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Saturday, September 11, 2010

otaku desu ka? oTaKu DeSu!~

ore wa otaku desu~ (yesh, i use ore instead of atashi) XD that explains my blog name~ lol (this post is gonna be all about ramblings, so bear with it~ XD)

why? i read manga, i watch anime... just that i don't play the games and collect figurines XD so i'm 50% otaku? XD guess so... but i do write fanfictions, i draw some fanarts~ i do some fandubs too~ XD

i can't update my fanfics recently... cause my head goes blank when there's school and homework and all... =.=' i guess i have to put Nicknames and Lost in Time on hiatus until Nov or Dec... T_T

oh and~ Memory made a fanart for my fic: Nicknames~ see it at her DA account!!! or just click here

i got a really weird idea yesterday and suddenly drew this...

XD it's Hibari and Mukuro ~version female~ XDDD

i don't have a scanner or a proper camera... i took this pic with my mobile and its just a rough sketch~ well i tried editing it with my com too... only half of it though XDD and i dunno how to write that words on hibari's .... band on the arm XD

i know! i suck! XDD

meh... XD i'm waiting for the Reborn Character Song Single... i wanna listen to that Mirai no Oozora e... DX i guess it won't be leaked out early like Album Red or Blue... ~.~

meh... anyways... i did some fandubs or cover during this two weeks' holiday (although i SHOULD be doing some studying or finishing my accounts folio/assignment... whatever it is =.=')

oh and if you are a Youtube user~ add me as your friend! add me!!! my user name at Youtube is fullbustergray~

me singing RIGHT NOW by Tsuna (Kokubun Yukari) & Basil (Terasaki Yuka) karaoke version (made with audacity)

me singing SIMULATION (kinda like a duet... or should it be a ...trio? XD) with Irie (Toshiyuki Toyonaga) & Spanner (Kenjiro Tsuda)

me singing Style (instrumental) by Kana Nishino (instrumental by puppetbomb)
==> the original instrumental version of Style [link]
full version made with audacity~

and for the very first time, i tried singing Korean... XD i'm actually trying out this song so that i can sing for ="BEVERAGE"=, a group of dubbers~ and yesh~ i'm proud to be one of them~ my name's Coffee in that group~ X3

i've join another band too... ~.~ but its not really active... XD

anyways, me singing Into The New World by SNSD (karaoke version)

please kindly give some comments after listening yahs~ i really appreciate them and will heed your advice to improve~ THANKS LOTS IN ADVANCE desu!!!! X3

recently i got a lot of readers... O_O i've checked my easy counter account (OMG it's gonna hit 20k soon!)

see the highest point? it's around the time when the Blue album was released XDD lol!

before this my blog traffic is very low ~.~ even when it reach 100 page views per day, i'd jump with joy already~ XD

DX lol!

but anyways, most of the readers are really just passerby who accidentally googled some of my blog's content~ but anyways, to all who read my blog~! i really thank all of you!!! i love you! lol *huggles* and super thanks to the followers!!! it has reached 60 already!!! *jumps up and down*


Aik said...

Wow, the sketch you did was awesome! Check out my blog:



aikychien at yahoo dot com

I-CHAN said...

hiba and muku female verXD
and i love your voice~^^

~anime-lover~ said...

ying, *thumb up* !!

-ying- said...


miyoku said...

nice draw :) and congrats for your attendance xDD

-ying- said...

thanks~ X3

Amani R said...

Oh yeah imma stalker~ your art is nice~! <3 I hope I can draw like that =_=

-ying- said...

lol!!! thanks~~~ X3

Anonymous said...

awesome sketches xD
I've always read you blog, would you mind if I add you in facebook?

I love Reborn too

-ying- said...

lol~ thank you~ X3

nono! i dun mind at all desu!~

lol, ciaossu then! XD

Mito said...

Kawaii~ i also draw hibari and mukuro in female version desu! demo i can't post it because its very embarrassing!! >.< and you have a cute voice... you can make it trio but if i were singing that song i'll use my boy voice and ruin everything... >///< i also want to record my voice like that but i dunno how... >.<

-ying- said...

lol! do post it!!! don't be embarassed or anything!!! >.<~

lol~ thank you!!! >w< you can simply just record it~~~ with anything~~