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Saturday, September 17, 2011

Hiatus + Houki Boshi

i'm always complaining about my internet quota right? okay, now, i'm reaching the limit... and i'm not complaining! =D at least, noaw, i can concentrate in my studies! for i'm not going to online for about a week or two... i'll have to put my KHR manga review this week on hold ~_~ i guess... anyways... wish me luck in my trials~ even when i said that, i managed to record a video for an online contest, M-fest or somethings~ XD here's the video~ it's me in person live! XD i'll get you barf all over the keyboard~~ i look hideous... just click the play button and close your eyes, kay? i won't be recording live covers if it's not for that competition... ~_~ the rest of my ramblings were rambled in the description when i uploaded it to YT XD

it's the first time i'm putting my own face in my blog... XD! be thankful! LOL! i look hideous... *hides in a hole*

First of all, don't hate me, i know i suck, but it's just for fun~ :D

yoyoyo!!!! fullbustergray aka ying here desu!~ i tried playing Houki Boshi on the piano a few days earlier cause i was too stressed with my trials and ended up playing a different version of it~ the melody i made it more detached~ and the left hand accompaniment, i made i super simple... so that i can sing along (i can't play and sing at the same time properly... it's distracting ~_~)

then i found out about an MFest competition and the closing date is quite close... i figured competition like that usually require participants to show their faces in the vid... so i did... my camera is not really good... and i look hideous... my posture is bad too... that is why i prefer to record vocals only... my piano playing is not really good too ~_~ so might as well, just close your eyes and listen to the song, and don't look at the video...

anyhow, i altered the piano piece a little, and i wrote lyrics for it!~ the first 1/3 of it was in Bahasa Melayu~ XD my pronunciation is pretty bad~~~ but i will have the lyrics copied and paste after i finish rambling here~

the 2/3 of it was in Mandarin / Chinese!~ XD! i wrote the lyrics to! although i don't know how to read and write, but i know how to speak... an somehow, i managed to make out something to it OAO!

and and~ the final part to it, which i screw up the most, is the original Japanese lyrics~ i seriously screw up! both my piano playing and lyrics... and my voice... it broke... for i was like recording a few times for this... and my voice couldn't take it any longer XD

i made a whole lot of slips with my chords and the notes... especially towards the end... and i got so damn happy when i actually finish the whole thing...

and ps - i know i look hideous... ~_~ close your eyes, seriously... ~_~


BM lyrics:
menatap langit malam sendirian
ribuan bintang berkerlipan
cahaya yang takkan menghilang
membuatku ingin membilang

menatap langit malam bersamamu
menghilangkan rasa sayuku
senyuman mu kan ku ingati
kehangatanmu yang ku rasai

memori manis kau dan aku
kata-katamu kan ku catat di hatiku
perkara biasa, membuatku bahagia
sentiasa di sisimu
aku, bagaikan melupa kesemuanya
membuat ku ingin mendakapi mu
ku mencintai mu

[i dunno how to type chinese]

Japanese romaji:
anata wa itsumo hitori nani ka to tatakatteru
soba ni iru koto shika atashi ni wa dekinai kedo

moshi atashi ga houkiboshi ni nareta naraba
sora kakenuke tonde iku kitto
kanarazu todoku kono isshun no hikari de
anata no IMA terashi sora o megurou
atashi ga houkiboshi ni nareta naraba
kitto soba ni ite ageru donna toki mo


Houki Boshi
Originally by Younha
Bleach ED03

and and~ btw, i'm still on hiatus until after my SPM... ~_~ this is uploaded for the sake of the competition.. and i swear i won't upload videos of myself... i don't want to make people barf all over XD till then~ XB

and and! i'm Chinese! lolol~~


Usagichan96 said...

OMG, I love your video. Your really good! Its sad that you will be on a hiatus, so come back soon ^.^

-ying- said...

=W=~~~ THANK YOU!!!! *huggles*!~ i'm back~ lol~ *bows* XD!~ i'm seriously crazy @_@