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Thursday, September 22, 2011

KHR manga review Target #353 + Post-Trial Ramblings[edit]

yoyoyo!!!! i'm back desu!~ my trials just ended today~ and just a few seconds ago when i'm typing this, i accidentally bang my head on the table XD! lemme brag about what happen! XD (homg, i'm talking as if banging my head on the table is something to be really really proud of XD!)

I was reading KHR Target #354 and laughing my head off... then my mum open the door, "Oy, who are you laughing to?" (direct translation from Chinese XD she say as if i'm talking to a ghost or something...) but seriously, i just continued laughing like and idiot, (no i didn't answer my mum XD) and i accidentally bang my head on the table! i didn't know i lowered my fat head XD and damn, it still hurt... i bang quite hard on it... XD okay, my trials made some short circuit in my head, and now, i'm easily agitated, easily cheered up, and easily emofied... OAO!

anyways~ on to my KHR Manga Review~

KHR manga review Target #353

read KHR Target #353: The Representatives at Manga Stream
(i don't know what happened to I Eat Soul... O_O! i prefer I Eat Soul, truthfully, cause the translation is somewhat better and and you can download the whole chapter... and i don't really think that the links at Manga Stream actually lasts... o.o i mean, you can't read those extremely old chapters there, only recent ones ~_~ anyways, i like Manga Stream moar than MangaFox... the images are shrunk =.=' okay~ on with it~

Page 1:

XD! this pic is epicness!!! seriously!!! no matter how many times i've seen this, i still end up laughing like crazy! XD!!!!

Page 2: credits~

Page 3: *slaps forehead* seriously, Tsuna don't have brains... he's so dense! gosh, only now, she he realised that he's going to go against the Arcobalenos? =.='

Page 4: Shimon in the title page~~~~ Shitt.P! looks pretty cool here!!!~~~ XB call me weird or anything, but i think i'ma slowly falling for Julie... =.= nah~ i've already fallen for that pervy... -w-

*opens GIMP* lesson learnt, when writing review, remember to open my image editing programme first... anyways~

Page 5:

XD! this image, i can imagine the effect in the anime XD! y'know, those type where a cold stare suddenly appear???? XD! but for some reason, it cracks me up... every single time~ but hey, this whole page seriously reminds me a whole lot of Beelzebub! OAO! Adelheid=Hilda, Skull=Baby BL, Enma=Oga *laughs*, Julie=Furuichi *extreme laugh* pedo alright! XD! okay back back~ but then, i didn't expect to see such a motherly side of Adelheid, seriously! i mean she's all, liquidation committee and metal fans and boobs... OAO! okay... *awkward* anyways, i can't believe Enma just brought him back, thinking Skull's just a baby! XD! is he taking Skull as a lost kitten?! XD!!!!

Page 6:

Baby Skull without helmet looks plain odd! who's with me! he look so damn much more cooler when he is not cursed! XD *ahem* should i say, a total pretty boy hottie? (that line cracks me up!) anyways, XD! all of their reactions are pretty funny! i guess, Shimon deserve a little more spotlight in the daily-life side of the story in KHR~ it'll be fun~ and and! more Chrome please OAO! Chrome just *poof* went missing... OAO!

Page 7:

that is stupid! XD!!! homg,the Shimon is not at all shocked by the curse like Tsuna... XD i guess they just don't trust Skull even for one small bit XD!

Page 8: Skull = epic phailure! XD! now i'm starting to wonder if Skull would just lose by default XD!

Page 9: oops, i said that too early... now i'm starting to wonder if Skull and Fon would just lose by default XD! seriously! Fon is wandering around doing nothing throughout this arc!!!

Page 10: nee, i'm starting to hate myself, why didn't i thought of the Varia as cool before this? gosh, they are so damn cool *fans myself*

Page 11: XD! goodness! Dino! can't you just stand up before you start thinking about all this and that about Varia, curse, competition and all XD!

