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Friday, January 6, 2012

off to college T_T

i'm off to KL today.... my college will be starting on Monday T_T~~~ there are a couple of things i need to do... nuuu... i really wanted to blog about Day 2 at CF asap OTL and my merchandise i bought there =3=~~~ i did not expect to be off today T_T~ i thought it's a tomorrow or tomorrow tomorrow @_@~~~~OTL wish me luck!!! hope i still have time for my otaku side! =w=b till then~ *waves*


Cybersteel said...

Note that college has fast internet.

Is it the same as a country person from Okinawa moving to Tokyo for studies?

Sarah Xd said...

then good luck with school :D
mine starts again on monday too ..don't know if i should be happy ;D can't wait to see your merchandise >>__<<
in school, sneak in a computer room and surf on the internet :D:D:D

Usagichan96 said...

Good Luck! I start Tuesday D:

tina1061 said...

which college you're going to anyway