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Friday, August 31, 2012

Treating myself after trial papers...

I am always like that after any test papers or whatever...XP i will let my gluttony side run wild XD well...that is my way to survive during exam weeks and so everytime after paper, i will go out and have lunch with a few of my friends~ and order a nice meal and a nice coffee~<3 These pictures are my lunch yesterday: beef curry rice and coffee~~ okay... i am just running from reality, really =_=~ i just refuse to study... XD I still remember that Sunday, when i was eating MacDonald's with my friends... i just refuse to leave... cause i know once i leave, tomorrow will come... and i will face the stupid tests!! T.T i feel guilty desu>_<~ i am sure they felt irritated >_<~gomen>_<~ help motivate me to study T.T tasukete kudasai!!!~

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