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Thursday, November 3, 2011

homfg + Cantarella

homfg!!!! i knew it! i'm a genius! all the while, i knew it! Fon's representative ish Hibari~~~ =w=~ i'ma genius~~~

LOL anyways, i'm late with the reviews... i'ma doing a few reviews one-shot this weekend~ mata ne~ =w=~~~~ i shall run off to study like a worm~ and by the way~ i've uploaded a new cover~~~ =w=~

yoyoyo~~~ カンタレラを歌ってみた~ -ying- ver,
i'm trying to sing Cantarella in a male's voice~
oh and~ there's some ramblings after the song~~ XD~

i love the violin in this song~ i love it so much that i started singing "hahaha" you know, the opera/soprano that type~ (i dunno what it is called XD) and i got addicted~ so i shall use it for my Cantarella cover XD~

aye~ i've mentioned this in the rambling in the vid, but i'll type again nonetheless XD i'll be making 3 versions for this
Self -duet~

this is the male version~~~ i know i might not really sound like one (i envy those trap singers!!! how can they use two voices?!!! and i wish i was a guy~ then i can have a cool voice~) anyways~ look forward to it?~ i'll be making more gender-bending voices in the future~ cause i like it~~ XD

ummm~ what else?~ ohya, i'm actually still studying like a worm (i like to use worm when it comes to this, i dunno why XD) for SPM~ so the other versions won't be uploaded too soon ~_~ but please please please look forward to it~~~ x3~~~

and studying is also the reason why this vid is so damn half-hearted~~~ XD

ummm... ohya, this time, i've played around with the effects in Audacity~ i've used the GVerb effect for the first time~ it's pretty good~ my voice don't sound as dry as it used to be~~~ and i can make it sound like it came from a speaker (sort of... but i think it failed... =.=) with the FFT Filter~~~ i'ma playing with the effects more often~~~~ x3~~~~

any comments? on my 'male' voice and mixing??? i'm trying to improve~~~xB~~~ thanks in advance~~~

PS - pardon my Malaysian English XD


izeRin said...

like your blog :3

and your hobby ~

-ying- said...

TAT~ sorry for the late reply~

thank you~~~ ^O^~~~