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Friday, September 23, 2011


=.=' my internet hates me... no matter how much i love him... =3= seriously... i thought i would be bloggin happily right now... but i can't upload any pics... so just a post with plain words is the only thin i can do... it's no fun doing a review like this... so i shall wait till my internet gets better... =.=' i thought it has already pass the billing date yesterday, cause i could surf so damn fast... till right after i posted my previous post... and downloading Rheza's cover (4Shared made me wait for 500+ seconds, dayum 4shared =.=') nevermind... i guess i can spend my time typin the review first then i post it when internet is revived~ and then i can make some cover~ XB~~ gosh... i seriously need wait till the billing date is up... i tell Rheza my comments... ~_~ but i can't go Facebook... internet too slow ~_~ (i wonder why blogger is relatively fast now o.o) and my phone credit went dry... i haven't reload it yet, mou...

nevermind~ i shall cover World is Mine and Help-Heaven Side- and also re-record the Houki Boshi and i want to record live cover for Last Cross~ i love it man!~~~ i love doing covers~ i don't care if people's ears will suffer from listening to it~ but i seriously love making covers and listening to covers~X3 *ahem* not my own wan la~ i especially love listening awesome covers from the other fellow cover artist and also collaborating with some~ i like i like~~~ x3

anyways~ that's all i guess... i am doubting it will post properly if i click the publish post button ~_~ internet, at least let me type something to my blog, since you don't allow me to go elsewhere but blogger and mail inbox ~_~ and also uploading pictures OTL

oh, and i today damn unlucky... school just ended... i walk out of the classroom and i fell, halfway XD i clung to the door... but i sprained my left leg... i was crawling my way up of the fly over... why must my parents wait on the other side of the road? -.- and and after lunch with my parents outside, my leg doesn't hurt anymore~~~and when i step into the house, i fell down yet again and my left leg, no, my left ankle is seriously sprained... or strained? i dunno, i can't really tell the difference when i read it up once @_@ GAH! it hurts! i'm limping around the whole day already =.='''' help me!~~~~

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