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Wednesday, September 14, 2011

no time to blog

no time to blog... i just wanna do a shoutout on KHR target #353

this is epicness! XD

and some of the goods for Rebocon 5 is out~ or was it just a sneak peak for the people to plan what they can buy? i dunno XD but they all look awesome... check it out here


Aqua said...

WOW that performance was great! (Although I don't see Bleach, I just check your blog for Reborn updates)
Did you translate the BM and Chinese lyrics yourself? That was awesome!

-ying- said...

Thank you~~ X3~

XD! i fell in love with the song long before i actually started Bleach~ it's a nice song~ X3

and Thank you Lots and Lots! for reading my blog *huggles*

aye~ i did~~ actually not translate lah, cause if translate from the actual meaning hoh, the lyrics super weird... so i simply make up something~ XD~ i got lucky~ *grins*