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Thursday, August 18, 2011

KHR manga review target #349

OAO! this time MangaStream has not release the chappie and it's out at Mangafox! OAO! oo! IEM! omg~ so long never checked the page already, since i was running on pitiful internet connection and couldn't download anything at some point and left IEM... i used to visit it regularly ;__; i'm sorry TAT lol, (someone shouts: who cares?!) XD

this time read Target 349 at Mangafox~

OAO! you don't want show us anymore on Fran OAO?! *emo* the stuff in page 1 and 2 is seriously pretty random XD! brings back memories~ ah~ the long-time-never-appear Fuuta and Bianchi... where's Tsuna's mum? O_O? page 3! milk moustache! XD i wonder, does TYL Tsuna have moustache? XD anyways, yep~ this chappie's definitely revealing the Arcobaleno's dirty secrets XD! joking joking ~_~hey! points at page 4 panel 6 DX! Tsuna's wearing the Vongola Gear to school! DX isn't it pretty weird for a 150%-no-good student to wear it? @_@ hey wait! what transfer student? @_@ *extreme shock* Chrome Nappo Chan!!!! X3!!!! i miss you~~~ i was wondering why you no follow Mukuro Nappo go find Apple Fran @_@... wait, why she transfer to Namimori Chuu? page 6 noaw~ eh? why you cry??? ...



*pant pant* i laughed for a full one minute (out loud) over one phrase "She got kicked out of Kokuyou by Mukuro" LMAO!!!!! EPICNESS!

*laughs again* but less, this time, at the phrase "get out" XD! seriously! it must be damn sad for Chrome-chan ;__; imagine, waking up in the morning, to read a letter saying "get out" sure cry TAT Kokuyou got emptied out? @_@ why? will it become like Akumano High in Beelzebub?? XD neh~

lala~ pretty much the explaining... nothing new to us readers~ =D hey! the welcome party is pretty random too! but it brings us back to the daily life arc~ =D woah! Tsuna asked Reborn straight out about the Arcobaleno curse... O_O! unexpected from Tsuna... seems like he grew *pats Tsuna's back*

XD Reborn: "But i'd like to make sure of your growth a little more" XD! poor Tsuna... he lost to Yamamoto X3 ohohoho, Reborn knew you couldn't take it... Yamamoto is waaaaaa~y more matured~ telling Yamamoto who is moar convincing and moar awesome is the right choice, Reborn~ XD *skips to the last part of the manga* Telling Yamamoto about the curse made not much difference to Yamamoto also... Tsuna, admit it... You're just no-good compared to Yamamoto... He can handle such cases, mafia-like *nods nods* omg... i'm definitely the #1 self-proclaimed Yamamoto fan~ XD

omg! the welcome party... sienz... I wanted to see Haru's mimicry TAT anyways, Lambo and Ryohei's mimicry made up for it~ Gokudera's .... a lil' unexpected~ wait... where's Hibari? OAO?! nevermind~ nothing much i can say bout this, but to read it yourself! i spend another full minute to laugh at Ryohei's "Ciaossu"!!!!!!!!!!!!!! XD!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! EPIC!!!! seriously!!!!!! with that expression!!!!! XD!!!!! Tsuna... where the heck he get that Leon costume @_@! o, now that i think of it... gokudera stole Yamamoto's clothes secretly... admit it, it's not for the contest right?~ *pokes Gokudera* XD my second favourite male X male pairing after 1859~ XD~~ owari~ ciao ciao~

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