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Sunday, July 3, 2011

Rebocon 5?! + new Reborn! CD box [updated with download links]

It's been a while since i last posted something here~ since i've been updating daily at my journal which i call Nikki~ and it's been ages since i visited the Reborn! official sites cause there haven't been much update since the anime ended T_T until.... this morning when i checked my mobile... i got a text from Rheza: "There...will...be...rebocon 5... *dies*" He sent that to me at 1am, i think it's 2am here in Malaysia that time... regretted not reading it earlier! regretted more for not visiting the official sites often enough! DX

Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
Vongole Kyu-Kyoku no Carnival!!!!!
(Vongola Ultimate Carnival!!!!!)

no further info on it though T_T nuuuuu!!! i demand for new charasongs for it!!!! DX!!! but rheza will be satisfied with just seeing them~ XD i want moar~~~ XD moar moar moar... wait... reminds me... T_T i still haven't watch Rebocon 3 and 4 DX and i'm posting about Rebocon 5... WTF?! T_T ONCE SPM ENDS, I TELL YOU! I WILL BE REBOCON-MARATHONING AND MANGA-MARATHONING AND ANIME-MARATHONING AND COVER-MARATHONING AND FANFIC-MARATHONING!!!!! but that's DECEMBER!!!! FISH!!!! T_T


oo~ not only rebocon~ there will be a new CD Box that's going to be released~

Koushiki CharaSong Dai Zenshu・Ultimate CD Box
(Official Character Song Complete Works・Ultimate CD Box)

(okay... these are rough translations with additional information... since we all know google translator... T_T i wish i know Japanese language better T_T)

★ a complete compilation of all the 77 CharaSongs released
★ 6 theme song cover done by Reborn! casts/seiyuu by request (click on the songs to download =D)
- Canvas [Reborn & Tsuna]
- Famiria [Gokudera & Yamamoto & Ryohei]
- ONE NIGHT STAR [Hibari & Mukuro]
- Yume no Manual [Kyoko & Haru & Lambo & I-Pin]
- Funny Sunny Day [Squalo & Belphegor & Lussuria]
- gr8 story [Byakuran & Irie] (i wanted Irie X Spanner DX)

+ the song from Rebocon Blue: vs Mirai no Oozora e

★ 27 songs from the previous releases now have a karaoke/instrumental version in 2 discs
★ a total of 110 songs in 8 discs

Product Number: PCCG.01177
Scheduled Release Date: 07 September 2011
Price: ¥ 6,090 (¥ 5,800 including tax) (i dunno how to convert XD nevermind~)

track listing by discs:
(singers are denoted with "[]" while translation may be denoted with "()"... only some cause i think most people are quite familiar with the other Character songs' titles~ =D okay, on with it~)
Disc 1: Reborn / Sawada Tsunayoshi / Basil
01. Canvas/+Plus [Reborn & Sawada Tsunayoshi ver.] [download]
02. Opening [Instrumental]
03. Oozora no Ishi (The Will of the Sky) [Sawada Tsunayoshi]
04. TSUNA LIFE [Sawada Tsunayoshi]
05. Mamoru Beki Mono [Sawada Tsunayoshi]
06. Hitotsu Dake [Sawada Tsunayoshi]
07. Reborn Blues [Reborn]
08. Cosplay Party [Reborn]
09. Orekara no Message [Reborn]
10. Destiny [Reborn]
11. Katekyo Ondo [Reborn vs Sawada Tsunayoshi]
12. RIGHT NOW [Sawada Tsunayoshi & Basil]
13. Famiglia ~Yakusoku no Basho~ [Sawada Tsunayoshi with Vongola Family]
14. Mirai no Oozora e [Sawada Tsunayoshi with Vongola Family]

Disc 2: Gokudera Hayato / Yamamoto Takeshi / Sasagawa Ryohei / Dino
01. Famiria/D-51 [Gokudera Hayato & Yamamoto Takeshi & Sasagawa Ryohei ver.] [download]
02. Arashi no Bakudan Yaro (The Dynamite Guy) [Gokudera Hayato]
03. …loop [Gokudera Hayato]
04. Hashire [Gokudera Hayato]
05. YELL [Gokudera Hayato]
06. Ame no Shugosha (The Successor of the Rain) [Yamamoto Takeshi]
07. Minna Suki Daze [Yamamoto Takeshi
08. Asu ni Mukatte [Yamamoto Takeshi]
09. Ame no Messsage [Yamamoto Takeshi]
10. Oretachi no JOY! [Gokudera Hayato vs Yamamoto Takeshi]
11. Oretachi no Yakusoku [Gokudera Hayato & Yamamoto Takeshi]
12. Harete Kyokugen (Extremely Sunny) [Sasagawa Ryohei]
13. Kyokugen Fighter [Sasagawa Ryohei]
14. Hareta Sora Miagete [Sasagawa Ryohei]
15. Mata Ashita [Sasagawa Ryohei]
16. Be more [Dino]

