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Sunday, January 1, 2012

Comic Fiesta (CF) 2011 oTaKu DeSu!~ reports [part 1]


agah... i'm getting lazy =3=~~~ but i really need to =w=~~~ cause after this i'ma kick start my college life!!!! I MUST GIVE IT MY ALL TO SCORE GOOD RESULT! JUST FOR ANOTHER 1.5 YEARS AND I WILL BE A UNIVERSITY STUDENT!!!! lolol... and and i'm on my way to getting my driving license~ well... the Learning License to be exact~ i'ma getting it this Wednesday x3~ ugh.... but before that hafta attend long class/talk which is 5+3 hours i think @_@~~~ it's pretty boring =.='

so let's talk about something interesting!!!! like~~~ COMIC FIESTA 2011!!!!x3 it's super awesome~~~ it was two weeks ago and only now i'm posting about it XD i phail... XD well~~~ these are the pics i took for the two days~~
Comic Fiesta (17 & 18 December 2011 @ KLCC Convention Centre)

anyways~ DAY 1!
17 December 2011~

i started my day waking up early with my parents so that i get to be at KLCC by 11... but then only when i got there.... only i noticed... IT WAS A GRAVE MISTAKE!!!! WHEN I GOT THERE... THE LINE WAS SO DAMN FRIGGING LONG!!!! i thought i could enter straight away cause fishy kinda got me a ticket already.... but then she can't get out TAT~~~ so i joined in the line...

okay~ to my back and to the front~ and i have lined up for 45 minutes i guess... cause i'm in the middle of the hall already... as in.. outside the hall.... the line is pretty much the perimeter of the building @_@~

okay... this one is something i took when i got out for lunch around 3 or 4... i forgot... and it's STILL packed... OAO!

anyways, rewind back!~ fishy came out after the opening ceremony (i missed the opening!!!! TAT) and gave me the ticket~~ first time meeting her in person XD together with her friend: Abby~ then we cheated and cut in the queue to enter faster~ OxO~ well... we were forced to enter Hall 4 (the real event is in Hall 5 but it was too packed) and we took alot of cosplay photos!!! x3! well... i'm too shy to ask the cosplayers to take their pics OTL i regretted that!!! i missed alot of cool cosplays!!!! i shall put a few of my favourites here~~~

OH!!! BEFORE THAT!!!! WARNING: i suck at taking pics... all the pics i take ended up blurry OTL


but i ended up taking a blur pic OTL

Bakuman!!!! (when i requested to take their pic... Mashiro ran somewhere... but Shujin and Kaya called him *ahem* or should i say her @_@ i was super touched x3~)

but i ended up taking a blur pic again =.=


well... the main reason it's my favourite it's because i love the song XD

Kagamine twins ver Servant of Evil (i think @_@)

they look nice!!!

aaa~~~ and i finally got to meet Christal!!!

she's cosplaying Len~~ Spice! version~

aa~~~ there's this incident while queuing up... there's this cosplayer standing behind me... then a super tall guy behind the coplayer and i made way when a guy wanted to take the pic of that cosplayer... i was wondering who was she cosplaying... then i asked that guy, "Who is she" he answered "err.... Cosplayer" i stoned... OTL so sorry... pardon my stupid question OTL i just wanted to ask who's she cosplaying and i cant do that properly... i wanna find a hole to hide in... OTL then i speak nothing till i meet fishy XD but on the bright side, i got to see bluey walk past while i'm in the line~~ XD~ amazingly, i can recognise her, so i texted her to confirm it~ positive! she cosplayed maid... but she never see me XD oh well~ at least i got to see her in person~

after a while in Hall 4... finally we could enter Hall 5~~~~ just before Ceui and Mikuni Shimokawa's performance!!!!

but we still managed to snap some pics in there before the performance~~~

Bel and G~~~~

there are so many people who wanted to take their pics~~~ XD~~~ they were actually complaining when fishy (or was it abby or both?) and i wanted to snap their pics~~~ one of them said, "Why so many people? *groan*" XD so cute!

