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Saturday, March 19, 2011

a looooong post XD

hiya! long time no blog edi~~~ X_X i am, right now, stressed. S.T.R.E.S.S.E.D. desu! okay... there's this Ujian Selaras 1 (something like monthly test or term test) and i study like hell for a mere few chapters... i don't think i can cope if they put in more chapters later... don't mention that last year's topics will be included also.. my Physics mark drop like *watch an invisible guy jump down from an invisible building in front of me* and my mark is lower than a certain girl... gosh! hate it! i shall study Physics more than i've ever done this time! muuu! and my History and Biology is hopeless... Accounts.. argh!!! == let's see.... what's left... BM, English, Chemistry and Moral i still can cope la... @@ and i love Modern Maths and Additional Maths! woohoo!~X3

okay okay~ this blog is called oTaKu DeSu!~ for a reason, lol~


oh ya oh ya~ i met this guy online at Facebook not long ago~ and for people, especially Malaysians~ he can get you guys some specs for anime merchandise, and that includes Vongola Rings X3 (okay, since there has been a lot of people asking about it... and i don't quite know where to get it, really) so if there's anything, just contact him here: yami_no_aero@hotmail.com
=D he's a true otaku! lol, i admit my defeat, lol!


there's nothing much to update about KHR nowadays =S although the manga is AWESOME!!! omg! have you guys seen Enma?! i know, EWWWW!!!! T_T what happened to Enma?!!! *curses and swears* but that's not important! =D the most important thing is~~~~


no, you weren't there when i first saw Yamamoto appear in Chapter 325~ so let me tell you what happened... no, don't skip this part! read on =D i want you to! i'm forcing you to! XD

bla bla bla~ insert some "nu fu fu fu" here~ then page 13, last panel, this one this one *points to the image below*

my reaction:
  • jumps out of my chair and held my lappie's screen and shook it "AAAAAA!!!!"
  • click on the image repeatedly until i skipped a page "SH*T!!!!!!" *press backspace*
  • squeals loudly~ stare and drool over page 12 for dunno-how-many-minutes with a stupid smile plastered (already seated XD but i didnt know when, lol)
  • finally clicks the for the next page
  • grins like an idiot!
  • rests my head on my table while laughing for a while (mum comes in somewhere when i was grinning, and say, "oy, what happened? you crazy ah?")
  • finally, half-done with laughing, clicks and read on till page 17

  • nosebleeds (exaggerated la, but i definitely felt warm that time)
  • re-reads dunno-how-many-times and still grinning XD even until later in the afternoon (i was reading in the early afternoon) i went to school, i'm still grinning

  • (Yamamoto Takeshi overload is bad for my heart *grins* the other chapters WITH Yamamoto is so damn much better... at least, that's because i don't go like "Where's my Yamamoto" at the end of every chappie, lol~ my reaction to chapter 325 was the biggest, so i am too lazy to crap about my reaction which i know no one is interested in, lol XD)

    omg! omg! omg! Amano Akira! i love you! seriously! X3 good thing she didn't die due to the earthquake and tsunami in Japan X_X *phew* okay, that's not the ONLY thing i can say about it... O_O i feel... (dunno how to explain) toward Japan... T_T

    okay, on with it, i am still visiting j-rebon.com once in a while to keep myself updated... nothing much though =( but i find the DVD cover very nice =3

    meh... i think right, i should do some weekly comment on the chapters... so to keep my blog alive and kicking~ XD but i still get a good number of viewers X3 *bows 90°* THANK YOU~ ARIGATOU GOZAIMASU~ X33 it's gonna hit 30k views soon =3 *scrolls all the way to the very bottom of my blog* and i've got 125 followers~ X33 *bows 90° again* THANKS LOTS FOR FOLLOWING X3 most of all, THANK YOU LOTS FOR READING~~~ =D

    back back back (i always trail off somewhere, off-topic X_X) i will try to get some time and sit down to write reviews for each chapter from the start of Shimon arc soon, so wait for it yahs (that is... if, IF anyone is reading this ~_~)


    ohya... i just realised something about my covers/fandubs i post on YouTube... although i am a huge fan of KHR, i've only done a few of it... O_O meh, if i have the time, i'll be posting more covers/fandubs than ever!~ cause i love singing almost more than my love to manga~ XD i can't live a day without music, lol
    meh~ on to promote some of my videos: my account is under the name fullbustergray =D

    recently i did a duet fandub for RIGHT NOW (Tsuna and Basil's character song in album "RED") with YT user: KOis2CHaRa [i love her voice, seriously~ X3] we sound like Tsuna and Basil eh? =3

    originally by Kokubun Yukari & Terasaki Yuka
    Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
    videos and mixing done by: KOis2CHaRa

    my video with the most 'like' (i didn't expect any cause my videos rarely get 'like's)~ i tried imitating Chrome's voice and made a duet with Kokuryuu Sachi-san (Fran) for Special Illusion~ it was fun =D what else can i say~ i've tried my hardest to imitate Chrome's voice X3

    Special Illusion
    Originally by Kokuryuu Sachi
    Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

    another version of Special Illusion cover, this one, i'm not imitating anyone, lol

    a video with the most views O_O Tenshi ni Fureta yo! (K-On!'s song, just in case... =3) i'll re-do this with the karaoke version~ since i can finally download it on Gendou... but it's still highlighted D: haiz, just a little while more =D

    Tenshi ni Fureta yo!
    originally by Houkago Tea Time

    for Valentine's Day which was more than a month ago XP, i did two special covers~ =D but i gotta warn you X_X i did pretty bad for it,since i did it in an extreme rush... lol, last minute decision to post Valentine's Day special XD

    Anata ni Aitakute
    originally by AZU ft. SPONTANIA
    with Soul Eater (Soul X Maka) image

    Houkago 1H
    originally by SCANDAL
    with K-On image

    and of course, i did a White Day special cover too~ a little late, but, Happy White Day, people~ =D

    originally by SCANDAL
    with Fullmetal Alchemist (Ed X Win) image

    some cover i did in ="BEVERAGE"= groupdub project~

    SCANDAL Nanka Buttobase
    originally by SCANDAL

    originally by +Plus
    Katekyo Hitman Reborn!

    Tokaikko Junjou
    originally by °C-ute

    -i seriously love that groupdub~ i would regret if i didn't join it last year =(

    and yesh, i love SCANDAL! X3 who doesn't? =D lol

    oh oh, and i think i might be writing more Romaji lyrics even for those songs other than Katekyo Hitman Reborn! songs (which seems like the only thing i ever do,lol) if i like a song and can't seem to find the lyrics anywhere, i shall post it =D (i think, i can take lyrics request too =3=... maybe not, lol)

    i just finished writing two romaji lyrics last night.. One is for Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai (i love the manga! ELSIE-CHAN especially X3), All 4 You by Nao Toyama~ i posted it... and realised, someone had posted it 3 minutes ago[at gendou]... =X should i say sorry to him/her? i should've refresh the page before that... lol, nah, just ignore it lol~ and Ai ga Hoshii by Tsuji Shion (i love her~ X3) for Soul Eater Repeat Show~ i love that song~ but there's no point posting the lyrics here right now, eh? XD so till next time~ jaja~ =D

    PS - omg... my posts are always very very looooooong~ XD cause i seldom update and it's holidays over here... well, it's coming to an end and homework.......*stares at my books* correction, homeworkSSSSS.... ja~

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