Disc 3: Hibari Kyoya / Rokudo Mukuro / Chrome Dokuro / Lal Mirch
01. ONE NIGHT STAR/the ARROWS [Hibari Kyoya & Rokudo Mukuro] [download]
02. Koukou no Ukigumo (Drifting Clouds of Solitude) [Hibari Kyoya]
03. Hitoribocchi no Sadame [Hibari Kyoya]
04. Koukou no Pride [Hibari Kyoya]
05. Horizon [Hibari Kyoya]
06. Akashi [Hibari Kyoya]
07. Kiri no hyōi [Rokudo Mukuro]
08. Kufufu no fu~Boku to Keiyaku~ [Rokudo Mukuro]
09. Kienai Negai [Rokudo Mukuro]
10. Kioku no Hate [Rokudo Mukuro]
11. End:Res [Rokudo Mukuro]
12. Sakura addiction [Hibari Kyoya vs Rokudo Mukuro]
13. Setsuna no Kioku [Chrome Dokuro]
14. Namida no Ondo [Chrome Dokuro]
15. Burning prayer [Lal Mirch]
16. Namimori Chuugakko Uta (Namimori High's song) [Namimori Chuu Fuuki Iinchou]

Disc 4: Sasagawa Kyoko / Miura Haru / Lambo / I-Pin
01. Yume no Manual/CHERRYBLOSSOM [Sasagawa Kyoko & Miura Haru & Lambo & I-Pin ver.] [download]
02. Kyou, Kono Sora [Sasagawa Kyoko]
03. Kita no Dangerous [Miura Haru]
04. friend [Sasagawa Kyoko vs Miura Haru]
05. Best friend! [Sasagawa Kyoko & Miura Haru]
06. JUMP!!! [Sasagawa Kyoko & Miura Haru]
07. Ramen Nobicchau no Uta [Adult I-Pin]

08. Kaminari wa Bomberhead (Thunder Bomberhead) [Lambo]
09. Lambo-san no Yabou [Lambo]
10. Gyuudon Set no Uta [Lambo vs I-Pin]
11. Onemu Uta [Lambo & I-Pin]
12. Tanoshiku Nacchau Uta [Lambo & I-Pin]
13. Sore ga Koi no Okite na no [Sasagawa Kyoko・Miura Haru・I-Pin]
14. Tatta Latta [Sasagawa Kyoko & Miura Haru & Lambo & I-Pin & Chrome Dokuro]

Disc 5: Varia
01. Funny Sunny Day/SxOxU [S.Squalo & Belphegor & Lussuria ver.] [download]
02. Requiem no Ame [S.Squalo]
03. BREAK OUT [S.Squalo]
04. Hokori Takaki Ikari [XANXUS]
06. Arashi no Ouji [Belphegor]
07. bloody prince [Belphegor (chorus: Lussuria)]
08. IL SOLE [Lussuria]
09. Raigeki no Levi [Levi a Than]
10. Hakai no Kuro Kumo [Gola Mosca . instrumental]
11. Maboroshi no Arcobaleno [Mammon]
12. Special illusion [Fran]

[Bonus Track]
13. vs Mirai no Oozora ~from BLUE (Live version) [download]

Disc 6: Millefiore
01. gr8 story/SuG [Byakuran & Irie Shouichi ver.] [download]
02. Perfect World [Byakuran]
03. PARADE [Byakuran]
04. Kyouki no Hana [Kikyo]
05. No Control [Irie Shouichi]
06. SIMULATION [Irie Shouichi & Spanner]
07. Believe in you [Gamma]
08. Kokoro no Hoshi [Uni]

[Bonus Track]
09. Famiglia ~vs Millefiore~ [Sawada Tsunayoshi with Vongola Family]
10. Famiglia ~Chinese ver.~ [Sawada Tsunayoshi with Vongola Family]

Disc 7: (karaoke/instrumental tracks) - Vongola Family
01. RIGHT NOW [Sawada Tsunayoshi & Basil]
02. YELL [Gokudera Hayato]
03. Ame no Message [Yamamoto Takeshi]
04. Destiny [Reborn]
05. Mata Ashita [Sasagawa Ryohei]
06. Tatta Latta [Sasagawa Kyoko & Miura Haru & Lambo & I-Pin]
07. Be more [Dino]
08. Akashi [Hibari Kyoya]
09. End:Res [Rokudo Mukuro]
10. Sore ga Koi no Okite na no [Sasagawa Kyoko・Miura Haru・I-Pin]
11. Namimori Chuugakko Uta [Namimori Chuu Fuuki Iinchou]
12. Famiglia ~Yakusoku no Basho~ [Sawada Tsunayoshi with Vongola Family]
13. Famiglia ~vs Millefiore~ [Sawada Tsunayoshi with Vongola Family]
14. Mirai no Oozora e [Sawada Tsunayoshi with Vongola Family]

