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Saturday, October 1, 2011

KHR manga review Target #354 + #355 + World is Mine

Gah, at first when i uploaded the pics, i forgot to change the settings... then i lazy to adjust the size of the images, so i reupload... gah... so troublesome =3= okay, now to catch up with my one-week late already KHR manga review... i'm depressed... i'm not fit to be an otaku...

Target #354: Verde and Mukuro

read KHR Target #354: Verde and Mukuro at Manga Stream

Page 1:
Kokuyou in title page~

Page 2:
credits page

Page 3:
wait wait, what's... or who's Dr. Hakase??? is Mukuro referring to Verde??? O_O!? i'm confused @_@ anyways~ LOL! Mukuro and Verde are seriously XD! i can't imagine those two working together ~_~

Page 4:
oh, what the heck! they somewhat have a twisted logic in doing things @_@ if i'm not forced to work together with a person i dislike, i'd rather not =.=' they are seriously XD! omg!

Page 5:
this page shows another epicness! XD!!!! all hail Amano Akira-san~XD~~~

this is Verde to Mukuro

and this is Mukuro to Verde!

what the heck man! XD~ seriously, Mukuro wished he's just a brain and nothing more! homg! you have no idea how i hard i laughed when i read that XD! but not until i read the next panel!!!! LOL! i mean, LOL! why Amano Akira-san used a singing Mukuro to represent his charisma?! XD! and nee~ MM and Ken seems to make a good pair.... homg, what am i saying, this is mistreating Chikusa! Chikusa X Ken! omg, what in the world am i doing XD

Page 6:

LOL! the awkward silence always come after the weirdness of everything that has just happened and and!!! LOL! Verde immediately jumps off Mukuro's shoulder! omg! LOL! (i didn't notice that till i read it for the 2nd time... i phail ~_~) maybe cause i was distracted by the following panel~~

XD! i totally didn't see that coming and i think i ended up laughing for minutes!!! XD! omg! Mukuro seriously wants to ditch Chrome-chan ~_~ poor Chrome ~_~ and you think you can make it up by just saying, "Take good care of her" HEY! YOU plan to defeat Vongola, and Chrome's in Vongola and YOU PLAN TO DEFEAT CHROME?!!!! OY!!!! you outta your mind?! hmph!!! oh, wait i just realised!!! Fran wasn't tagging along with Mukuro! @_@! so Fran chose Varia??? @_@

Page 7:
it's true alright, Verde-chan~ Tsuna fighting his own father, homg! XD

Page 8:

kya~~~ Lal X Colo~~~ but then, how i wish Amano Akira-san could have gave us another Lal X Colo moment... i mean, it's always the same pic :(

Page 9:

nee.... is it just me? or somehow, Oregano's words didn't connect very well with the previous page... it got me wondering and scratching my head for a second when i first read this ~_~ i don't really trust MangaStream scanlations... ~_~
anyways, the second half of the page made up for that ~3~ i mean~ kya! Colonnello was doingg it for Lal! like he always do~ X3 seriously! i wonder if ANYTHING had happened between them before they are cursed ~3~ i wanna know moar! i need moar Lal X Colo!!!! ~3~

Page 10:
phew, it's a good thing Iemitsu did not turn down Colonnello... i really wanted to see Tsuna going against Iemitsu! and and! to see Tsuna's father in real action! (and i still thought we finally earned a chance to finally see the Arcobalenos in real action =3=) eh eh... but then, why the sudden mention of Byakuran?! eh eh?! he's watching over Vongola, oh no! you stalker!! what do you want from Vongola?!!!and i thought Uni and Gamma's power had sealed away Byakuran or something?!!!! @_@

Page 11:
OAO! one arcobaleno? oh no, you don't mean Fon do you???? nee... nee... this is sccaring me... i don't want to see Fon working together with Byakuran... it's plain odd! OAO!

Page 12:
okay okay~ i shall ramble on my reactions for this page~ Panel 1 to the 6th panel, expressionless... Panel 7...

*eyes widened and threw my hands into the air and shouted Gamma*
XD!~ cause Gamma became damn hot and good-looking! damn! now i'm starting to feel grateful that Gamma was a little bit more.... *ahemOLDahem* matured in the Future Arc... and so, in the present time, we, the readers, are blessed with a younger and hotter Gamma... XD~ i don't know why, but i think that he's damn hot! XD i'm becoming more an more perverted ~_~

Page 13:
uguu.. they are actually keeping the pacifier? o.o? is Uni dead? or her mum? or her grandma? o.o?

Page 14:
oh... i see, so she disappeared... and wait! wait... wait... right?! i mean, Aria (was it?) and Uni should have disappeared or some sort, cause their power are used to seal away Byakuran and all that @_@ right?! Gamma, you voiced out the questions i wanted to ask... and Aria, Luce or Uni were not even in the dream OAO! and Nozaru, "Who?" as in, who's speaking? or was it, who's the successor of the pacifier o.o...

