exploited it and re-posted this XD MUKURO AND HIBARI! version onna! XD i didn't even try to finish it since then XD

some 'compilation' i drew when i was still trying REALLY hard to catch up with Air Gear... which i forgot when XD i fell in love with akito/agito and yes, i still love them, and same goes to lind & gazelle XD walao! 4 in 1 XD
but yeah, again, i didn't finish it... == anyways, from left, Lucy Heartphillia (Fairy Tail), Azuki Miho(? not very sure of her full name...)(Bakuman) then [top]Noyamano Ringo (Air Gear), [bottom]Wanijima Akito(Air Gear) kawaii jan? XD but my drawing's weird so don't mind XD
AND!!!! MIKURA KAZUMA "Kazu"!!! (Air Gear) he's da awesomest! X3 (in air gear that is XD He's damn cool! *nosebleed*)

meh... these are the 'schoolgirls' (though Hilda is actually not == XD) i drew sketched this around the beginning of December when my internet connection was totally hopeless... XD
from left, Suzumiya Haruhi (== Suzumiya Haruhi no Yuuutsu), Shana (Shakugan no Shana), Sakurakoji Sakura (Code: Breaker) [i drew her awfully weird O_O), Amamiya Sakurakou (Psyren) and Hildagarde "Hilda" (Beelzebub)~~~ XD aye~ i forgot how to write the katakana for "ta" at that moment... hence there's only "Hi-Ru" above hilda in this sketch XD

but i managed to finish this, some time when exam is near and everyone was sticking their nose in text books or reference book in class... XD (cause i cant seem to study in school XD only at home, when i have my walkman plugged into my ear XD)

(woohoo! *points at her right hand* XD) i seriously got influenced by Air Gear greatly! Oh!Great rocks!

meh... actually i sudenly found my file with all this incomplete drawings in it... and i had my dad's camera in my hands... so~~ XD ohya, and i didn't mentioned this, did i? XD i have the complete set of the Vongola Rings!!! =D not the original version though... it's still the Half-Vongola Rings put together... =.=' i want the original rings!!! and Vongola Gears!!!! DX

these are not the original ones you see in the Reborn! official sites... O_O perhaps pirated *gasp* i dunno... but the quality's quite good compared to those i've seen before this... i bought this at Ipoh Parade's AnimeTech... around March i think... when i went for my piano diploma exam... =.=' reminds me... i still haven't get the certificate...=.= anyways~


XD but i don't wear this.. i don't dare to risk, in case it dropped accidentally or something... i wear this instead~ XD

aye~ i have two Ring of Rain~ XD the one i'm always wearing is slightly bigger than the ring in that box set... but the engraving is a bit blur... and the colour is fading... T_T meh~ and i love the HagaRen necklace X3 i really love that logo/crest... or whatever you call it... XD it's really nice!!! X3 i want to buy the Homunculus one someday! XD

i love it so damn much~ since i started watching HagaRen... i used to have the phonechain... but it's spoiled now... T_T but i'm still keeping it nevertheless... XD

okay~ i'm done with the photos i took XD

anyways, it's fun to meet people online and we chat about the same interest we share~ ne? =D

Gendou Idol season 6 is very near!!! i wanna join!!! DX i'll cover Kokoro no Hoshi (suggested by Rheza, thanks man! i seriously had nothing in mind before that~ ja~ ganbari masho! XD)

but then... that was then... now that i've checked some of the entries for season 5... i feel like i'm a dirt... i wanna disappear... i wanna vanish into thin air... i'm better of a mosquito... X_X but i shall try my luck nevertheless >.>


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