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Wednesday, November 23, 2011

Otaku killed.

For the very first time, Modern Math killed me... =.=' i dunno why the paper is pretty tough for the year 2011 *curses and swears* never once in my life i have ever labeled Math works, exams and tests with 'hard'... not even once! *curse* wth... OTL i'm depressed... i think i did the Probability questions wrongly... OTL curses curses....

gah... tomorrow Additional Mathematics paper... OTL... let's hope i know how to do them and pray hard i won't do any stupid mistakes... OTL and let's hope i won't get depressed and keep the studying mood up for the three sciences.... ugh... why must the effing sciences stick together??? and then after those 4 papers, it's the one last final paper!~ ACCOUNTS! OTL! MY WORST NIGHTMARE!!!! gyah!

i think i'ma start rambling here... or should i just continue with my alternate blog... nah, i think i should bring my ramblings to somewhere else or else this anime/manga blog will be cluttered with junks like this XD

okay okay, this is random, but i've learnt my lesson: keep most things, especially thoughts, to yourself and yourself only... if one day, you said something, or since there's FB and all, posted something out of a whim, you don't know when you will be executed right there and then... well, that's the worst case scenario (for a conscious person, cause there are some who don't even know what they are doing and start blaming others) well well well, and some even start slapping their own mouth... for instance, A said she didn't like to comb her hair. and the next week, she posts something like, "uuu, i'm combing my hair now~ so soft" /facepalm... those people.... champion... seeing many things like that, i started to become more careful with my words and all~ lol, though i still can't control my stupid way in putting things XD~ (i laughed when i re-read this XD)

i just realised my wrong-doings, if there's anything that i've typed or said that might have hurt your feelings in a way or another, i apologize with utmost sincerity~ it's my mistake~

m(_ _)m

i shall say what i think, and mean what i say, but this time, with some filters to it~ since i always blurt things out just like that... =3=~ and i should control my temper... i seriously have a bad temper, though it doesn't show much online and such cause i'm perpetually in a happy mood when i go online... leaving aside that one time when i got really annoyed... blah, i regretted... i regretted that i didn't straighten things out a whole lot earlier and stay away from those people. i don't belong there. looking at them now, makes me feel even more thankful! XD~ though i might lose to them in English, oh what the heck, my English is terrible XD i'm stuck at Standard 6 level i guess, since i stopped reading novels~ i was really diligent back then when i stayed up for around 2 hours to read before going to bed...

i shall change! i shall be studying like how a student should. *nods nods* *looks at my result that had gone up since then* oh, why didn't i wake up earlier~ anime/manga wasn't at fault after all~ eheheh~ lol, and fix my attitude too, of course XD (yes, i did notice that i have some attitude problem =w=~)

i shall work harder! i can do it! i shall do my best in studies before college too! enjoy before college!!!!! i shall be on a manga-marathon! anime-marathon! cover/fandub rampage! flooding my own blog! updating my fanfictions? hmmm, or should i rewrite? or should i stop? my writing skill is really just so-so... although my singing is so-so also, i shall continue, cause it's the joy of singing~x3 *ignores my neighbours and families who are now suffering*

lol, i wonder how my college life will be like... *imagines* hmm, living in KL makes it easier for me to join events like the Comic Fiesta since those are always held in KL... =3=~ and i can shop for anime merchandise *Q*~ oya oya! i forgot! i wanna continue drawing too! lol! i am seriously an otaku~ i'm otaku~ i'm a nerd!~ lololol~ just that i don't cosplay, play the games and collect figurines =3=~ cause i don't have enough money to do so~ XD~ and for the cosplay, i'll make a terribly horrible and ugly cosplayer... XD

omg, there goes my rambling~~~

i posted a new cover at YT~~~ check my channel out: fullbustergray's Youtube Channel~ (i still can't access most of the sites, just check my emails and some forums~ =w=~ aaaaaaaa~) check out my covers~ though i think my older covers are pretty crappy~ XD nah~ all of them are pretty crappy~ XD

SPM paper halfway through! 5 down, 5 more subjects to go~ FIGHTING!

oya oya~ my sister's birthday today~~~ happy birthday~ XD~~~ lol,it's not like she will see this~ lol, in 9 more years... will i be working just like her??? *thinks* hmmm...XD

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