Page 15:

Bluebell's damn cute~~~ even with short hair~~~ my dreams came true! i get to see moar Bluebell! and finally the 6 Funeral Wreaths made their appearance~~~ i've waited for this since the start of Shimon arc =3= and and, Kikyo looks totally different to me.. o.o cause cause, his hairstyle! i couldn't tell it was Kikyo at first @_@

but then, taking a closer look, they are wearing some sort of uniform o.o i mean, there's that identical cross-like pattern on their clothes, sleeves and Daisy's hat... o.o so they had teamed up a whole lot earlier, until they even had a time to make a uniform .... *jaws hanging*

Page 16:
gyah! why, Gamma?! Why you so hot?! why, Bluebell?! Why you so cute?! omg, Amano Akira-san is killing me ~3~ oh no oh no...turns out, Bluebell didn't have short hair... *points at the back view of the 6 Funeral Wreath*

Page 17:
XD! i'm still amazed... XD! that Tazaru's did not turn into charcoal with that flame XD EH?! EHH???!!!!!! UNI-CHAN?!!!!!

Page 18:
OAO! this Uni is the Uni in present time?! OAO! she looks about the same with the TYL Uni to me... /(OAO)\ but still! what is she doing here?!!!!!


Target #355: Uni, Gamma and Byakuran
read KHR Target #355: Gamma and Byakuran at Manga Stream
(uu, uu, let me guess the next title~~ Hibari and Fon XDDDDDDD okay, i'm crazy right now~)

Page 1:
gyah! damn pretty, this title page~ it's coloured~ and damn! Bluebell looks super duper cute!!! and for the first time, Nozaru looks pretty cool... but... Daisy and Tazaru looks a bit creepy to me ~_~ and so, all of them are going to fight as Millefiore??? then then... what about Sho-chan? what about Spanner? What about Glo Xinia? (i laughed to myself after typing that) and Iris, Gingerbread, and that guy that fought TYL Ryohei... i forgot his name~_~ hmm, Baishana was it and and... *lost memory* i can't remember anyone else.. o.o oh ya, now that i think of it.. where are the Cervellos???? :( i predicted they will be the culprit in the shimon thing and it turned out, i was wrong... the self-proclaimed #1 fan of KHR is unhappy desu! :( and i demand for more Longchamp Naito!!!! GYAH!!!!

Page 3:

uuuuu! Uni look damn cute and adorable!!!and somehow, she reminds me of Rea (Sankarea)

Page 4:

aww~~~ so sweet~~~ and and~ look at Gamma's eyes when he saw Uni

omg! i envy Uni! GYAH!!! wait... Gamma can't do what to Uni??? o.o? you make it sound like our Gamma bullied Uni :(

Page 5:
oo, cheh... scared me ~_~ EHHH?!!!! you can use those foxes?! i thought they are Gamma's Box Weapon o.o and so they too, have their box weapon?!! well, that's odd... i mean, for Vongola, it's not cause they had actually travelled all the way to the future and then they obtain the box weapon... but then, for the others to have box weapon... seem pretty much nonsensical to me... o.o i mean, it's stated in the Future arc that the box weapons were created by Verde and someone, (i forgot) but it's not at the very present time... o.o and and, even if they had invented it faster than it had in the past, the users should have spent some time in training and obtaining Dying Will Flame's power or something right right??? this is all happening a little too fast, and doesn't really match... =.=' but i still like it... XD~ i mean, if they were to ramble on about the training to control the flame's power, it'll be quite boring eh? and shows no progress ~_~

Page 6:
*jawdrop* Uni... why you invite Byakuran?!!! ehh!!!! and wait! i thought Byakuran SHOULD BE DEAD ALREADY!!!! @_@ confusing desu!!!
and and! Byaku! you heard from Aria?! i thought she disappeared?! @_@ gyah! i'm confused!!!

Page 7:
oh, okay... a prediction... ohya, random question.. i really wonder if Gamma is Uni's father... =X
wait wait, so Aria gave the right to Uni... but does that make all three of them the Sky Arcobaleno??? so, so... if the curse is broken so Uni will gain a longer life span and Aria won't? does it work that way??? but then, the same curse was applied to all the three of you, i thought if one was lifted than all of the others should be unaffected...~_~ NUUU! now that i think of it, if Colonnello were to win this battle or something, and managed to lift Lal's curse... omg! i don't want that!!!! they should both have their curse lifted together! or else, if they were to be moments, Lal would seem like a pedophile OAO!

Page 8:
Gyah! BYAKU YOU !@#$%&*!!! how dare you!!! in front of Bluebell and Gamma! OAO! I'll kill you too if i were Gamma... OAO!

Page 9:
uu~ Sho-chan~ Byaku's looking for Sho-chan~ (so that they can sing the super hot version of gr8 story together *daydreams*) OAO! and... Uni's only happy about the fact that she's going to see Tsuna and Reborn...? o.o...

Page 10:
nothing much...

