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Thursday, December 1, 2011

me extreme love for Yamamoto Takeshi is not only rekindled but also stronger by x100000000000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

me extreme love for Yamamoto Takeshi is not only rekindled but also stronger by x100000000000!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!​!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

lol, i'm too lazy to think of a title XD

anyways, my line ish back as normal desu! but i shall not let that tempt my! not one chance!!!! i will only update myself with the most recent chaps of Katekyo Hitman Reborn!, Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai and Beelzebub~ (well, it's convenient since both KamiNomi and Beel is at Red Hawk Scans =w=)~ no Facebook! no YT! no reading other manga! no stalking! just studying this ont last subject on Monday~

i think my Biology is a gone case OTL... it's terrible! Horrible! !@#$%^&*able XD o what the heck! lol, i made the silliest mistake - i even mixed up Anaphase and Telophase... OTL... i read alot of the Reproduction chapters... but no questions on that!!!1 WTF! i spotted the wrong questions, for the first time! cause usually 50% of my prediction is accurate OTL i'm no clairvoyant.... OTL in fact the questions are on Coordination & Responses and Locomotion... !@#$%^^&* that's the two chapters i skipped (well, i only scan them once through =3=)... i mixed up caseinogen and casein! i mixed up alot of things! GYAH!!!! my Bio will get the lowest grade out of all the three sciences i took...

and i doodled alot on the objective paper XD~ i'ma uploading my masterpiece in the next post! i'm really happy about it! XD! lol, no wonder i can't score right? it's karma! for doodling on the paper OTL and what the heck, the experiment is on potometer.... i dunno how to set up a potometer! OTL

okay okay, enough with my nerdy rambling XD i just read KHR target#364~ wee~ i'm lovin' Yamamoto more and more~X3!!!!!! he's~ *drools* lol, and Fran! so funny! i wonder how did he end up choosing Mukuro... =3=~ and i want more Varia please =3=~~~

lol! just a little more! hold back unil Monday and i'm a free man! ohohohohohoho~~~ *glasses push*

ara~ i'm going to the Comic Fiesta at KLCC on the 17th and 18th~ nya~ want to meet up with a few people... =3= reminds me... it's been a long time since i contacted bluey, christal, nagi and fish... i wanna meet up with them lah... =3=~ i wish can meet with min and hui since they are going KL around that time... san... =3=~ i wanna ask my dad if he can drive me to Taiping... ugh... reminds me... i need to get my driving license asap! =3=~argh... why must we take so long to get that license (lol, i'm one to talk XD FYI, i'm still not really good at cycling... OTL i'm so terrible at cycling that i cycled all the way into the drain once... when i was 15... OTL i start cycling only when i'm around 13 or 14... i forgot... OTL i'm a total failure)

lol, it's been a while since i contacted my online friends... muu...i miss all of them =3=~~~

nya! study Accounts! last paper Accounts!!! study study study!


←To tothe Fu→ said...

Lolx xD I cnt go de lar >< ! Cum tpg find me kekekeke```` SPM gambatte!

-ying- said...

un un!!!! i will force my dad bring me go Taiping soon!!! x3!!!! aa~ wan go to the zoo also leh =w=~ (i too long never go zoo edi leh~ XD)

←To tothe Fu→ said...

sure ! If u cum, I'll go to zoo with u ^^ of coz wit min n hui aso xDD I'll wait u here [TAIPING] xD

-ying- said...

en en~~~~ i will surely go de!!!~~~ i will sms you all before i go~ ^O^~~~