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Sunday, January 2, 2011

Happy New Year! yo! XD + vomic: Shimon casts

Happy New Year!!! one day late, i know T_T but i used up my quota again and the internet is crawling right now XD i can't even visit my Facebook!!! T_T

meh, it's new year, and i have SPM (one sort of major exam here, fyi) this year... T_T i might be onlining much much much less often...

New Year Resolution?
none!~ XD i'm a person with nothing in mind!~ =D

anyways, since i seriously have nothing to blog about right now, (at least with my current internet speed) i wanted to blog about the Reborn! vomics, but i can't watch the videos right now... for the vomics, check out AmberRei's channel at Youtube to watch them~ =D

they are like videos of coloured manga pages with voices~

the casts for Reborn! vomic~ [Shimon members only, since the other casts are the usual ones~]

Kozato Enma - Uchiyama Kouki
Aoba Koyo - Kimura Ryouhei
Suzuki Adelheid - Yuuki Aira
Shitt. P! - Lyrian
Katou Julie - Oozaki Makoto
Mizuno Kaoru - Kurihara Kouhei

[credits: i forgot which user, but it's from a comment from one of the vomic video... well, at least i managed to 'decipher'(XD cause i suck at kanji) Adelheid's and Shitt.P!'s (vomic) seiyuu from an image ikaycee tagged me at Facebook~]

meh...~that's that...

oo~ i took part in Gendou Idol Season 6... at least, only in Round 1, don't think i can make it to the next round T_T

i am contestant 214 the number is continued from the previous season O_O anyways, this is what i entered with

4shared link

Kokoro no Hoshi
by Nanjou Yoshino
Katekyo Hitman Reborn! Uni's character song~
[cover duet] with gravelfrobisher (or Gravel-kun at Gendou... he took part in the idol too~
mixing by gravelfrobisher aka Gravel-kun click here for his entry

meh~ i got pretty bad marks from Pamela: 13/20... now the marks are not revealed until the voting's over... up till now i only got 3 votes XD there are about 60++ contestants out of 160 with double digits of votes or more right now... and still, the number are piling up~ T_T

oo, and there are loads of Vocaloids songs this year, around 48 when i counted... (not sure about the real number as i don't really know Vocaloids well, at least, other than miku, luka, rin and len XD)

help vote for me! click here to vote XD mine will be the 5th contestant from the bottom of the page, so scroll all the way down until you see my avy: XD

meh, nevermind that, you should vote for others, there are tonnes of entries which are better than mine~ =D (i feel bad for dragging gravel-kun into this T_T he got pretty high marks for his entry, you see... T_T my bad my bad T_T) and fyi, you have to be at least a level 4 Gendou user to vote X_X

meh~ anyways, i have been reading Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai last few days and i have caught up with it, skipping all those pages with long long conversation XD but it's nice! i love Elsie!!! and Shiori!!! i hate Kanon DX i dunno why...

damn, i miss a lot of mangas now... T_T since i can't download or stream any right now T_T *curses*

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Amani R said...

Hi there! I wish you goodluck with th gendou idol!