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Friday, October 14, 2011

Happy X Dilemma OTL

okay~ there's no need to read if you hate to see my ramblings about my life... =3=~~~ there's nothing otaku-ish here... just nerd-ish... and yesh... i'm a super geeky nerd.... 8D

and off goes my ramblings~


nee nee~ i am soooooo damn happy~ cause i got the Taylor's College Principal Awards of RM15,000 fee waiver~~~ x3~ i shall be studying at Taylor's Sri Hartamas Campus by January, right after my SPM ends... homg... i've only got around 2 to 3 weeks of break and straight to studying again~ oh well... at least now i can concentrate solely on studies without worrying and applying for different colleges, pre-u and stuff.... i'll just need to study more for SPM, get a good result, and pray hard i can 'upgrade' the scholarship by RM3,000 $_$

ugh... now that i think of it... i'm older than my Yamamoto Takeshi... uguuu...

(*got distracted by a siren* well what the heck... i didn't know the Health Department people can blare their siren like that =.=' i thought there was a murder or a fire near my house... =.= they are just going to do fogging =.=~~)

anyways... i'm now having a hard time...

i can't decide which subject i shall take... (cause Taylor's only give me about 2 weeks to think hard and make a decision... i guess) i like maths.... but i am scared if i go for it, i'll be facing numbers 1 to 9 for my life... sciences... hmmm... i only like physics... but my dad wants me to go for Medicine... :( but i am weak at Bio... D: doushiyou????

so if i were to take 3 sciences and 2 maths.... it'll be a burden... and i might not maintain a good result and get thrown off the deal... D: and and... what if i made my choice and find out later that i'm just not fit for it??? D: i'm doomed either way... help... save me save me...

and the scholarship offer came with conditions... number 4 almost made my eyes fall off my head...
4. Recipient is not permitted to change the programme of studies and must maintain an excellent attendance record of not less than ninety per centum (90%) and an academic average of at least seventy per centum (70%) throughout the study duration at Taylor’s College. The College
reserves the right to review the award, if the student fails to maintain either attendance record or academic performance.

OTL i'm doomed... i'm scared... everything is new there... and i must get my results to at least above 70%?! OTL )) OTL )) OTL *crawls around*

ugh... and i envy everyone... everyone is like... everyone already know what they will be taking after SPM... some are going for Medicine, Accountings, Engineering, Political Sciences.... etc... ugh... me? none! i've got no ambition... which is why i'm having an extreme hard time deciding now... seriously... i'm a failure... i'm worthless OTL )) OTL )) OTL *crawls around*

please please... someone, help me... help me make the right decision... ~_~


Amani R said...

Sounds like a tough deal, isn't?

cyber_steel said...

There is always the option of overseas study. Japan? And getting a part time job to for fees/life expenses.

Unknown said...

Woah! Take it easy, think about what you really like. If you think that's the easiest for you, choose it! IT's your life, not your parents. So don't go to medicine if you don't want to.

-ying- said...

TAT~~~thanks guys!! x3 *huggles all of you*

@Amani R - apparently TAT...

@cyber_steel - OAO! i don't think my mum would let me go to Japan.... ~_~

@Unknown - yeah TAT~~ i think that should be the way too~~ x3~~~ it's not going to be good if i were to toil day and night to study subjects i don't really like ;__;

kiku kiyoshi said...

hey,my friend onee-san is going to take SPM too.but she is really relax and she even didn't care about it.you know what,SHE EVEN READ MANGA AND WATCH ANIME LIKE NOTHING WILL HAPPEN.
awesome isn't it?hey,take it easy.and know what?i'm gonna miss ya if u dont wrote anything in this blog so please dont ignore this b;og k.ur like my idola right now.if i have the chance to meet u.i will ask you to teach me to do some awesome thing to add to my blog.so ciassu.i really love u.well im a girl.so dont think me as a boy.O.o i've made the longest comment yeah ciao ciao again.see u again desu~~~~

-ying- said...

OAO! that's plain unfair!!! OAO! my mum and dad will shoot my with a M16 if i do that OAO! OTL! life is so damn unfair!!! OTL

OwO~ *huggles* nuu~ thank you for reading my random blogging XD

lol~ why you wanna meet this hideous otaku wor??? XD i can teach you anything as long as i know how to do it~~ ^O^~~~ feel free to ask me anything, via email, FB, commens, anything (unless you are asking me if i'm selling the rings... grr.... there's no way i'm selling them!)

Anonymous said...

Just take what you really like. I mean, if you like it, then it should be easy for you :D
At least you're lucky you have SOMEWHERE to go after this whole thing XD

Good luck for SPM! We're both gonna need it X3

-ying- said...

>_<~~but then i think it's better to wait till after SPM, when you get your results though... cause there will be more offers by then~ :D

yeah... TAT and i did badly for my Bio~ all the best desu!