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Monday, October 17, 2011

Target #357 review + ramblings + Rebocon 5 DVD info

Target #357: Dad's Coming Home

read KHR Target #357: Dad's Coming Home at Manga Stream

Page 1:
weee~~~ there's gonna be Turmeric~ CEDEF in title page de arimasu~ i guess he's out for some job before this XD

Page 2:

Page 3:
*jaws hanging* no comment....

Page 4:
XD!!!! "checker-face-sama" tte?!!! XDDD so i was right about calling him the checkered guy before this~ he's no iron hat after all~~~ XD

Page 5:
uu~ this page remind me of the time when they are assembling the guardians~ oh~ i love these type of pages x3~~~

Page 6:
Iemitsu's sudden appearance made me laugh my head off! XD!!! especially with that happy-idiot face~~ X'DDD!!!

Page 7:

nuuu! Tsuna! don't rub your eyes so hard! your pretty eyes will go blind!!! X'D and a Trampoline that Leon made? hmmm... i shall name it Trampoleon~~~ XD it's pretty strong eh?!~~ XD i want one too~~~ omg... second thoughts, no... cause Trampoleon will just die under my weight... *hides* XD~ lol, what the heck... Iemitsu... you must ask if your child remembers you? so sad ;__;

Page 8:
AND WHY IS BEING SO TOUCHED FOR??!!!! just because Tsuna remembered you?! =.=' LOL~ uwooo!!!! Nana got angry!!! O_O!!!

Page 9:
lol... i shouldn't have said it... cause Fuuta said it for me... XD~ omg omg... still with the oil business XD

Page 10:
Aaa~ there you are, Turmeric~~~ oh nuuu.... Tsuna only recognise Colonnello and Basil? D:~~~ nuuu~ you're not fit to be a boss!!! lemme be the boss of Vongola and i shall dominate my Yamamoto *shot* oh what the heck XD~

Page 11:
omg omg! CEDEF are so straight forward!!! they just say it flat out! goodness! that means, Iemitsu knew all along that he is going to go against his own son?!!! oh noooo... how can he still act so natural?! OTL what kind of father is he... OTL

Page 12:
oh lol... now that Tsuna mentioned it... XD about Lal... if around now, as an Arcobaleno... Lal should be around... 5? just like Lambo (i mean... physically... not mentally~__~)... and in the Future Arc... she's only... 15?! WTF?!!!! i mean... WTF?!!!! she's only 15 then?!!! WTF WTF WTF?!!! OAO!!! how can she be so damn cool at the age of 15?!!!! OAO!!!

Page 13:

ugh!!! it's not Tameryuku!!!! WTF!!!! IT'S TURMERIC!!!! WHAT HAPPENED TO OUR SPICE-RELATED NAME!!!! GYAH!!!! that's why i favour Mangastream translation less.... D:
LOL~ Iemitsu is seriously good at making things up! XD! lol! this just reminds me of Ryohei and Kyoko~ X3~

Page 14:
arara~ why is Tsuna so happy? XD he really like Basil doesn't he? "Te wo nobase RIGHT NOW~~~~ hanasanai zettai kizuna~~~" *ahem ahem* goodness... XD

Page 15:
omo! Byakuran with his dragon~ ano ne... at first... when i saw this thin on the dragon's head...:

i thought it was a mini-squirrel OTL i epic-ly failed... it's something shaped like the Mare ring @_@ i'm just plain dumb OTL

Page 16:
uwah~ Iemitsu is so composed... x3~~~~ i really like him~~~ uwah~ i wish Tsuna can be more composed just like his dad next time~ x3~

Page 17:
omo... it's not Byakuran... it's Tenshiran!!!!

omg... why you wanna see Tsuna's room?! gyah! he's up to no good! RUN TSUNA!!! SAVE YOURSELF!!!! FOR KYOKO'S SAKE! (or even Gokudera... XD) and i think i agree with what Yamamoto said that Byakuran really looked refreshed~ omg... why ask about school life... don't tell me... don't tell me... Byakuran's going to Namimori Chuu?!!!! OAO!!! and btw, just how old is Byakuran??? @_@

Page 18:
Alliance with Byakuran?! but things wouldn't be harmonious at all... especially with the other Funeral Wreaths... and also the other Vongola guardians :( but Cyber_steel did said that it's 100% cause Uni like Tsuna ~_~ gyah... it's frustrating! i wanna read moar!!! moar!!! oh nuu... i should be reading moar TEXT BOOKS! not mangas... ~__~



you know right... i don't have much to say about this chappie... but i want to talk about something else~ two days ago~ i sat down on the couch and watch two episodes of KHR back-to-back on TV~~~ it was Saturday and it's aired on 8TV from 3-4pm~~ it's around the part in the Future Arc where TYL Yamamoto just made his appearance and i was drooling like mad... XD~~ i sang along with the opening song, 88~ and i sat not more than 1 metre away from the screen... (pray hard my eyesight won't become any worse... and i'll need a specs really badly then...) i have a happy idiot face plastered on my face for the whole one hour... ignoring the advertisements where i sat there and think about everything in the future arc... omg... i'm a freak XD you know, my mum walked into the living room when i was watching and said, "Woah, you're so crazy..." *walks off* ... OTL but mum no understand the magic of KHR~ the magic of Future Arc~~ and~~~~ THE MAGIC OF YAMAMOTO!~~~ x3~~~

after thinking back... i still have to say that whole of Future Arc was the best~ with awesome plot twists and surprises x3~FUTURE ARC FTW!!!!


