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Sunday, June 5, 2011



hey~~~ kora!!! ying desu~~~ i'm back to blogging desu!~ okay... i've decided that blogging actually help to keep me sane... XD i've been cooping up my feelings lately... oh, gosh... humans are hypocrites. humans are liars. humans are selfish bastards. and heck, i'm one... XD meh, oh well... at least, only towards those who treat me the same way... like Newton's third law of motion, for every action, there's a reaction... or something like that lol... anyways... i'm thinking of creating a new blog for my daily entries~ aye~ i'm determined to blog ONLY!!! i'll definitely cut down on FB, YT and mangas~ i mean, blogging is... *heavenly music* meh, i decided to make another blog to post about all the stuff unrelated to anime and mangas, just in no one's interested in my daily life here... aye, i shall create a blog just like a journal, a blog just like any typical student will have, the one that bitch about their life and talk about how great they are... neh, i won't... i will just complain wahahahha~~~ okay, i've lost it... == thanks to studies~ lucky it's the mid-year break~ half of it is gone though... now i've got only a week of break... i think i have to finish my homeworkSSSS too... *turns and stare at the pile of books and papers in my room...* *turns back to the screen and start typing again*

Yeah! i'm gonna start complaining now!

you know, i've always been complaining about my internet service~ i'm gonna make it public now! my Internet service provider here (Malaysia, thank you~) is Maxis Broadband~ it's a service where it provides a portable modem for the subscriber to online at 7.2Mbps with the quota of 1Gb per month... ;__; it's a good thing i've stopped with animes for now... but i can't stop my addiction to music... so i kept downloading albums and singles, new or old... so i often end up reaching the quota in less than a week... == aiya, you know lah, all the songs now right, people want it to be in HQ, must be 320kbps... =.=' omg, there goes my computer's memory and my internet quota... =.=' oh, my old computer only have a 26Gb memory XD meh, at least, it's almost fully occupied by my songs right now, mwahahahah~~~~

okay, back to topic~okay, this quota thing, when 1Gb is reached... it'll slow the heck down! ... it's pretty much effing lame cause when i go online, it will automatically direct you to the Maxis homepage... there, they will load the videos, images etc in the speed of light... i was so happy, cause it was loading so fast, i thought the system had a flaw and decided to visit Facebook! oh gosh, guess what? it take a full 10 minutes, i repeat, TEN MINUTES! to load the FB logo, you know... the one, blue and white "FACEBOOK" logo on the top left corner... yeap, that's how slow...

but recently, it got slightly faster... 5 minutes to load the whole page, and i can still visit my Gmail~ =D *dances around* but the manga pages will load only half the page, WTF?! *plops down and cries*

anyways, my friends were talking about mychonny recently... T_T and my lappie's poor vent won't allow me to stream any videos... and so does my quota... streaming videos eats up a whole lot of bytes... == (but few days ago, my sister gave me her lappie and i can stream videos *laughs* and i'm not telling you guys why, wahahahhahahah~) fyi, i'm using her lappie right now...

anyways, quota reached, checked! slow internet speed, check! cannot stream videos, check~

okay, this morning, i was bored... i was at a restaurant for breakfast with my parents, (aww, how i miss my siblings, lol) and my dad went to 'cannon' with his friends and my mum went to another restaurant to 'da bao' (take away) some pork legs vinegar (XD direct translation from chinese... i have no idea what it's called) for my grandma~ i was really really bored, so i dialed *100#

i am subscribed to Maxis Hotlink, the mobile service provider here (not sure if this is the right term to use... but i think you can get it right?) okay, our dear Hotlink have this portal where Hotlink users can access it by dialing *100#... you can subscribe to all kinds of other services through the portal, and so i subscribed to a 1 hour pass for the mobile internet at RM2~ mind you, i don't have free internet service like most people have... >.> *cries* so i started to go FB, YT... i ended up watching mychonny videos~ (well, that was only for the last 30 minutes, cause i spent the first 30 minutes, poking around to see what my CSL G6 soap phone can do~ my dad bought it only not long ago... XD it's pretty cute~ and cheap, Malaysia boleh! lol)

yeap, and rightfully, Hotlink will send a confirmation SMS when you subscribe to the 1 hour pass at RM2 and you can start onlining with your mobile with no further charges... that is for 1 hour, of course... i've used this 1 hour pass before... it will send a confirmation SMS once you subscribe to it... and another 2 SMS to notify you that you have another 5 minutes before the pass expires and immediately when your pass expires... okay, onlining without the pass will be like throwing your money into the drain because it is so damn effing expensive... RIDICULOUSLY EXPENSIVE!!!!

okay, so this is what happened... i was streaming mychonny's videos, specifically the Asian News... i was laughing my ass off while watching... then suddenly i received an SMS... okay, i knew that it was a notification that the pass will expire in 5 minutes' time... so i immediately quit every activity and opened my SMS inbox. FCUK! i received TWO SMS! WTF?! i read the first one, what the heck!
from Maxis:
RM0. Please note that your 1Hour Pass will expire at 12:12 05-06-2011. Thank you.

you know what time i received this fcuking sms? 12:19! okay, next SMS~
from Maxis:
RM0. Your 1Hour Pass has expired at 12:12 05-06-2011. Please dial *100# to purchase a new Pass

assh*le! i receive this fcuking sms at 12:19 also! WTF?! dear Maxis! you are supposed to send this SMS at 12:07 and 12:12! NOT 12:19! this is fraud!


i checked my credit balance... before this i have RM28++ or RM27++ in my account! when i checked... i have only a balance of RM0.77! FCUK YOU! i knew that onlining with my service package is like a cut-throat thing to do... so i never go online without purchasing the Pass... let alone streaming videos... this is a fraud! FRAUD! F.R.A.U.D! S.C.A.M.!!! people! i am here to tell every single people subscribed to Hotlink! Don't ever use their internet service! they are a bunch of ASSH*LES who don't even deserve to breath in the air...

This is a frigging fraud case! the SMS notification SHOULD be sent on time! not AFTER the Pass expires! FRAUD! HOTLINK SUCKS! MAXIS SUCKS!




TOMOE ZUJI said...

OMG really? I'm a Maxis user too but I don't really use the internet by phone...
Why not try Hot Ticket Internet next time?

-ying- said...

same here T_T it's because i barely online with my mobile, that's why i used the Pass to kill time! omg! it's a fraud! DX

ken said...

well.. dont use internet tethering with phone? coz it'll consume alot..

regarding maxis at 1gb quota.. why not consider upgrading?

-ying- said...

heck... mobile internet is plain fraud D=

i will upgrade right after SPM lol~