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Saturday, May 19, 2012

C2AGE 2-Day Report by oTaKu DeSu!~ will be up on the next post desu!~

CIAOSSU!!!! no time no blog... ya know.... my semester exam is coming real soon... it will be from 11 June to 15 June... well it might seem like a long way to go to some... but for a person who does not remember the slightest thing from the very first chapter.... yeah, i hafta reread everything from the start of my semester which is since January... and you know what's worse? i bought the Anime Festival Asia: Malaysia concert tickets already... and it's for 9th and 10th June hahaha~ JUST before my semester exam... ... ... i'm so screwed... and next week... there will be small topical tests which i should really do some reading before and lots of homework this weekend... AND~~~ i went for C2AGE 2012 today... when i am supposed to do homework and revision and a take-home test paper... and some job for a committee i am in.... and i was at the C2AGE 2012 event from 10.15am to 9.00pm... how awesome is that XD~~~

i will post up my report on C2AGE 2012 @ Tropicana City Mall on my next post... probably tomorrow~~ right now, just bear with my ramblings cause i plan to finish revising for the topical tests by tonight and spend whole night blogging tomorrow night XD~~~

so yahs, i'll post up every single bits of my experience at the C2AGE 2012~~~ lol~ y'know, i'm turning from a KHR blogger to a Malaysia Cosplay Event blogger... sorta XD~ i don't blog regularly anymore... just reports from my day at any events i have been~ i don't really go to all the cosplay events~ i just choose a few i've heard of and nearer to the place i am currently staying at~ XD but then it's good enough already... if i actually go to every single ones.... my college result will just fly into the drain... :S

i fell asleep last night while editing something for a committee i'm in... and i forgot to charge my phone and my camera T_T~ it was a total disaster for me~ i missed a whole lot of good cosplays T_T~~~ tomorrow, C2AGE, TOMORROW!!!!! WAIT FOR OTAKU DESU!!! if you're a cosplayer tomorrow watch out! tomorrow, there will be a crazy ugly girl going around stopping you in the middle of nowhere to grab a picture of you with a digicam (not the kickass DSLR T_T)~~~ and then bend 90 degrees after grabbing the pic XD and jump to another cosplayer and repeat the whole process XD

like today, i will be going with my friends in Sekolah Menengah / high school : Chien Yee (i call her Moya) and Kim Yean (i call her Yean)~~~ met up with Denise, my classmate, for a while today too~~ a few people from Taylor's Sri Hartamas like Oliver and Erika came too~ tomorrow Michelle will come too~ mwahahahah~ i shall make sure i spread my hardcore otaku-ness to them~ XD

today, at the start of the event, i was a little shy, like how i used to =w= (seriously... XD i suddenly turn shy around awesome cosplayers =w=) and missed a few nice cosplayers... i even hide behind Yean or Moya orz... until a little later when my super otaku-ness kicks in, i stop every possible cosplayers and grab pics of them~ i even stalk behind one or two and wait for the right time to stop them~ XD

omg... sorry for my super wordy rambling T_T~ and o, if you are reading this, i am so sorry i didn't reply to the comments in my previous posts T_T~ cause when i saw them, it has been days or weeks T_T~~~ so so so sorry T_T~~~but getting comments from you guys really made my day and really really made me smile~ ^w^~~ Thank you so so much~~~

anyways~ all in all~ look forward to my two days in one C2AGE 2012 report in the next post de arimasu!~ off to charge my camera and phone and off to study~~~ ja ne~


Sarah Xd said...

ahh finally a post from you ! :D
school exams take your free time - i understand this, it's the same with me ;)
i just saw the photos on facebook and they're pretty awesome ><
haha i wish you much luck with your exams <3

Sarah Xd said...

waiiitt i just noticed while looking at your profile!! your b-day was on may 1st ?? no i missed it >_<
sry if it's tooooooo late but i wish you a happy birthday (with a lot of delay)