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Friday, September 9, 2011

SONG DOWNLOADS + Vote + KHR manga review target #352

yoyoyo!~ i'm a bit late with everything this week! i am currently, i shall bravely announce, a phailure towards everything, especially in KHR-related stuff... and i shall proudly point my fingers to the stupid reference book i have yet to stick my nose into for the next two weeks... My trials for SPM had started... so i didn't go online up till this afternoon and realised i totally forgot about the release date for the CD Box... DX

Koushiki CharaSong Dai Zenshu・Ultimate CD Box
(Official Character Song Complete Works・Ultimate CD Box)

(okay... these are rough translations with additional information... since we all know google translator... T_T i wish i know Japanese language better T_T)
★ a complete compilation of all the 77 CharaSongs released
★ 6 theme song cover done by Reborn! casts/seiyuu by request
- Canvas [Reborn & Tsuna]
- Famiria [Gokudera & Yamamoto & Ryohei]
- ONE NIGHT STAR [Hibari & Mukuro]
- Yume no Manual [Kyoko & Haru & Lambo & I-Pin]
- Funny Sunny Day [Squalo & Belphegor & Lussuria]
- gr8 story [Byakuran & Irie]

★ 27 songs from the previous releases now have a karaoke/instrumental version in 2 discs
★ a total of 110 songs in 8 discs

Product Number: PCCG.01177
Scheduled Release Date: 07 September 2011
Price: ¥ 6,090 (¥ 5,800 including tax)

check out the full post on this here... but actually, it's just the first half of it, cause the rest are my other ramblings XD

this is how i found out, i stalk mai blog readers via the Feedjit widget at the sidebar and found this web linking to me o.o i clicked it and i knew, that i found myself another awesome site~ i asked if i could use the download link provided there... also at LJ Hitman Reborn page, there's this post and those two sites provided the same link... o.o i dunno which one's the first to post it... but~ i asked permission from both, but the LJ one replied to me first~ he or she would prefer it if i reupload it instead~ so there~ i shall upload it separately as individual songs~~ i tweaked with the artists and titles and even file names in the album.... it's a bad habit of mine: to organise every single new song i have in my lappie according to the way i like it...so bear with it, it couldn't be reversed XD but the song quality remained untouched~ =D

Canvas [Reborn & Tsuna]
by: Neeko & Kokubun Yukari
originally by: +plus

Famiria [Gokudera & Yamamoto & Ryohei]
by: Ichinose Hidekazu & Inoue Suguru & Kiuchi Hidenobu
originally by: D-51

ONE NIGHT STAR [Hibari & Mukuro]
by: Kondo Takashi & Iida Toshinobu
originally by: ARROWS

Yume no Manual [Kyoko & Haru & Lambo & I-Pin]
by: Inamura Yuuna & Yoshida Hitomi & Takeuchi Junko & Chiang Li Mei
originally by: CHERRYBLOSSOM

Funny Sunny Day [Squalo & Belphegor & Lussuria]
by: Takahashi Hiroki & Fujiwara Yuuki & Yuzawa Koichiro
originally by: SxOxU

gr8 story [Byakuran & Irie]
by: Ohyama Takanori & Toyonaga Toshiyuki
originally by: SuG
(i got both their names wrong in the artist info... it's in the form of given name before the surname... i usually stick to surname first ~_~ the others are right... cause i'm always confused about this two... =3=)

vs Mirai no Oozora e
this is from the Rebocon Blue~

yeap~ that's that~ and~~~ i have yet to go on a search for the instrumentals =3= no time... *sigh*


also from LJ, (it's an awesome page that Rheza recommended to me) and found this post

It teaches you how to vote in the Song Popularity Poll i mentioned in my previous post... i didn't know how to vote... till i saw this post!~

i rip from there:

Vote here.

Can't understand Japanese? Here's a guide on how to vote:

Those with an asterisk means they're required:
Box 01: Nickname *
Box 02: Email Address *
Box 03: Age *
Box 04: Address * (lol, just choose whatever, there's no option for "outside Japan" XD)
Box 05: Choice for the "This made me numb!" Ranking *
Box 06: Reason (not required)
Box 07: Choice for the "I can feel their [bond]!" Ranking *
Box 08: Reason (not required)
Box 09: Choice for the "Frankly, I was surprised!" Ranking *
Box 10: Reason (not required)
Box 11: Just tick the last circle, it's the compulsory "I agree with the terms and conditions" option.
The left button at the bottom is "submit". The right button is "reset."
Once you click submit, it will show you the information you entered.
At the bottom, click the left button for final submission.
The button at the right will bring you back to the editing section.

Tada! Congratulations. You've finished voting. ( ̄▽ ̄;)

you can choose from 30 songs~~~ but reminder!!! vote once, or it'll be invalid! voting ends on September 18, 2011~~~ vote vote vote and your favourite songs might be sung in Rebocon 5!!! XB


okay, and now for what seems to be almost unnecessary now, my Review for Target #352

KHR manga review target #352: Proposal

read/download KHR Target #352: Proposal at I Eat Soul

Page 1: Cavallone Family got a title page~ we can be rest assured that only Romario and Dino will be the only ones from Cavallone to actually play a part in the whole story~ *points at the normal-looking guys at the back*

Page 2: nothing much, but it makes me feel a lil' sad for Tsuna's neighbours XD i mean, Sawada household is full of all sorts of surprises~ but i envy them too, they get to see mai Yamamoto =3=

Page 3: OAO! that guy is referred to as "Iron Hat" OAO! i've been using checkered guy up till noaw XD and one of the rare times when Reborn actually got agitated... o.o

Page 4: of course~ the continuation of the dream~

Page 5: why in the whole wide world did that iron hat guy want to decrease the arcobaleno one by one??? @_@ i'm counfuuuuuuused!!!!

