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Tuesday, September 14, 2010

nonono!!! NONONO!!! NOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOOO!!!!!!!!!!!!

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! is seriously giving me the biggest torture in my life!!! DX

you know what?! the new calendar (for 2011) will be released on the 18th!!! September 18th!!! WTF?! i want the calendar for god's sake!!! DX
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! (A) [Calendar 2011 (Try-X Ltd.)]

got the info & image from here! DX i frigging want one real one! not just an image in my computer!!! DX

and there's this awesome blogger... [link]i think XD i envy him/her to death!!!! i dunno what exactly it means since it's in... Thai i think O_O so i don't understand XD but i suppose it's a she~ XD ~~~anyway~ it's frigging unfair!!! look!

She/He got a ticket to the Rebocon~Blue~ concert!!!!DX!! i want one... but guess what... it's sold out~ or so it says in the Ponycanyon site... i shall upload the screenshot since they are seperate images... ~.~ i don't understand japanese... so~ yah~ XDD

~.~ well, there's no change of cast or additional casts for the rebocon this time~ XD

ah well, it's 14 September (1.09 AM my clock says XD) already~ which means tomorrow, the two Reborn CD will be released~ i hope kind people will upload them on Youtube~ i wanna listen to Mirai no Oozora e and the Chinese version of the Family~Chinese version~!!! DX

...then also, since i can't watch videos.. (total torture!) i have to go through the process of downloading the videos from Youtube, and change the formats to mp3 and by the end the month, the internet service i'm subscribed to will reach its quota and my connection will be crawling (took me 5 minutes to load the Facebook logo only =.=' that's how slow...)

ah yah, i just got some translation for the new Reborn OST CD~ i translate only those i think is necessary... bear with it~ XD done with Google translator and some babylon translation or something~ it's quite impossible for me to understand jap XD

Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Original Soundtrack -hyouteki 4-

Release date : 15 September 2010
Price : 2800 yen

Track listing: (edited a little.. but it's from here...actually you can get the translation by selecting the language with that google translate thing on the top left of the page XD)
1. Tachiagare (Stand up!)
2. Fukutsu (Fortitude)
3. Turinisette
4. Kyouteki (Formidable enemy)
5. Aratana chikara (New power)
6. Fuon (Restlessness)
7. Millefiore no Sonzai (Presence of Millefiore)
8. Millefiore no Mokuteki (The purpose of Millefiore)
9. Nozaru.Tazaru
10. Jokyoku (Overture)
11. Juunen go Varia (Varia, 10 years)
12. Futeki na Emi (Audacious smile)
13. Kyoushuu (Assault)
14. Bousou (Runaway)
16. Kakugo (Resolution)
17. Mirai e (To the future)
18. Chikara wo Awasete (Join forces)
19. Saikyou no Kanshi (Strongest swordsman)
20. Real Roku Chouka (The Real 6 Funeral Wreath)
21. Arienai Koto (Ridiculous)
22. Shuuketsu (Assembled!)
23. Tanomoshii Nakama (Reliable companion)
24. Aratana Deai (Meeting new people)
25. Kabe wo Koete (Beyond the wall)
26. Kanashii Kako (Sad days)
27. Zetsubou (Despair)
28. NEW ITEM 1
29. NEW ITEM 2
30. Tsuka no Ma no Shiawase (Happy moment)
31. Kyuusoku (Rest)
32. Tanoshii Nichijou (The pleasant everyday)

lol! i made a mistake while typing the track listing for the previous previous post XD sorry~ it's number 11... i accidentally typed "go" to "no" XD it's a habit... y'know, i always type "go" or "wo" to "no" T_T i'ma typo queen XD they're updated though XD

but then, while i was googling for Mirai no Oozora e, (i wanna see if it'll be leaked out early XD)i found a blog O_O

did the same mistake O_O or was it from here? i dunno, i wasn't credited or something... so i dunno... anyways~ i don't care~ i don't care if anyone credits me or not~ as long as there are people reading or even passing by my blog~ i'm happy enough~ XD rip all you want, there's a reason why i want to put images/posts on my blog-i want to share! but still,i hope she corrects it >.>

and since no luck on search for "Mirai no oozora e" (which i just noticed, it is translated as "To the Sky of the Future" ... i shall make changes to the previous posts...) XD i tried searching for "未来の大空へ" instead.. =.=' *bangs head on table* bad idea! a whole bunch of japanese words and sites appear! why oh why can't i read japanese!!! DX anyways, this site looks nice~


miyoku said...

nooooooooooooooooo!!! DX I want thsi calendar!! And tickets!! And CDs!! It's so unfair :( They should make tour to Poland (to me X3) and your country and other countries! xD

-ying- said...

exactly!!! the worst torture ever!!! DX

I-CHAN said...

must...get...the Calendar!!XD

-ying- said...

yeah... same here... T_T but dunno where to get... T_T

Nyanko-sensei said...

where do you find Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Original Soundtrack -hyouteki 4-? Can you tell me?

-ying- said...

@nyanko-sensei - sorry... but i don't know that too T_T but there are 45 second sample for each song here... =d