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Saturday, February 5, 2011

Happy Chinese New Year 2011~~~ X3

Happy Chinese New Year weih~~ Gong Xi Fa Cai~~~ Have a great year of rabbit XD ok, this sounds so awkward... nevermind... if only i could write and understand written (or typed XD) Chinese ~_~ i can only read numbers, my name, and some simple words like 'year', 'thank you', 'family', 'rain' etc XD say, maybe about Primary School 1 level here in Malaysia... XD i am a 'banana person' XD blergh, at least i can still speak in Mandarin and a little Cantonese XD my other dialects suck though XD

wahahaha~~ i just wanna announce that my blog will be rather inactive since there isn't much to update (KHR has ended and so there are not much songs to blog about like i usually do)... and also, i can't watch animes... i'm currently only reading mangas which are updated weekly... and will only online during weekends!!! (for reading Jump mangas~~~ XD i don't mind reading the KamiNomi, Fairy Tail and Air Gear chappies a little later XD)

meh... back to the point of posting... besides wishing people a Happy Chinese New Year, i will announce things i won't do from now on... (since i'm inactive and all...)

  • i won't reply messages at my cbox or comments~
    ----but feel free to email me~
    ----Yahoo | Gmail | Hotmail (i don't check my Hotmail... i online use it cause i MSN XD)
    ----i will ALWAYS get back to you! X3

  • i wouldn't be posting updates too often
    ----blame school, dude! i gotta start studying for my SPM!!! it'll decide my future! DX

  • i won't update my fics any sooner...
    ----if you just happen to end up here via my fanfic account, (which is most unlikely to happen XD) i won't be updating~

  • will not post Reborn! news and updates as often and consistent as last time
    ----yeap, since i'm onlining less often now, i won't be posting up-to-date news and updates any longer... and don't even expect me to give anime-related news... cause i don't check for the anime news as i can't watch videos for longer than 5 minutes... T_T

  • meh... that's all i guess... uu!! i got a scanner... well, it's a printer with scanner...but still~~~ =D

    nya nya~ gonna post 'em here~~~ i only scanned my completed works... with no particular order at all~~~ XD (no time to write description... XD need to go out for dinner in 5 minutes XD)

    these two are my friend's (also my classamate) art works~ art works by Chien Yee~~

    and hell, she improved even more now~ =A=

    anyways, i posted three of my works at deviantart (finally, after 2 years of joining DA XD)
    http://fullbustergray.deviantart.com/ is my profile at DA~~~ X3
    drop some comments there??? *starry eyes*

    sore ja~ gtg for dinner~ bye bye


    Kids Fashion said...

    May the Year of Rabbit brings God’s special blessings shine down on you through every day of the New Year.

    ZUJI said...

    man,that yamamoto drawing was hot >;D
    anyway,happy chinese new year!