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Wednesday, October 12, 2011

happy X frustrated X nervous

i am happy~ you know why??? cause i just found out that there are tonnes of albums by the Nico Nico Douga singers~~~ and i was searching like mad the whole yesterday~ and i actually downloaded up to more than 1GB *checks* omg, it was 2GB of songs ~_~ in a day XD and then, of course, i used up my internet quota again~ XD~~~ all for songs~~ xD but i'm super happy~~ because, i've downloaded lotsa lotsa songs by Usa and Hanatan~~~ and best of all~ usacolony~~~ i always wanted to download usacolony's album~ you don't know how happy i was~~~ x3~~~ and i haven't heard a fraction of what i've downloaded cause i was just on a download rampage XD i'm happy i'm happy~~~

but i'm frustrated... cause my earphones is spoiled... AGAIN!!!! i've changed 4 already up till now... and i bought some with my money $$$ TAT my money... my money! but the most frustrating is... i'm listening to songs with my head tilted to one side... and if i move even a little, the right side of the earphone will go "bzz... bzz..." and then silence =.=''' !@#$%^&* damn frustrating!!! i'm going to get a new one, real soon! and also! i've bought my currently spoiled earphones only about 3 or 4 months ago... and i took extra care of it!!! TAT!!!!!! there goes my money!!! *frustrated* and i can't live without earphones!!!!

i'm also nervous.... cause the result for Taylor's College Principal Awards Scholarship will be announced soon... i'm nervous.. i sure hope i can get it =w=~~~ and i'm nervous about my post-trials... i've forgotten what i've studied for trials and i'm quite worried that i might not do quite well for post-trials... oh well, the most important one is still the real stuff - SPM... i'll work hard for it~

yeah, i'm just rambling this time around... cause i can't do anything much when my internet speed is reduced XD ja~

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