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Saturday, September 4, 2010

me singing Tatta Latta~ + ramblings~

i made the karaoke version with audacity~
of course the quality of the karaoke is not good... some vocals are still there although its quite soft... i don't know why, the speech part is quite loud but Chrome's voice went missing... O_O

X_X almost died imitating 5 different voices... but epic fail on trying to imitate Lambo and Haru... DX anyway, i still record them XD oh, and i don't dub for the speech part and the laughs ~.~ if they're audible, note it's not mine... XD

fust for fun~ don't kill me~ please do listen and give some comments? please?? X3


naa~ holiday start~~~ about two weeks of break from school for me desu~ but not going anywhere... =.=' meh... XD that explains why i have time to make a cover for Tatta Latta~

...dunno what to type already...

oo, mangas... since OneManga's gone... ~.~ i went to a few scanlation site to download manga chapters... ieatsoul, keishou and sleepyfans~ you guys ROCK!!!! XD

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! ish awesome recently! battle start! i can't wait for the next chapters! and why do the battles always start with our sun guardian... ._.


KHRfan said...

Wow! You are good at imitating voices!!! I wish I can do that too!!!

-ying- said...

lol, thanks~~

practice!!! i sound awful at first too! but i still do when i try to imitate lambo, haru, tsuna and reborn DX