Page 11:
DX! Tsuna! you just simply okay-ed Dino to dine at that expensive-looking hotel... i can't believe you're that type of person =3= joking joking! LOL! here comes the drama i anticipated earlier~~~ XD~ it comes swinging! XD! Ushishishi~~

Page 12:
homg! Bel is swinging around a hotel... he re-watched too much Tarzan, i guess XD~ and he even swiped away Tsuna!LOL! kidnap! this is kidnap!!!

i didn't notice Mammon was clinging to Bel earlier... X3 but it's damn cute!!!

Page 13:
omg... i don't know what to say... when i saw these disturbing images...

my expression: aiyeerrr........ so disgusting... what's with the oversized muscle??? and shape... and all... Lussu... omg... you... ugh..

my expression: OMG!!! AIJEEERRRR!!!! SO DAMN DISGUSTING!!! OMG! LEVI IS DRUNK! LEVI IS NAKED! LEVI IS FURRY!!!! GYAH!!! MY EYES!!!!! but then i ended up laughing... XD

Page 14:
XD! Xanxus caught Hibari's disease... where he made his own office into traditional style... or something like that XD~ eh, wait! it's the first time our Xanxus is wearing the traditional Japanese clothes eh?~ and he looks like a typical yakuza (right?) and hell, it totally creeps Tsuna out XD!

Page 15:
Dino! how did you get through everything?! Squalo, Lussuria and Belphegor (no, i don't think Levi can do anything right then)... and Dino doesn't even have his underlings with him o.o impressive, he has grown... *waters Dino, i'm growing him, get it? XD* LOLOLOL! it seems like, a lot of people want to erase our dearest Vongola XD *takes out a giant eraser LOL*

Page 16:
ugh, i didn't notice that they are sensing somethin towards the end of the previous page ~_~ then, that means, our Tsuna has grown to! he had come to have ability to sense people's presence~~~ and i'm still amazed, Xanxus just shot through the ceiling... but then, what if someone was above their room... omg, they should have been killed... or burnt XD... omg, iron hat guy! why is he here?! and did Levi just became sober?! did he went an put some clothes on?

Page 17:

you know what's my expression when i saw this?

NEGATIVE! THIS IS NOT IRON HAT!!! GYAH!!!! just a planner... and besides... XD~~

their eyes are slanting in different direction *laughs like a maniac*



okay, i'm done with the double shot review~ XD~

i did a cover a few days ago and i just uploaded it today~ this time, i cover a Vocaloid song~~~ World is Mine~~ and did an illustration~~~ X3~~

aa! CIAOSSU! lol, it's been a while since i last said that XD~ anyways~i'm currently STILL on hiatus.... but this time, i'd be gone for only a month~~~ cause my exam will be in a month's time, more or less... i'm still workin on my MM Help!! -Heaven Side- believe it or not, that song is much much harder than World is Mine... @_@

okay okay~ World is Mine~~~ recently, i got addicted to this song and it's all because i got addicted to all the Nico Nico Douga singers~ i especially love Usa~ she's awesome! she can go high and when she goes low, she's super cool!!! ^w^ i love Hanatan too~~~~ her voice is super seductive~~~ and their version to this song made me fell in love with World is Mine~~~ X3 when i heard this song sung by Miku, i only thought it was so-so... but then... uwah~~~ X3

but i practically committed suicide... i failed so darn many times while recordin this song, and now, i still don't think it's near perfect... but i think, it can be said as decent~_~ and my voice cracked so many times when screaming XD i tried my best to sound as cute as possible, trying to make it sound a little different~ is it okay??? X3

and and~ i drew the illustration for this~ that saves the time to give credit to redjuice, lol, joking... redjuice's illustration is waaaaaay better, i just want to be different XD~ it's okay right?~ this is my original character who i intend to use in the illustration for my future covers/fandubs~~ she's Remi~~~

please please please see my drawing at DeviantART~~

this is specially dedicated to YuriHimeno18 (http://www.youtube.com/user/YuriHimeno18)~ thank you for listening to my covers*huggles*

maa~ and i'm pretty determined to cover for Cantarella next! i shall cover it with my manly voice! LOL! i think i'll fail at that though, but it's worth a try right? and and! i think i will cover more Vocaloid songs since i'm now addicted to the songs~~~ X3 all thanks to the awesome Nico Nico Douga singers~~~ x3 banzai!!!

World is Mine
by: ryo (supercell) feat. Hatsune Miku
original illustration: redjuice

PS - don't kill me X_X
LOLOL~ wish me luck in my exams~~~ till then~~~

yay~ :D~ this ish Remi-chan in World is Mine~ =D

World is Mine by ~fullbustergray on deviantART

okay~ i'm really going on hiatus~ as in, no more other covers till after my SPM~ till next review~ jaja~~

ohoh~ and i had a good time today at Facebook~ :D~~ chatted with lotsa lotsa people~~~ and was determined to be depressed for the whole today and tomorrow... cause i can't watch or stream Rebocon 5 live :( and i shall end my every sentence with "i'm depressed" or have "i'm depressed" in all my posts or sentences~~ i'm depressed...and i'm sleepy~ jaja, i'm despressed...


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Only the future Byakurans died. He's still alive in the past.

The announcer is from Liar Game!!!

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