The Comic Fiesta 2011 Stage!!! x3~~~

i was obedient and did not snap any pics during Ceui and Mikuni Shimokawa's performance~ =w=~~~

Ceui~~ i didn't know how to pronounce her name and went like "che-uu-ii" XD but her name is pronounced as "sei" OTL i fail... anyways~ she performed first~~~ when i first heard her Stardust Melodia... i thought she would be more matured... but turns out... she's awfully cute!!!!! i almost died on the spot~ killed by her cuteness!!!! even her voice!!! she sound so much cuter live! x3! and she has great energy!!!x3~~~

Mikuni Shimokawa~~~ i've never heard her songs before this TAT sadly... but she sounds awesome!!!! x3!!! she's unexpectedly cute!!! i mean, her image is not really the cute type but i think she is a cute person~~~ and she definitely knows how to bring up the atmosphere of the audience~~~ =w=~~~

both of them are great performers!!! XD but they seem to know only how to greet 'good morning' in Bahasa Melayu, "Selamat pagi" XD~~ but then... apparently... when they speak in Japanese, they got equal reactions from the audience! XD~~~ proven! everyone at CF knows Japanese pretty well! XD

okay~ confession time... during the concert... i got a little 'high'... at first i feel a little awkward... but then i was like, "ah, i don't care anymore!!! Ceui's too cute and no one around me knows me in real life..." so i shouted my lungs out~ *ahem* fangirl scream i mean XD... and kept raising my hands with the rhythm and beat of the songs~~~ x3~~~ and jump slightly, i think XD then that mood went on till the performance ended~~~ x3~~~ aa~~~ and also there's this awesome duet by Ceui and Mikuni Shimokawa~~~ x3~ Ceui is so energetic! while Mikuni Shimokawa's vocal is plain amazing!!!! i'm really glad that i made it in time for their performance... or else i would have regretted for life!!!!

the performance started around 2.30pm or 3pm... i can't really recall... but after the performance, i went straight out of the hall to meet up with my classmates.... and grab some lunch... oh... by that time... i lost my voice because i shouted too much during the performance!!! XD after lunch i tagged along with them to Times Square... OxO~ i brought my mum along too... i detest my dad... you know why? he ditched me and my mum there in KL and went back home all by himself!!! =.=' we had to stay over at a relative's house =.=' HOW AWESOME?! i felt like stabbing him at that moment =.=

anyways... knowing that we are ditched seriously ruined my mood... then separated with my classmates and accompanied my mum for a short shopping and went back to KLCC.... when i re-entered the hall... fishy went back already OTL i went around alone all the time (my mum shops all by herself in the mall) a band performance was starting~ the band was Onigiri... i think OAO~~~ i love the vocalist! she is a great performer! she knows how to control the crowd~~ but i only paid full attention to their 'Shunkan Sentimental' XD~~~ cause it's my favourite song by SCANDAL! XD but most of the time throughout their performance... i was looking aroun the merchandise booths in the hall~~~ well~ i get to listen to their performance as well~~~ =w=~ the vocalist is pretty amazing~ and actually cheered me up a whole lot! XD

The onigiri band pic~ the only pic of the band i took, actually XD

well~ actually i think it's partly because of the merchandise sold there... SO MANY REBORN MERCHANDISE!!!! you know~~~ i was like walk one quick round and spot for the best booth for Reborn merchandise (since there are a number of variations for the merchandise stuff X_X) then i decided to stalk around this one booth~~~ they sell vongola rings, box weapons, vongola gears HOLLY OMAIGAD!!! my reaction was:

-glare at the merchandise
-flip around the different variations
-stare intently an compare
-thinking with full concentration
-picks up the nicer ones
-buys a stack of merchandise without looking at the price tag

XD i bought a set of Original Vongola Rings (which comes with G and Asari Ugetsu's weapons + chain), a single Original Vongola Ring of Rain, Tsuna's Vongola Gear~ i'ma posting the pics in my next post i guess.... or it'll be a frigging long post XD

i didn't have enough time to shop to my heart's content cause they close up the Hall 5 for cleaning, an hour before the Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo's movie premiere there~~~ i walked out and stalk around the hall before lining up 25 minutes before the movie premiere at 8pm... i managed to be one of the few early ones to line up... (although the hall is still closed T_T) it's a pain since there are people walking to and fro in the corridor OTL need to make way for them OTL

i got to sit in the 2nd line on the floor~ it sucks though... we are to sit on the floor for 2 hours of the movie premiere in South East Asia... i mean... it's awesome! the sound system is perfect! the lights were off during screening too~ but then... i wasn't able to stretch my legs in front =.=' i felt so jealous when i saw the guy in front of me stretched out his legs while i HAD TO sit cross-legged TAT well.. i did change my posture once in a while... but my legs hurt like hell cause i've been walking around the whole day @_@~

okay~ about the movie~~~ IT'S PLAIN AWESOME!!!!

