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Saturday, December 10, 2011

ramble on~

and yet again... i reached my internet quota long before the billing date... OTL... this time i blame the videos... =3=~i've watched a little too many videos this time around... =3=~ and and also Hello! Project =3=~~ i didn't know there are so many albums released!!~ usually i visit Japanese Music Dream and Sakurahana (Asian Music) for updates~

i will usually download straight away if there's '°C-ute', 'Morning Musume', 'Buono' or 'S/mileage' (i usually ignore Berryz Koubou and Mano Erina XD cause i don't really like their songs and prettier ladies are with others~ well~ Mano Erina is cute too... but it's just one person =3=~~~ i wanna see a bunch of ladies!!~~~) gah, why did they go under Mobekimasu and Bekimasu this time???

i didn't notice until i checked projecthello.com for lyrics... GYAH! it's a creative way to name collaborations in the current Hello! Project groups OTL i have to say it's really creative to derive Morning Musume, Berryz Koubou, (Ki)°C-ute, Mano Erina and (Su)S/mileage ... OWO~ i wonder who got that idea~ so awesome! but then i didn't know earlier =3=~~

haiz~ and also i got addicted to PONPONPON =3=~ Kyary Pamyu Pamyu ish cute!~ LOL and PONPONPON... it's way too catchy and addicting~ uguu... recently i've became a fan for electropop too =w=~ i thank AAA and Perfume~ hmm~ i wonder if it's the same as techno? no right? but then it's somewhat similar =w=~ BUT~ it sounds less annoying XD

anyways~ gonna delay my reviews abit... i got lazy =w=~ i've been singing whole day (annoying my parents and neighbours at the same time and now, it's raining too XD) until i think i got sore throat... i push half the blame to durians too =3=~ and there are traces of blood when i coughed just now OWO~ *drinks more water* OTL

and i don't care anymore! i insist going to Comic Fiesta on 17th and 18th! no matter what!!! I INSIST!!! and PERSIST! and consist! and fist! and ... what else ends with -ist???? *thinks....* ummm MASOCHIST! /shot

uguu... i wanna online like normal... but i can't OTL... i wanna read some stories by some of my friends.... plus my super slow reading speed... OTL agyah... no wonder i take such a long time to study! it's because of my reading speed!!!!! OTL

*runs out of idea* oh well~ ja ne~ XD

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