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Friday, December 9, 2011


okay.... i dunno what to put for the title... so i just close my eyes and hammers the keyboards *strokes my poor keyboard XD*

nee nee!~ it's been a while since i visited Reborn Goods and when i visited it i was like OAO!!!!!!!!!! OMG!!!! NUUUUUUU!!!! i can't believe i missed the calendar release!!! OMG! i blame SPM!!!! OAO! i fail as a KHR fan... even the (B) type calendar is out desho? OTL i'm a total failure~

umm other than the calendar right~ i saw these~

it is called Bag Hanger... sounds weird...@_@~ but it looks super cool!!! i want!!!!

hmm~ seems like a sort of weapon box and necklace~ i want!!! especially the pendant!!!!!x3~~~ it looks super nice!!!!x3~~

well.. that's all for now~ x3~ till next time~

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