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Wednesday, October 27, 2010

Ciaossu! XD

lol! finally! EXAM ISH OVER!!!! XDDD hmm... let's see... -A- i've ditched my blog for over a month... blame school... blame exam... blame my stupid brain which will forget everything it has learnt...

just a short update... since i'm feeling sleepy right now... blame additional mathematics... i had too much logs and tan sin cos... ~.~

anyways~ i did a collab with gravelfrobisher for Kokoro no Hoshi by Nanjou Yoshino~

he did the video~ it has the translation for the song too!~

please kindly drop some comments on this~ but please, please don't compare us two! we are one entity!!! XD

and now... Rebocon Red is over... T_T i wanna go... T_T so damn unfair!!! DX nya~ at least i still have the manga!~ X3 it's getting pretty nice eh? XD

meh~ i'll post more stuff next time~ ciao ciao~

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