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Sunday, March 18, 2012

Taylor's College Learning Carnival (17 March 2012)

yo-s!!! yesterday was Taylor's College Sri Hartamas Learning Carnival~ well actually all the other Taylor's campus are having it... and at the same time there is this exhibition or something at PWTC on studying abroad or something so barely anyone actually came to the campus~BUT~ i still had loads of fun!~ the day before i was downright pissed because the organizing committee didn't give exact details, instructions and things like that... so there was some confusion and all but it's not that serious... but still it could have been better =.=

anyways~ i was at the Anime Club booth for the whole day~ (i was supposed to help out with DOT Club but i didnt *guilty*) Kaichou-sama and Oliver decided to cosplay the Naruto's Uchiha brothers~ while Natalie, Michelle and I decided to wear highschool girl-ish clothes~

Here's all the pics i took that day~
Taylor's Learning Carnival 17/03/2012

i went there about 9.10am to set up the booth and no kaichou in sight =3=~ maa ikka, then after i asked around for the booth's location, putting down things and sorts kaichou arrived like a boss in Sasuke's costume! XD! i wouldn't have recognised him if he didn't say he will be cosplaying Sasuke XD then lalalalala~ setting up the booth requesting for this and that from the Student Council and spotted Oliver! XD! Akatsuki coat is almost impossible to miss XD

My kaichou so pretty!! he cosplayed Sasuke while Oliver cosplayed Itachi!~ XD they must feel super hot! XD since our booth is like the corner most booth =.=' (that is actually unfair! cause no one would actually go to our booth =3=) but at least there is a fan right in front of us :D

i totally love kaichou's sword!!! the sheath is super nice~~~ and the blade!gyah!!! so nice!!! i constantly asked from kaichou just to swing it once or twice /has no life

Kaichou and Oliver setting up the booth XD~ i think kaichou was putting his black and white Mokona~ and looked weird in this pic~ XD!!! He's so awesome! he brought posters, figurines, plushies and made onigiri for sale~ =w=b

Kaichou-sama's figurines~~

(i brought Miku to the front)

lalalalala~ the booth is done!~ thanks to Kaichou, Oliver and James (in the pictures) He wanted to cosplay but he said he didn't brought enough money to buy the Gintoki's costume~ so he just wore Death Note tshirt~ XD and a Digimon-tamer look-alike vest... or at least that was what he said /me have not seen any seasons of digimon other than Digimon 002 =w=V

awesome right? the board was filled with posters~ XD~ mostly Oliver's poster! i envy him! he got those kickass posters for free after buying cosplay costumes =3=~~~ rich people! /shot

As the event went on and no outsiders actually came in, drop by and have a look... basically it is just more or less the students having their own sweet time dropping by at other booths and performing~~~ here are several performance pics i took

Astina Lee~ she performed songs she wrote herself!~ awesome!!!~

Martial arts presented by the Storm 8~

Dance Club did 4 dances~ contemporary, lyrical hip hops and hip hop~ i didn't grab nice pics of the performance (which is why i only post on pic of it~ XD~) but it was nicer to watch them in action than static pics~ why didn't i record it that time....? hmmm.... maa~

Runway Show~ by De Fashionista Club and that is the president of that club, Crystal~ i didn't grab much pictures from this especially the guys... cause i thought they just looked normal =w= /is more interested in cosplaying =w=~

Michelle changed after her dance performance~ so cute right?~

We kinda ditched our booth and Natalie, Michelle and i went into the campus to practice before our performance~ lol then Kaichou and Oliver parades dropped by and we decided to take a group pic~ The two girls on the right is Natalie and Michelle~ they are so cute right?~~~

the four of them~~~ =w=~~

i stole Itachi's Oliver's hat~ cause i really liked it~ i wanted Michelle to take a pic of me wearing that (i wanted to look cool XD) but suddenly Kaichou wanted to kill me OAO! LOL~

...okay... i swear i won't put the pic of myself in my blog anymore... i would just ruin it OAO~

LOL~ the practice session somehow became a camwhore session~ well... i don't camwhore.... but i like to take pictures of others ;D cause i know i'm ugly ;__;~ some of the nice shots of Natalie and Michelle~

dadadadada~~~ and it's our performance at 4pm~ XD~ kicked off with Yume no Tsubasa trio featuring Natalie, Michelle and me~~ but i think i failed big time cause i can't really hear myself and tune in to it OTL... and then did Caramelldansen with Kaichou and Oliver~ it got more attention than the singing we did before that O_O;; i think it is because the Uchiha brothers are doing it~ XD~ and the dance is so cute! XD!!!! damn!!! i can't imagine Sasuke and Itachi dancing Caramelldansen! XD!

no pics for that though ;__;~ cause since i was not watching them ;__;~ it would be epic to have a pic of the Uchiha brothers doing Caramelldansen XD!

LOLOL~ then that's about the end of the Learning Carnival~ more shots of the Uchiha brothers~ i just love the two of them~~~ god!!! thank god we have them in the anime club or else it will be so dull~

I asked them to pose like that and took their pics~ it must have been so awkward XD~

Oliver goes solo!!! XD Forehead protector check, Rings check, Hat check, cloak check, contacts check, Kunai check, black nail polish check, hands resting lazily on cloak check~ what else?~ a pretty good Itachi cosplay eh?~~~ x3~

Kaichou-sama just likes to pose to the camera especially as a cosplayer XD his wig and make up, i hafta say, are really well-done!!! he look so damn different from usual!! and *stares*! look at his sword!!! i still like his sword!!!!


ANDDD~~~ i would like to end this post with a gay pose by the Uchiha brothers!~

It wasn't me!~ it was them who suggested it and i just ask them to freeze and snapped it! they burst out laughing when i said okay XD! they themselves couldn't stand the gayness XD!!

LOLOLOL! i enjoyed the day! the Learning Carnival was for two days but we decided not to go on the second day *points at our booth and cosplay* too much work @_@~

oh well~ i'm signing out! i need to go and design a new logo for the campus' signature event: Jog For Hope~ T_T~ i'm one of the Decoration and Design Directors for the event :D~ and i really need to sketch a few ideas before the meeting tomorrow TAT~ wish me luck~

and also finish my homework... OAO! too many things are not done *dies*


←To tothe Fu→ said...

So cool !! I hope I can cosplay too ><!!! T.T

Fishy Hui said...
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Fishy Hui said...


a san wat cosplay u wan to do???
dono y feel so fuunny!!!!!

haha if have chance i also wan cosplay XD

happy lo
i x saw cosplay wif my eye also TAT
dono when got chance to c???
ahhh~ kamisama~~ onegai!!

Fishy Hui said...

got cosplay photo c!! yeah

Riri chii said...

are u going to the taylor university?? O.o

Therapii said...

Ahahah so much fun!!! ^^

And a happy birthday wish for you! (Is it correct?)