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Saturday, August 27, 2011

KHR manga review target #350

read / download Katekyo Hitman Reborn! target #350 here at I Eat Soul

(OAO! i didn't know I Eat Soul has their own reader! OAO! right noaw, i think i shall stick to the original scanlator sites' readers rather than mangafox...why?
  • the release is slow...
  • the release is slow!!!
    XD and damn, the qualities are awesome!!!!)

    on with it~

    Wee~ Jump celebrates the dawn of a new arc in KHR~~~ wee~~~~ but then, what attracts my attention in this cover... is the one at the top right corner... OAO! what manga is that?! someone! tell me!!! is it WOLFxRED??? *googles* @A@! the images came out lotsa lotsa Conan X Haibara's pictah! wtf?!!!! *switch to everything*.... ok, found something i want at 2nd page [link] *q* i found myself an awesome site~~~ *q* go there!~~~ JUMP LOVERS!!!! IT'SA MUST READ SITE!!!! I REGRETTED FOR NOT FINDING IT EARLIER!!!! anyways, it turns out to be a one-shot... i hope it gets serialized~ it seems interesing XB and i like the art~

    okay, obviously i didn't type the review as i'm reading the new chappie of KHR~ i type this when i read it the 2nd time XD!~ okay okay~ i just strayed pretty far~ back back~

    WOAH! this coloured title page~ it's effing cool!!!! omg!!! i stared at it for so damn long, y'know~~~ X3 but then right~ did you notice something...???

    ... those two... Luce's and Viper's shadows... they are too similar!!!! OAO!!! and and! if i add Fran's shadow there too... OAO! oh my god! they will be the shadow triplet!!! XD

    anyways~ i think~ this arc~ we might get to see Reborn in real action~ kay~ next page~

    "Who's the number one strongest!?" ... VOOOOI!!!! WHY IS SQUALO'S THE BIGGEST THERE?!!! EVEN BIGGER THAN TSUNA AND ENMA AND MAI YAMAMOTO?!!!!! DX! but i hate to admit this... Byakuran Tenshiran looks hot there~ what~? he had his tenshi wings there... DX........
    WAIT!!!! someone!!! tell me!!! who's that guy..? that one, just below Basil and Tsuna?!

    OAO! i'm traumatized!!! there's someone i don't recognise in KHR?! the self-proclaimed #1 fan of KHR is depressed!!! how come!? did i foget this guy there???!!!!

    but but~ i can name everyone else there!!!!

    Xanxus, baby Lal Mirch, Belphegor, Chrome, Gamma, Mukuro, Kawahira, Nozaru, Tazaru, Lancia, Chikusa, Ken, MM, Gingerbread, Squalo, Levi, Glo Xinia, Lussuria, Apple Fran, Iemitsu, Ryohei, I-pin, Lambo, Dr Shamal, YAMAMOTO! *drools for a while*... why is that eyebrowless guy behind Yamamoto?! ... Genkishi, Gokudera, Basil, Tsuna, Enma, mini Julie, Kaoru, Adelheid, Rauji, butterfly Shitt.P, bodiless Koyo, Hibari, Dino (XB D18!!! XD) Bluebell, Daisy, Kikyo, Zakuro and even Torikabuto... why no Irie??? why no Spanner??? @_@! omg... i seriously cannot recall that guy there... someone... kill me... TAT!

    *reading with depressed mode* a totally pointless page.

    woah! Reborn is cool! but he will be cooler without the curly sideburn! OAO! *XD reminds me of Ryohei* ..! hey! mood revived! XD!

    OAO! the checkered stranger somehow... reminds me D.Gray-Man... OAO! i dunno why also @_@! what's with the clear pacifier??? i wanna know!!! OAO!

    okay~ Reborn woke up... yare yare~ the talk with Tsuna... seems like, Reborn's attitude towards Tsuna has definitely changed a lot... but then... wait, they didn't know that they will be turned into infants? o.o! that's odd! unexpected desu! i thought they were willing to shoulder a big something and even willing to be turned into infants... OAO! omg, i'm dead wrong... ~_~

    *close the image of Reborn with fingers to cover up his curly sideburns* omg! he looks like Knuckles @A@! and so much more cool!!! OAO!

    anyways, page 15~ XD! the spotlight shines and Reborn shrunk! omg! Conan? or Honey, I shrunk my Reborn! XD!

    mm~ this chappie is pretty much a prologue~ the one that will have lotsa lotsa complication next!~ seems like a good start to a new arc *nods nods* but, breaking the curse of the Arcobaleno? omg!! can't wait for this chapter la!!! *shakes the lappie screen* ~_~ but but but! how about Lal? if they actually broke the curse? will they revert back to normal right away? and Lal have to wait to grow again? OAO!? no! i wanna see moar Lal! i love her! i wan moar Spanner! moar Irie! moar Bluebell! she's cute! OAO! moar chappies! faster!!! *shot*


    anyways~ i've shrunk my reading list to just these series:
    Katekyo Hitman Reborn!
    Kami Nomi zo Shiru Sekai
    Iris Zero
    En Passant

    i'm still reading En Passant, Countrouble and Iris Zero even though they are not really my favourites... but it's because they are serialized as monthly issues... i don't really need to go and check them regularly like what i do with KHR, Beel and KamiNomi... but i how i wish Sankarea could be released sooner... and iyesh~ i dropped Naruto, Bleach, Fairy Tail and One Piece for the time being... dropped Bakuman, Magico and Enigma too ~_~ I'm lucky cause Magico was just at the beginning of the story... and an arc was completed in Bakuman, so i managed to overcome the urge to keep reading... but man... after my spm... i'm so going to catch up with Negima, Soul Eater, Soul Eater NOT!, Nurarihyon no Mago, Ao no Exorcist, Sket Dance, Cage of Eden, Medaka Box (although i don't really like the start of it =/), Hunter X Hunter, Yakitate!! Japan (since i've never actually read the manga =/), To-Love-Ru, Defense Devil, Kekkaishi (i almost forgot... how could i forget about this!?), D.Gray-Man, got one more shonen manga Nic recommended to me, but i forgot the title @_@, Kiss Yori mo Hayaku (omg, the only shoujo here XD), Air Gear, Mirai Nikki (it's gonna be anime! heck yeah!), Battle Royale... and some others i have forgot @_@ argh! so many to-read list... and i have not wrote my to-watch list yet OAO! nevermind.. those shall wait till after my SPM *emo* i'm sorry for making you read this (if you're reading this)... it's a pointless rambling of an otaku TAT *sigh*

    Kanakarina said...

    I think the guy on that picture could be Turmeric... you know, one of Iemitsu's subordinates at CEDEF. Or perhaps, if that's not the case, someone from Timoteo's guardians...? @_@


    Abschaum said...

    The guy you don't know is Nono's lightning guardian if I remember right...

    Usagichan96 said...

    Yea, I think he is the thunder guardian, but why is he the only one there? XD

    -ying- said...

    @Kanakarina - but Turmeric is bald~~ XD
    @Abschaum & Usagichan96 & Kana - thank you you guys!~~~ it turns out that it is really that Lightning guardian guy!!! Ganauche III (i re-read the beginning of the inheritance arc, lol) i didn't even think of him cause he's the only one there, WTH?! why so damn weird?!!! but i hafta admit, he's hot LOL