Page 6-10: the stuff are pretty much in the conversation for this chappie, so nothing much to type about... but i thought Reborn is actually pretty cool~ Verde too~ i like the way he speaks~ XB

Page 11: OAO! Mammon was the first to agree?! i thought that should be Verde or Skull... =3= i phailed... in predicting...

Page 12: OAO! Reborn! the first panel, Reborn.... is so damn cute! so cute!!!! X3 but at the same time, he looks like some kind of pokemon... o.o oo~ it's gonna be held in Japan?~ hohoho~ this should be interesting~ anyways, i'ma rambling more on that after i ease my urge to say something about Skull: BWAHAHAHAHAHAHAHHAHAHAHAHAHHA!!!!! that was random and cracked me up for the first time in this chappie!!! He actually said, "This isn't my pride but i'm not popular" X'D no wonder he went for Enma XD!

Page 13: there's a present waiting? *q* what present do you wanna give us fangirl and fanguy readers the infants??

Page 14: ...Tsuna, you plan to ditch our poor Reborn if Dino's not there with you... OAO!

Page 15: omg! Reborn act cute? XD right? ._.? and wait wait wait, is it alright at all, for Reborn to send in two representatives? OAO?!

Page 16: other than Arcobalenos, the ones who knew about Arcobaleno's curse are: Lal, Iemitsu, Yamamoto and Nono.... just four?! O_O?! wait! DINO DIDN'T KNOW!!!! *shot* omg! i didn't know that!!!! OAO! wait, and what change in appearance??? wait, that was not how Reborn look like before being turned into an infant?! OAO?!

Page 17: *mind starts processing senses* *reality slapped me* Dino and Tsuna... actually thought that Reborn is just a regular infant... acting like an adult... acting like a hitman... acting like a mafia... ARE YOU KIDDING ME?! now that i think about it, yeah, it's true, that all the stuff are just revealed to us readers... hey! but then how about Lal?! Ten Years in the Future? Tsuna didn't know about that too? *blur*

okay, most of my brain ish noaw occupied with the SPM syllabus... i have lost most memory for manga plots, especially those which dates back to more than 3 months ago... X_X anyways, i'd like to say that this chapter allowed us to peep into the fine details of pretty much everything... but then right, what i look forward to, is the battle that awaits~

i mean, all this while, the battles in Katekyo Hitman Reborn! has always been 1 on 1, say Tsuna an co vs Kokuyo, then Varia, then Millefiore, then the Funeral Wreaths, then Shimon... not once, it involves more than two parties in the real stuff, support, perhaps, with some aid from CEDEF and all, but this time, there will be 6 fighting sides! and all are past rivals and better still, Tsuna's going to go against his own papa XDDDDD! i can't imagine that man! and and! Iemitsu's the only old guy there XD! but then, i don't really think Iemitsu will actually become Colonnello's representative... it might be Basil, Turmeric, Oregano, or better still!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! LAL MIRCH!!!!! i.need.moar.LMxC!!!! XB


frankly, i'm too lazy to blog more than this right now... that's why it seems pretty plain... with minimum effort... X_X i want to give myself moar time for a break, just for today... i've been toiling day and night the past few days...

the first day of my trials was BM. it was pretty okay, not very easy, not very hard... English... the questions were pretty tough, compared to what we have all done... OAO... for me at least... OAO! today was History! omg, that was an unintended pun there! XD anyways, i couldn't finish reading the two text books in time, i just run through all the pages roughly, reading without digesting... and the result, for the essay and structured questions... i barely know how to answer 50% of it... =.=''' i won't fail this time, but i doubt that i'll score =(

anyways, i'll be off to a Pre-U/College Scholarship interview this Sunday~ i shall be preparing for the interview and my trials tonight an tomorrow~ cause we have Moral on Monday... OAO a nonsensical subject where we have to memorize each and every single words in the definitions of all the 36 Moral Values... =.=' this is crap! how can memorizing the definition and being able to differentiate the moral values make you a better person... this is crap man! meaningless subject! =.=' anyways, wish me luck!~

hope you enjoy the download links and all the infos~ remember to vote for your favourite songs~~~ XB

PS - do you think i should post the lyrics for the Endin Song Covers done by our favourite seiyuus with their parts and lines coloured?? pretty meaningless eh? since the lyrics are all the same ~_~

and!!! SANKAREA'S GETTING AN ANIME! but but... the series is barely halfway through... =(

CREDITS ROLL: to the following links~

a post in Heart of the Mafia

various posts:
(post on CharaSong Complete Box and
a post on the Song Popularity Vote)
from Katekyo Hitman Reborn! @ LiveJournal


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OMG thank you for the song links! I love the hibari and mukuro one :D Yea, and I facepalmed too when tsuna and dino thought reborn was an actual baby >.>

-ying- said...

no no~ don't mention it~ XB

high-5 babeh!!!!