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Monday, September 26, 2011


grrr!!!! i'm still stuck with slow internet ~_~ and i can't seem to reply anything at Facebook! GYAH!!!! it's irritating! and sometimes right, the internet will speed up and appears to be like normal... and i was so happy, thinking that the whole speed limit is finally over... and after a minute or two... it became slow again... wtf... and only then, i asked my mum to check when in the world is the billing date.... it turns out to be on the 27th... but i managed to upload my scanned drawing to DeviantArt~~~

Remi by ~fullbustergray on deviantART

LOLOL~ i showed asked nic to give some comments on this and he said the legs and arms are too thin, like malnutritioned! XD! i didn't notice man! i won't notice anything when i was drawing it~ XD~ thanks nic~ i'll take note on that~~~XB (i don't think he would ever read this though o.o lol) anyways, and the feet! grrr... it's the first time i'm drawing bare feet! gyah! super hard! and it does look a lil' weird eh... TAT i think i shall stick to footwear next time ~_~

anyways! this girl there, ish Remi! Remi~ family name undecided~ but she will be the original character i will use for my future covers~~~ i'ma doing an illustration for my future covers if i manage too finish 'em in time, that is XD~ (i always leave it halfway done XD)~~~ nyahaha~ it's sad that i suck at colouring =( *sigh* i've finished shading this pic... but my internet won't allow me to upload it =( sad... i love Remi-chan! lol, i'm crazy... la~ who cares lalala~ i'm crazy wahahahahahhahahahahah~

a~ on with my ramblings for this drawing~ this was meant for the illustration for a tentative collab/cover of Sakura Biyori with Rheza... since i had the time to draw, i finished it before we actually started recording, lol~ but i could use this to introduce Remi-chan too OwO LOL

ohohoho~ i'ma covering World Is Mine~ and i shall come up with an illustration~ look forward to it? *shouts but no one answers*


nevermind... i'm still happy with what i do~ i enjoy drawing~ i enjoy singing~ and i enjoy spamming my blogs with ramblings~ nyahahahaha *shot*

okay, off to study, argh! i'm such a nerd...atari mae~ otaku desu~ XD *shot again*

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