Rebocon 5 DVD! info~

today~ the Pony Canyon site announced the info for the Rebocon 5 DVD~~~

okay~ this is the screencap~ anyone who understands it fully, please kindly help me out~~~ please please please~~~ x3~~~

Release Date: 2012, February 1st
Price: ¥6,510
Product No.: BRBP.00005
Specifications: 2 discs
Limited Edition: Sky Attribute Colour (Orange) Clear Case Specification

and other than the release date, specifications and price... i have no idea what in the world th other may mean... but this site here (Pony Canyon) links us to another page (canime.jp)...

and it seems like it can be ordered online or something... (i don't know much about this... so don't ask me.... X_X) and it comes together with a super cool limited edition strap~~~

i want the blue one... *drools* it looks so damn cool!!!! *A*!!!




i dunno how to translate... @_@ so translation done by Google Translator...
会場で大反響だったγ(CV:井上和彦)「Believe in you」PV映像のフルヴァージョン収録など

As Bonus, 歌Wanakatta songs, performed only once in three performances
Seen and recorded performances do not know what all!
Further footage and shots of the cast-off appearance,
Γ at the venue was a great response (CV: Inoue Kazuhiko) "Believe in you", such as video recording Full Version PV
Also DVD "ultimate" in nature!


Reborn: Neeko
Sawada Tsunayoshi: Kokubun Yukari
Gokudera Hayato: Ichinose Hidekazu
Yamamoto Takeshi: Inoue Suguru
Sasagawa Ryohei: Kiuchi Hidenobu
Hibari Kyoya: Takashi Kondo
Rokudo Mukuro: Iida Toshinobu
Chrome Dokuro: Akesaka Satomi
Sasagawa Kyoko: Inamura Yuuna
Miura Haru: Yoshida Hitomi
Lambo: Takeuchi Junko
I-Pin: Chiang Li Mei
Lal Mirch: Suzuki Masami
Dino: KENN
Basil: Terasaki Yuka

XANXUS: Ikeda Masanori
S. Squalo: Takahashi Hiroki
Belphegor: Fujiwara Yuuki
Mammon: Shishido Rumi
Levi.A.Than: Nakano Yuto
Lussuria: Yuzawa Koichiro
Fran: Kokuryuu Sachi

Byakuran: Ohyama Takanori
Irie Shouichi: Toshiyuki Toyonaga
Spanner: Tsuda Kenjiro
Uni: Yoshino Nanjou
Kikyo: Kato Kazuki (VTR Appearance)
Gamma: Inoue Kazuhiko (VTR Appearance)

*dances around* it seems like it's not just Inoue Kazuhiko~~~ Kato Kazuki too~~~ x3~ i wonder how the PV would be like?~~~ i think it's the PV of the real person~~~ cause it's Rebocon after all~ x3~~~ all well-suited for the ultimate Rebocon!!!! x3~~~

nuu~ i dunno where to get those super cute Rebocon images ;__; anyone who has it~ please please please give me~~~ *Q*~ please~ for the joy of sharing the love of KHR~~~ xD~~~ anyways~ i hope the DVD cover will be out soon too~~~ though i think it should be almost similar to my blog header~~~ *points up* since i ripped it from the Pony Canyon page XD~~~

jaa~ till then~~~ and i'm off to studying like a worm~~~

ps - it seems like my blogging gets lazier and lazier~ XD~~~ there are less colours around now TAT~~~ blame SPM! OAO!

LOLOL! and PS2 - i love usa! usa ish mine!!!! but you should go listen to her newest cover~~~ Koko ni Aru Koto~~~ copy and paste this in your search box at Youtube! "ここにあることうさ" and click one of the top search result!!! x3~~~ usa ish awesome!~~~


Sarah Xd said...

yeah finally the release date of the DVD(^o^)/ ~~~ still some time but that's no problem >_< with the translation, I have a porgramm (only works on firefox!) called rikaichan. It translates the kanji if you go on them with your cursor :D it took me some time to understand it completely but after some time it's really easy :D
if you wanna use it, here the link:

-ying- said...

but it's on 2012 DX!!!!~~~~

@_@~~~ by any chance that programme will work on Opera...? cause my computer seems to perform better when i use Opera browser TAT

Sarah Xd said...

oh i don't know......i don't know opera ;D best if xou try it out :D:D

-ying- said...

aye~~~ i shall~~~ :D~ thank you~~~

-ying- said...

@_@! i can't download @_@!!!!!! error keeps popping out OTL

Sarah Xd said...

sorry :( i can't help you .......

Flo said...

Kyaaa \o/ A concert with Gamm... Okay, I like Gamma, but that's not the reason why I'm so excited XD
A CONCERT WITH THE FULL VARIA ! *dances around her house* I HAVE to see this concert, yay \o/