Makoto Shinkai's Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo (Children Who Chase Lost Voices from Deep Below)
[you can try downloading here~~ (i thank cybersteel for recommending this site to me T~T ~)]

IT'S SIMPLY GORGEOUS!!!! the best part of this beautiful movie is the breathtaking visual!!!! the scenery!!! OMG!!!! AND THE GODDAMNED FINE DETAILS THROUGHOUT!!!!!! you know whenever the scenery owned the whole screen, everyone was like "WOAH!!!" and i actually held my breathe too~ OWO!!! and the details to it... omg!!! it's like everything is there, nothing missed out!!! stones, shadows, sun ray... EVERYTHING!!!!! SERIOUSLY!!!! the character designs/art is pretty simple! i think that brought out the beauty of the backgrounds and details to the fullest!!!!

The plot is pretty cliche... beautiful, yes... but i'm sure most people would've seen that in other animes =w=~~~ (i thought that 2 hours is too short to bring out the depth to plot =3=~ especially plots like Hoshi wo Ou Kodomo) the main character, Asuna who is smart and independent since his father died and her mother was constantly away for work... one day, she encountered a guy, Shun who saved her from a monster (everyone went a little =.=' and groaned a little at that part cause it's so cliche!!! XD i guess...) Shun disappeared after a day or two and even built some kind of kinship (love?) with Asuna... Asuna wanted to find out the truth and encountered with a guy who looks exactly like Shun... turns out it was Shun's twin brother, (get ready for the name which made the audience at CF laughed) Shin~ (i laughed even before he said that cause it's written in the subtitles XD) Asuna ended up in a journey in another world with her new substitute teacher who is actually looking for a way to revive her dead wife...

well...actually... i forgot pretty much everything from that point...so let's skip to the end... turns out you'll need a living vessel for the soul of the dead in order to revive him... the teacher ended up using Asuna but Shin managed to save Asuna... and everyone soon learned how to cherish life better or something @_@~~~ i totally forgot how the ending went~ but anyhow~ WATCH IT! you'll never regret it! cause it's so damn beautiful!!!!

oya! and about the OST~ i didn't really notice it cause i think my senses were robbed away by the awesome background =w=~ but the seiyuu however... they are really very fitting~ who am i kiddin~~~ the guy, Shun & Shin are voiced by Irino Miyu! he sound super nice!!! and Asuna was voiced by a seiyuu i don't know... but she voice a character in Ika Musume @_@~~~ cause a guy shouted "IKA MUSUME" after answering to a quiz after the movie on the seiyuu for the main character XD they are giving out signed and unsigned posters of the movie after the screening... it didn't win any OTL for both days... OTL i want one so damn badly!!! TAT!!!!

(my post seems boring without pics... so i ripped again from the CF site XD and randomly throw it in here)

this marks the end of Day 1 at CF 2011!!! it ended around 11pm or so =3=~~~ the taxi price hikes OMG!!!! i'ma ending this post here... cause it seems too long already... and i need to do some video hunting for Day 2~ XD (there are some awesome cosplay performance which i want to share so damn badly XD) so till next time~ and ima posting on the merchandise i bought in separate post too XD

credits: http://comicfiesta.org/


Yuuhi said...

There's so many people at CF. I also made a grave mistake by went out from the hall during lunch and... I can't get back inside! The line is sooooo long! TAT But I had to get in since I left my bags inside at my friend's booth. On the second day, I never went out of the hall until night since I know it would be hard to get back inside the hall again. DOn't mind my ENGRISH~ XD

Cybersteel said...

Cool reminds me of my AFA event.
There were cosplayers 8 movies airing and concerts. May,N's was the best. Kalafina was not bad at all.

You can see my crap pictures at FB.

Miyamori Ryuki said...

I look so bishie OAO!!

Miyamori Ryuki said...

I figure out my eye was super small 8D epic

Sarah Xd said...

hey <3 this CF sound really interesting and funny :D:D ~ we have something similar here in Germany. It's I think one of the biggest manga & anime convention in europe :D you can be sure, when I'm there I will search the hell for Reborn! stuff >>___<< and make so much photos of cosplayers *___*
hehehe i do advertisement so i give you a link: http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Connichi (woah i advertise too much :D)

Anonymous said...

Hello,I leave comment here for first time..
Thank you for loving Japanese comics.
(I'm Jpanese)
CF looks hot event!
We pronounse Ceui as "SEI"(Just like "say"in English")
Her voice is nice.