Page 12: hmm, Dino and Varia staying in the same hotel *smirk* i smell some drama coming soon XD~ meh, again with the curse... but the Reborn in Tsuna's imagination is still epic! XD

Page 13: *jumps up and down* Amano Akira-san really didn't let me down! it seems like it's not going to be something like a one on one, or seven on seven, but it's going to be more than that~~~ OVO~~ MY YAMAMOTO'S JOINING THE FIGHT!!!! X33

and referring to that image~ aren't our Gokudera and MY(no snatchin'! but i don't mind sharing~ XD) Yamamoto a little too well-equipped to go to school OAO! but Yamamoto's Vongola Gear should be pretty cool! i'm hoping there will be a merchandise for all the Vongola Gears~ but i doubt it... i mean *points at Lambo's* *shakes head*

Page 14:

homg! moar epicness! seriously! is that how they picture Reborn?! XD!

Page 15: Woots woots! Kokuyo without Chrome arrives! nee~ MM is getting moar parts~~~ i like MM!~ don't ask me why~ i don't know either XD~ but isn't Ken acting a lil' too.... extreme o.o


Page 17: our pineapple fairy look super cute here

Page 18: Verde looks so big! lol! but then, why in the world must he appear from amongst the bushes? cause he like to beat around the bush? XD~ *proud of my joke* anyways, i dunno why, but, must Verde and Mukuro act all flashy and declare war? i don't quite get it~_~


maa~ i'm a little tired now... so i guess i'll continue my review for Target #354 tomorrow~~ that particular chapter made me smile a whole lots~~~ XB~~ especially after the hectiv 3-weeks trial exam X_X seriously, i was feeding on books... sleep on books... and and... today i just slept for around 2 hours, cause i was toiling for the Accounts paper X_X

nee nee~ wanna see my super neat room? *ignores any shake of the head and post pics*

this ish my table~ i study in front of my computer~ cause i can't study without any music~ so it's actually AZU's song playing when i capture it XD!~ with my pencil box, phone, and books all over... the spoilt headphone which the mic i exploits to record my covers~ and a fallen ruler! Get it?! FALLEN RULER!!!! *laughs* i'm crazy~~

okay okay~ and around my room~ to my left, my right, another table and under my bed~

books, bags everywhere... damn... i'm such a good girl eh? XD

and you know what, for trials, we are to write and write and write and WRITE! WTF?! i mean, we seriously, just, sit in the hall, get the paper, and write, write write write!!!! GYAH! there are some few geniuses who finish long before the time ends... but people like me, is always still scribbling even after the teachers said the time is up and the monitor and assistant monitors go around collecting papers *ignores and rush to finish* and the result is, i hand became abnormal... see~~

i write with the pen supported (i couldn't seem to find the right term for it...o.o) at my fourth finger~_~ so it's a little different... and i hold the pen super hard, (i can become a Photostatting machine... my writings can be read in the second sheet of paper cause i pressed to hard... and result from that, my fourth finger bulges and it became like an extra bone... =.= the skin at the base of my thumb is swollen... X_X it hurts... when i came back from school, especially for Bahasa Melayu paper... my hand were all red... =.=' *emo*

and guess what, today's paper is Accounts... i was doing some last minute studying at the hall a scant five or ten minutes was it, before the exam starts... and suddenly, i saw my Accounts teacher... =.='' she... she... came all the way to the hall to see me... and say, "Ying Ying, boleh tak? Jangan dapat B+ lagi ye?" *screams* ARGH! FYI, that translates as "Ying Ying, can you do it? Don't get B+ again, okay?"

PFT!!!! damn that teacher! i'm damn stressed!!! she expects me to get A for Accounts?! FOR ACCOUNTS?! GOSH!!!! it's a disaster... haiz... but i sure hope i can get A this time.. and also maintain a good A for all the other subjects... i assume my Accounts got into some trouble with the Principal because I got all A's for all the subjects EXCEPT Accounts during Mid-Year =.=' but must she come all the way to the hall and tell me that?! OAO! *depressed*


*dramatic exit*

PS - i will be in a more hyper KHR fan mode tomorrow cause i'm too sleepy and currently emo-ing right now... and i shall copy paste this to my journal blog which apparently is less updated than here XD~

and and! i'm very determined to imitate Hanatan's voice and do covers for World is Mine OAO! *dies* *shot*

[edit] i made some html mistake before this~ fixed =o=~

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