Disc 7: (karaoke/instrumental tracks) - Varia & Millefiore
01. IL SOLE [Lussuria]
02. Raigeki no Levi [Levi a Than]
03. Arashi no Ouji [Belphegor]
04. Requiem no Ame [S. Squalo]
05. Maboroshi no Arcobaleno [Mammon]
06. Hokori Takaki Ikari [XANXUS]
08. BREAK OUT [S. Squalo]
09. bloody prince [Belphegor (chorus: Lussuria)]
10. Special illusion [Fran]
11. PARADE [Byakuran]
12. SIMULATION [Irie Shouichi & Spanner]
13. Kyouki no Hana [Kikyo]

the cover of the CD will be updated once it is updated at the official site =D refer to my screenshot for the site link =D

and if there's any typo or romaji/translation mistakes~ do tell me~ and i'll correct it right away~

oo~ and still, i'm still inactive... only once in a while, i will blog~ or else, i'm 24/7 studying, stupifying myself moar~ XD


Usagichan96 said...

Woah!! I am so happy! Ha, Funny Sunny Days by the Varia? Should be good!

-ying- said...

i know right XD pity no XANXUS T_T

Usagichan96 said...

I know! He is one of my top characters D:

Amani R said...

Wah! This is so nice!

-ying- said...

@Usagichan96 - XD! yeah! during varia arc, i was like, he's insane... ~_~ but then after that it's like! YEAH! he's insane! X3! slowly, i learned to love that character~ X3 same goes to most of the characters in Reborn!~ *dances*

@Amani R - i know right~~~ can't wait~~~ i demand for new charasongs!!!! DX

Usagichan96 said...

They really need to continue the anime ;_;

Usagichan96 said...

Oh! And thanks for following!

-ying- said...

yeah~ even if when it's catching up with the manga and all, there will be fillers... it'll be bad if it's bleach or naruto (XD) but if it's KHR fillers, they are AWESOME! XD

no probs~~~ =D

Scarlc said...

Lol I already read it on Tsuna's Voice Actor's blog, but i didn't see the song list. Thanks for writing here. :D
Oh i want the RIGHT NOW instrumental so badly. Since there really arn't any in existence right now. Other than the official one.

-ying- said...

i know right!!!! umu... T_T i wish i can buy the CD Box~~ ~_~ but it's so expensive =3= oh well... nonetheless, if i really see one in Malaysia, i'll definitely buy it!!!! XB

KHRfan said...

AAAAA!!!! Rebocon 5!!!!*jumps around the room happily* This really made my day!!!! I am so looking forward to it (even though I won't be able attend the concert)!!!! I am waiting for a second season next!!! Thanks for posting this up! I wouldn't have known if you didn't post it up!

-ying- said...

it's just the joy of sharing this to all khr fans~~~ XB

lilmisscandycane said...

And~~~~~~~~~ I'm gonna be watching REBOCON 5 It is a must, Shoichi/Fran/Basil! *Fan girl scream* Haa~~~~ I shall start recording my covers once I get my mic friday!

-ying- said...

OWO!!!! i will look forward to it!!!~~~ X3

Anonymous said...

OMG OAO I want those CDs~
Are the songs up for download the songs they're going to sing at Rebocon 5?
Also I heard from my Chinese friend who read on a Reborn Chinese Website that the PRIMO family are going to be there singing!! :DD

-ying- said...

i think they might be sung in the rebocon~ but i hope they've got more surprises for us~~~XB~~

no way! wait! where did they get the news!? i don't see any casts for the Primo family in the official site for the Rebocon O_O!!!!!

Desuītā said...

I'm so grateful someone actually posted this~
I already knew about the ByakuSho gr8 Story cover but... I still get really happy whenever I see something about this... I've been waiting for this song there's been a long time. I feel extremely euphorically happy *︿*
Last year, those blue character songs were released... and when I got to know that Sho's duet was with Spanner, I must admit I got rather depressive D:

I must... have the CDs, they're all precious, I want those CDs D:... Anyways, I'll try to persuade my uncle, who is in Japan, to buy them to me~

-ying- said...

nuuu! i'm more depressed... i havent watch the Rebocon... TAT and now they are already having another new one TAT!!!!!!

nuuu! I ENVY YOU!!!! i wish i have a relative or friend in Japan too >_>~~~

Anonymous said...

simulation is by irie&spanner right? not irie&byakuran. or did they made a new ver.?

-ying- said...

ohmaigod! /facepalm/ i made a serious mistake!!!! THANK YOU~~~ It's Irie & Spanner T_T

Shara Sherenia said...

Question o/

Those download links you put above, they're for songs, right? As in, .mp3 and not video?

mr said...

please check the link again!, It's already died. I can't download it. Please help me! Pleaseeeeeeeeeeee!